Snowden Documents Reveal Covert Surveillance and Pressure Tactics Aimed at WikiLeaks and Its Supporters

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Featured photo - Snowden Documents Reveal Covert Surveillance and Pressure Tactics Aimed at WikiLeaks and Its Supporters WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)

Top-secret documents from the National Security Agency and its British counterpart reveal for the first time how the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom targeted WikiLeaks and other activist groups with tactics ranging from covert surveillance to prosecution.

The efforts – detailed in documents provided previously by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden – included a broad campaign of international pressure aimed not only at WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, but at what the U.S. government calls “the human network that supports WikiLeaks.” The documents also contain internal discussions about targeting the file-sharing site Pirate Bay and hacktivist collectives such as Anonymous.

One classified document from Government Communications Headquarters, Britain’s top spy agency, shows that GCHQ used its surveillance system to secretly monitor visitors to a WikiLeaks site. By exploiting its ability to tap into the fiber-optic cables that make up the backbone of the Internet, the agency confided to allies in 2012, it was able to collect the IP addresses of visitors in real time, as well as the search terms that visitors used to reach the site from search engines like Google.

Another classified document from the U.S. intelligence community, dated August 2010, recounts how the Obama administration urged foreign allies to file criminal charges against Assange over the group’s publication of the Afghanistan war logs.

A third document, from July 2011, contains a summary of an internal discussion in which officials from two NSA offices – including the agency’s general counsel and an arm of its Threat Operations Center – considered designating WikiLeaks as “a ‘malicious foreign actor’ for the purpose of targeting.” Such a designation would have allowed the group to be targeted with extensive electronic surveillance – without the need to exclude U.S. persons from the surveillance searches.

In 2008, not long after WikiLeaks was formed, the U.S. Army prepared a report that identified the organization as an enemy, and plotted how it could be destroyed. The new documents provide a window into how the U.S. and British governments appear to have shared the view that WikiLeaks represented a serious threat, and reveal the controversial measures they were willing to take to combat it.

In a statement to The Intercept, Assange condemned what he called “the reckless and unlawful behavior of the National Security Agency” and GCHQ’s “extensive hostile monitoring of a popular publisher’s website and its readers.”

“News that the NSA planned these operations at the level of its Office of the General Counsel is especially troubling,” Assange said. “Today, we call on the White House to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the extent of the NSA’s criminal activity against the media, including WikiLeaks, its staff, its associates and its supporters.”

Illustrating how far afield the NSA deviates from its self-proclaimed focus on terrorism and national security, the documents reveal that the agency considered using its sweeping surveillance system against Pirate Bay, which has been accused of facilitating copyright violations. The agency also approved surveillance of the foreign “branches” of hacktivist groups, mentioning Anonymous by name.

The documents call into question the Obama administration’s repeated insistence that U.S. citizens are not being caught up in the sweeping surveillance dragnet being cast by the NSA. Under the broad rationale considered by the agency, for example, any communication with a group designated as a “malicious foreign actor,” such as WikiLeaks and Anonymous, would be considered fair game for surveillance.

Julian Sanchez, a research fellow at the Cato Institute who specializes in surveillance issues, says the revelations shed a disturbing light on the NSA’s willingness to sweep up American citizens in its surveillance net.

“All the reassurances Americans heard that the broad authorities of the FISA Amendments Act could only be used to ‘target’ foreigners seem a bit more hollow,” Sanchez says, “when you realize that the ‘foreign target’ can be an entire Web site or online forum used by thousands if not millions of Americans.”


GCHQ Spies on WikiLeaks Visitors

The system used by GCHQ to monitor the WikiLeaks website – codenamed ANTICRISIS GIRL – is described in a classified PowerPoint presentation prepared by the British agency and distributed at the 2012 “SIGDEV Conference.” At the annual gathering, each member of the “Five Eyes” alliance – the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – describes the prior year’s surveillance successes and challenges.

In a top-secret presentation at the conference, two GCHQ spies outlined how ANTICRISIS GIRL was used to enable “targeted website monitoring” of WikiLeaks (See slides 33 and 34). The agency logged data showing hundreds of users from around the world, including the United States, as they were visiting a WikiLeaks site –contradicting claims by American officials that a deal between the U.K. and the U.S. prevents each country from spying on the other’s citizens.

The IP addresses collected by GCHQ are used to identify individual computers that connect to the Internet, and can be traced back to specific people if the IP address has not been masked using an anonymity service. If WikiLeaks or other news organizations were receiving submissions from sources through a public dropbox on their website, a system like ANTICRISIS GIRL could potentially be used to help track them down. (WikiLeaks has not operated a public dropbox since 2010, when it shut down its system in part due to security concerns over surveillance.)

In its PowerPoint presentation, GCHQ identifies its target only as “wikileaks.” One slide, displaying analytics derived from the surveillance, suggests that the site monitored was the official domain. It shows that users reached the targeted site by searching for “” and for “maysan uxo,” a term associated with a series of leaked Iraq war logs that are hosted on

The ANTICRISIS GIRL initiative was operated by a GCHQ unit called Global Telecoms Exploitation (GTE), which was previously reported by The Guardian to be linked to the large-scale, clandestine Internet surveillance operation run by GCHQ, codenamed TEMPORA.

Operating in the United Kingdom and from secret British eavesdropping bases in Cyprus and other countries, GCHQ conducts what it refers to as “passive” surveillance – indiscriminately intercepting massive amounts of data from Internet cables, phone networks and satellites. The GTE unit focuses on developing “pioneering collection capabilities” to exploit the stream of data gathered from the Internet.

As part of the ANTICRISIS GIRL system, the documents show, GCHQ used publicly available analytics software called Piwik to extract information from its surveillance stream, not only monitoring visits to targeted websites like WikiLeaks, but tracking the country of origin of each visitor.

It is unclear from the PowerPoint presentation whether GCHQ monitored the WikiLeaks site as part of a pilot program designed to demonstrate its capability, using only a small set of covertly collected data, or whether the agency continues to actively deploy its surveillance system to monitor visitors to WikiLeaks. It was previously reported in The Guardian that X-KEYSCORE, a comprehensive surveillance weapon used by both NSA and GCHQ, allows “an analyst to learn the IP addresses of every person who visits any website the analyst specifies.”

GCHQ refused to comment on whether ANTICRISIS GIRL is still operational. In an email citing the agency’s boilerplate response to inquiries, a spokeswoman insisted that “all of GCHQ’s work is carried out in accordance with a strict legal and policy framework which ensures that our activities are authorized, necessary and proportionate, and that there is rigorous oversight.”

But privacy advocates question such assurances. “How could targeting an entire website’s user base be necessary or proportionate?” says Gus Hosein, executive director of the London-based human rights group Privacy International. “These are innocent people who are turned into suspects based on their reading habits. Surely becoming a target of a state’s intelligence and security apparatus should require more than a mere click on a link.”

The agency’s covert targeting of WikiLeaks, Hosein adds, call into question the entire legal rationale underpinning the state’s system of surveillance. “We may be tempted to see GCHQ as a rogue agency, ungoverned in its use of unprecedented powers generated by new technologies,” he says. “But GCHQ’s actions are authorized by [government] ministers. The fact that ministers are ordering the monitoring of political interests of Internet users shows a systemic failure in the rule of law.”


Going After Assange and His Supporters

The U.S. attempt to pressure other nations to prosecute Assange is recounted in a file that the intelligence community calls its “Manhunting Timeline.” The document details, on a country-by-country basis, efforts by the U.S. government and its allies to locate, prosecute, capture or kill alleged terrorists, drug traffickers, Palestinian leaders and others. There is a timeline for each year from 2008 to 2012.

An entry from August 2010 – headlined “United States, Australia, Great Britain, Germany, Iceland” – states: “The United States on August 10 urged other nations with forces in Afghanistan, including Australia, United Kingdom, and Germany, to consider filing criminal charges against Julian Assange.” It describes Assange as the “founder of the rogue Wikileaks Internet website and responsible for the unauthorized publication of over 70,000 classified documents covering the war in Afghanistan.”

In response to questions from The Intercept, the NSA suggested that the entry is “a summary derived from a 2010 article” in the Daily Beast. That article, which cited an anonymous U.S. official, reported that “the Obama administration is pressing Britain, Germany, Australia, and other allied Western governments to consider opening criminal investigations of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and to severely limit his nomadic travels across international borders.”

The government entry in the “Manhunting Timeline” adds Iceland to the list of Western nations that were pressured, and suggests that the push to prosecute Assange is part of a broader campaign. The effort, it explains, “exemplifies the start of an international effort to focus the legal element of national power upon non-state actor Assange, and the human network that supports WikiLeaks.” The entry does not specify how broadly the government defines that “human network,” which could potentially include thousands of volunteers, donors and journalists, as well as people who simply spoke out in defense of WikiLeaks.

In a statement, the NSA declined to comment on the documents or its targeting of activist groups, noting only that the agency “provides numerous opportunities and forums for their analysts to explore hypothetical or actual circumstances to gain appropriate advice on the exercise of their authorities within the Constitution and the law, and to share that advice appropriately.”

But the entry aimed at WikiLeaks comes from credentialed officials within the intelligence community. In an interview in Hong Kong last June, Edward Snowden made clear that the only NSA officials empowered to write such entries are those “with top-secret clearance and public key infrastructure certificates” – a kind of digital ID card enabling unique access to certain parts of the agency’s system. What’s more, Snowden added, the entries are “peer reviewed” – and every edit made is recorded by the system.

The U.S. launched its pressure campaign against WikiLeaks less than a week after the group began publishing the Afghanistan war logs on July 25, 2010. At the time, top U.S. national security officials accused WikiLeaks of having “blood” on its hands. But several months later, McClatchy reported that “U.S. officials concede that they have no evidence to date that the documents led to anyone’s death.”

The government targeting of WikiLeaks nonetheless continued. In April 2011, Salon reported that a grand jury in Virginia was actively investigating both the group and Assange on possible criminal charges under espionage statutes relating to the publication of classified documents. And in August of 2012, the Sydney Morning Herald, citing secret Australian diplomatic cables, reported that “Australian diplomats have no doubt the United States is still gunning for Julian Assange” and that “Australia’s diplomatic service takes seriously the likelihood that Assange will eventually be extradited to the US on charges arising from WikiLeaks obtaining leaked US military and diplomatic documents.”

Bringing criminal charges against WikiLeaks or Assange for publishing classified documents would be highly controversial – especially since the group partnered with newspapers like The Guardian and The New York Times to make the war logs public. “The biggest challenge to the press today is the threatened prosecution of WikiLeaks, and it’s absolutely frightening,” James Goodale, who served as chief counsel of the Times during its battle to publish The Pentagon Papers, told the Columbia Journalism Review last March. “If you go after the WikiLeaks criminally, you go after the Times. That’s the criminalization of the whole process.”

In November 2013, The Washington Post, citing anonymous officials, reported that the Justice Department strongly considered prosecuting Assange, but concluded it “could not do so without also prosecuting U.S. news organizations and journalists” who had partnered with WikiLeaks to publish the documents. According to the Post, officials “realized that they have what they described as a ‘New York Times problem’” – namely, that any theory used to bring charges against Assange would also result in criminal liability for the Times, The Guardian, and other papers which also published secret documents provided to WikiLeaks.


NSA proposals to target WikiLeaks

As the new NSA documents make clear, however, the U.S. government did more than attempt to engineer the prosecution of Assange. NSA analysts also considered designating WikiLeaks as a “malicious foreign actor” for surveillance purposes – a move that would have significantly expanded the agency’s ability to subject the group’s officials and supporters to extensive surveillance.

Such a designation would allow WikiLeaks to be targeted with surveillance without the use of “defeats” – an agency term for technical mechanisms to shield the communications of U.S. persons from getting caught in the dragnet.

That top-secret document – which summarizes a discussion between the NSA’s Office of the General Counsel and the Oversight and Compliance Office of the agency’s Threat Operations Center – spells out a rationale for including American citizens in the surveillance:

“If the foreign IP is consistently associated with malicious cyber activity against the U.S., so, tied to a foreign individual or organization known to direct malicious activity our way, then there is no need to defeat any to, from, or about U.S. Persons. This is based on the description that one end of the communication would always be this suspect foreign IP, and so therefore any U.S. Person communicant would be incidental to the foreign intelligence task.”

In short, labeling WikiLeaks a “malicious foreign target” would mean that anyone communicating with the organization for any reason – including American citizens – could have their communications subjected to government surveillance.

When NSA officials are asked in the document if WikiLeaks or Pirate Bay could be designated as “malicious foreign actors,” the reply is inconclusive: “Let us get back to you.” There is no indication of whether either group was ever designated or targeted in such a way.

The NSA’s lawyers did, however, give the green light to subject other activists to heightened surveillance. Asked if it would be permissible to “target the foreign actors of a loosely coupled group of hackers … such as with Anonymous,” the response is unequivocal: “As long as they are foreign individuals outside of the US and do not hold dual citizenship … then you are okay.”


NSA Lawyers: “It’s Nothing to Worry About”

Sanchez, the surveillance expert with the Cato Institute, says the document serves as “a reminder that NSA essentially has carte blanche to spy on non-Americans. In public statements, intelligence officials always talk about spying on ‘terrorists,’ as if those are the only targets — but Section 702 [of the 2008 FISA Amendments Act] doesn’t say anything about ‘terrorists.’ They can authorize collection on any ‘persons reasonably believed to be [located] outside the United States,’ with ‘persons’ including pretty much any kind of group not ‘substantially’ composed of Americans.”

Sanchez notes that while it makes sense to subject some full-scale cyber-attacks to government surveillance, “it would make no sense to lump together foreign cyberattackers with sites voluntarily visited by enormous numbers of Americans, like Pirate Bay or WikiLeaks.”

Indeed, one entry in the NSA document expressly authorizes the targeting of a “malicious” foreign server – offering Pirate Bay as a specific example –“even if there is a possibility that U.S. persons could be using it as well.” NSA officials agree that there is no need to exclude Americans from the surveillance, suggesting only that the agency’s spies “try to minimize” how many U.S. citizens are caught in the dragnet.

Another entry even raises the possibility of using X-KEYSCORE, one of the agency’s most comprehensive surveillance programs, to target communications between two U.S.-based Internet addresses if they are operating through a “proxy” being used for “malicious foreign activity.” In response, the NSA’s Threat Operations Center approves the targeting, but the agency’s general counsel requests “further clarification before signing off.”

If WikiLeaks were improperly targeted, or if a U.S. citizen were swept up in the NSA’s surveillance net without authorization, the agency’s attitude seems to be one of indifference. According to the document – which quotes a response by the NSA’s Office of General Counsel and the oversight and compliance office of its Threat Operations Center – discovering that an American has been selected for surveillance must be mentioned in a quarterly report, “but it’s nothing to worry about.”

The attempt to target WikiLeaks and its broad network of supporters drew sharp criticism from the group and its allies. “These documents demonstrate that the political persecution of WikiLeaks is very much alive,” says Baltasar Garzón, the Spanish former judge who now represents the group. “The paradox is that Julian Assange and the WikiLeaks organization are being treated as a threat instead of what they are: a journalist and a media organization that are exercising their fundamental right to receive and impart information in its original form, free from omission and censorship, free from partisan interests, free from economic or political pressure.”

For his part, Assange remains defiant. “The NSA and its U.K. accomplices show no respect for the rule of law,” he told The Intercept. “But there is a cost to conducting illicit actions against a media organization.” Referring to a criminal complaint that the group filed last year against “interference with our journalistic work in Europe,” Assange warned that “no entity, including the NSA, should be permitted to act against a journalist with impunity.”

Assange indicated that in light of the new documents, the group may take further legal action.

“We have instructed our general counsel, Judge Baltasar Garzón, to prepare the appropriate response,” he said. “The investigations into attempts to interfere with WikiLeaks’ work will go wherever they need to go. Make no mistake: those responsible will be held to account and brought to justice.”

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  1. Sr Snowden away manufacture to go machinete to do EUA and Reino Unido straight citizenship American at Snowden

  2. I’m not even certain that the elected who approved all of this over time have any idea of what they’ve really created and I also doubt that there is any insistance on any form of independent, accountable and legal oversight. You see when you use the secrecy brush you absolve yourself, in your own mind at least, of responsibility. What an utter joke also when we loose a passenger airliner. So, THEY DONT EVEN KNOW WHERE EVERY AIRCRAFT ON THE PLANET IS AT EVERY MOMENT? At least that’s what the public is expected to believe. Just how stupid do they think people have become I wonder? No wonder their are endless crises in the world, it’s by design.

  3. It really is like a big joke, a skit from the keystone [Now Hi Tech] cops, but no-one should be laughing.

    • We ought to be laughing: cmon…the humor may be bit dark and adapting to our new STASI overlord elite should be easy enough—our population has embraced their role as slaves…so I say get Hegelian and enjoy the utter incompetence of the installed puppets! watching putin’s/lavrov’s deft chess moves embarrass kerry and obama’s bad checkers is plain hilarious—the wall street masters must be a bit annoyed that US banks lost $100 billion in a week following kerry’s threat to freeze russian assets….hehehe!!!

  4. The information collection on every individual by secret services starts at school, or perhaps even with your parents so then a file is created on you at birth. This has been the policy for more than a few decades. If you are an artist, journalist, actor, public servant, member of any group or hold a position of interest then you will be given special interest and filed under “Persons of Interest”.

    Of course all communications by all individuals are collected at the phone-line/cable, cellular tower, satellite or wireless radio intercept. When you connect via a fixed connection this of course must pass through communications hardware, the same with wireless radio, which is all collected for later analysis and stored. There are ways to encrypt communications and anonymously connect to wireless networks while “spoofing” your MAC address, but it takes some amount of technical skill and nothing is fool proof with many weaknesses being easily exploitable by a very well funded and resourced collection of collaborating “intelligence services”.

    A large part of surveillance policy is creating a climate of fear where it is hoped you will say and do nothing. The idea that you can stick your head in the sand and the lions won’t see you maybe a Fool’s Paradise, and it certainly won’t help you. The only way you can hope to help yourself and your community is to speak out and demand change to oppressive laws. Today you might be protesting your right to demonstration and free speech without arbitrary detention, tomorrow you might be demonstrating against firing squads or perhaps cowering beneath your bed. Ask yourself is this the way you want to live and what is in store for future generations? Of course they can’t lock up half the population if they all start speaking out, they don’t have enough prisons and detention camps yet. You might argue that you haven’t done anything wrong and have nothing to worry about, but many people who have done the right thing or nothing wrong get locked up, as profiling, analytics and the law don’t deal with “right” or “wrong”, just the cold hard black and white of legislation and a government lawyer’s interpretation of what can be defined as “in the public interest”.

    • Australian secret services have even more power than the NSA. Anyone in Australia can be secretly detained for up to a week without charge, while not being told why they are being held, without their lawyer and family being told of their location, and legally obliged to answer questions or face up to 2 years in prison. Originally one could be secretly detained for up to two years.

      Australians who support, have supported or visited Wikileaks are or have been subject to surveillance. There is no bill of rights in Australia and what little rights the citizens have are constantly being eroded. Freedom of association and the right to protest are being removed and freedom of the press. The scariest thing is that most Australians are completely unaware of the powers of their police and secret services, and just how few rights they actually have left. Even worst is the problem that many Australians simply aren’t even interested.

  5. Deutsche Übersetzung der texte wo sind diese zu finden??? Begrüße sehr von Euch ausführliches lesen zu können beherrsch leider die englische Sprache nicht mfG

  6. •Computers collecting and analyzing Internet traffic is just as much “surveillance” as a person peeping through a window
    •Note that human rights law doesn’t allow mass, untargeted spying on ordinary, innocent people;
    End mass spying now! Section 215 of the Patriot Act should not be used to collect every single Americans’ calling records. And Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act shouldn’t be used to “incidentally” or otherwise collect Americans’ emails, phone calls, or chats. Protect the privacy rights of our digital communications.
    Securing digital data, one computer at a time…

  7. Al Weill ,Rocky’s manager worked hard to instill his short armed warrior on what he needed to do.

  8. To those concerned about Greenwald and The Intercept’s relationship with Pierre Omidyar, given that he is the creator of ebay, which owns Paypal, which cut off payments to wikileaks.

    Glen Greenwald addresses that concern in his interview with VICE at the link below, around 28:00. The whole thing is worth a watch. But Greenwald says the paypal situation was a concern for him going into this venture. He spoke with Omidyar about it, and it turns out at the time he was not in any managerial capacity of ebay or paypal. He was still the controlling shareholder though, spoke out through his newspaper outlet in Hawaii, which editorialized against Paypal’s decision. The criticism that he could’ve done more is reasonable according to Greenwald. In addition though, he says that Omidyar has been deeply affected by the recent revelations regarding privacy, and taking into account that no one is perfect, he decided that Omidyar was a person that could be worked with in a venture of this nature.

    Also I think it is important to note Greenwald’s continued insistence on his editorial independence, which he has stressed throughout his career with the guardian and salon. So even if you are of the mind that Omidyar’s lack of more substantial action against Paypal is inexcusable, he’s still only putting up money for Greenwald to continue doing his journalism on his own terms. The other journalists at the Intercept are all of high quality as well, and I think their bodies of work demand enormous respect.

  9. My brother in law works in the NSA, and he is openly gay, loves killing truly innocent people, hates Obama, smokes heroin, has choked a blind man.

  10. Here’s my unauthorized, unofficial and incomplete list of likely Five Eyed agents (or wannabes) in these comments:

    abbadabba (is either a troll or loves the site, posts very frequently, and cannot make clear points nor keep it brief)
    Franky goes to Hollywood

    I’ll update this as time allows :)

    • My father worked counter-intelligence in WWII. My brother was picked up by the CIA in 1955 at Stanford Research Psychology Dept. This is a re-work of the Nazi tactics. I recognized it. I have been blogging since AOL had chatrooms. I noticed that they all knew each other. They gave themselves away early on. I got the advantage, so I left bait messages and false flags all over the place. It was pretty easy to confuse them. You can’t give this kind of tactical information to a bunch of amateurs. The russian and the Israelis knew what they were doing. Americans are just not that good at this as the Russians and Israelis. The Muslims are terrible at this game, I outted their infiltrators pretty fast. Huff Po was just ridiculous. Funniest thing you can ever see is an amateur trying to be a spy.

    • because the content claimed (or could be reasonably expected) to be set against a historical backdrop of tactics?
      not to mention how useless “they did it first” is any kind of justification, for those of us who evolved past elementary school.

  11. Dear citizens.

    The Internet as we once new it is gone. Lost. Forever.

    The sooner people realizes this the sooner we, the people, can start up a “Darknet” and leave the sinking ship that is “Clearnet”. When a majority of people realizes that a handful of corp. and some gov. Can crash the ENTIRE WWW. (As we know it, a free Internet). Then we can REALLY start to build up a new kind of network. One that govs. and corps. cannot touch. (Not without WE seeing THEM first..).

    So my suggestion is; Download TOR. That is where the new net is being built. And it pisses the HELL out of bitch ass F.B.I, NSA and so on.. Why? They can have the entire WWW for padding eachother on the back and try out new kewl SPY thingies! =)

    There once was a man walking on a road. The Sun and the Wind decided to see wich one of them that could get the mans jacket off first!
    The Wind started blowing and blowing. It started to rain. But the more the Wind blew or rained, the tighter the man pulled his jacket around him. The Wind went furious! It started up and BLEW THE HARDEST IT COULD! But.. The harder it blew, the more the man tried to crawl into his jacket.
    The Sun on the other hand just started to shine. Warmer and warmer until the man willingly took of his jacket.

    That is a childrens story but is VERY essential today. The Wind is NSA, FBI and so on.. The people and the freedom fighters is the sun.

    Goverments and corps. Cannot win if we don’t let them. Simple! We LET them invade us. We were to ignorant, the first time.. But no matter how hard the blow (and they sure blow!) we will NEVER take our jacket ‘o freedom of again. So why not join us? I am talking about join the fight agaist mass survalliance! (Talk about it, debate it, tweet it.. NEVER let it die. NEVER forgett. NEVER AGAIN!

    (Just say “Yeah. I don’t fucking care about those “toy-company’s” anymore.. They cannot hurt me. And they will never know all my “Net persona’s”. So I say: Bring it! ( LULZ!)

    (Oh yeah! One little, small thing. I wonder if the US gov remembers the ultimatum Anonymous put last year.. “It is up to you. Choose to stop with what you already know is wrong. And by that bring ORDER (i e: Leave us the hell alone u fucks!) OR WE WILL BRING CHAOS. On a scale so large you can’t even begin too imagine.. Remember this too. If you happens to be an Agent of some sorts.. Never forget that there are Anonymous everywhere, don’t think for a second that YOUR agency is safe from “Freedom terrorists”. It is not. Snowden is just one out of thousands like him.. Agreeing with the Anonymous idea and just biding their time. Gathering info. Sitting silently, waiting.. Perhaps in the cubicle next to yours even. So in that regard WE, the ordinary people, have nothing to fear! (As long as the proper integrity protection is installed..). The governments and their agencies on the other hand, should be (and ARE) VERY VERY worried. “A Global resistance movement without a leader or a center?” “WTF do we do know!?” (You do what WE pay you to. NOTHING MORE. TOTAL FUCKING TRANSPARENCY, it is OUR money you spy with! Bastards!)

    Wasn’t it “Bachman Turner Overdrive” who sung;

    “You ain’t seen nothing yet, B-B-Baby you just ain’t seen no-nothing yet. Here is something that you´ll never ever forget! You just ain’t seen nothing yet!”


    • Originally sponsored by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory,[11] which had been instrumental in the early development of onion routing under the aegis of DARPA, Tor was financially supported by the Electronic Frontier Foundation from 2004 to 2005.[13] Tor software is now developed by the Tor Project, which has been a 501(c)(3) research-education nonprofit organization [14] based in the United States of America [1] since December 2006. It has a diverse base of financial support;[13] the U.S. State Department, the Broadcasting Board of Governors, and the National Science Foundation are major contributors.[15] As of 2012, 80% of the Tor Project’s $2M annual budget comes from the United States government, with the Swedish government and other organizations providing the rest,[16] including NGOs and thousands of individual sponsors.”

      Do your homework before you promote a program with known back doors. Nothing is anonymous, and Tor won’t save you. Also, cut the cheesy rhetoric. You sound like a shill.

  12. Is their a link between the August 2010 timeline and the filing of charges in August of 2010 by Sweden. Seems like quite a coincidence.

  13. I’m amazed that people are claiming that they didn’t know the depths of the surveillance state. There were many whistleblowers before Snowden telling us just that, yet strangely enough they were not instantly plastered over the mainstream media. That should tell you something right there.

    So, when exactly does the public get access to these 1 million documents? Or does Mr. Greenwald, Jeff Bezos, David Miranda, Laura Poitras and Pierre Omidyar have carte blanche over this enormous cache of data?

    Frankly, if there was anything remotely NEW in these documents then you can bet your dollar that none of this would ever have happened. That’s not paranoia I’m afraid, that’s simply reality.

    Sorry to rain on the parade but there’s something very wrong with this whole picture. But please, anyone, feel free to put me right since I’ve been a supporter of Mr. Greenwald for a long time and don’t like to think that money, career and kudos has taken over. But there are so many things that don’t add up I’m forced to review the whole scenario again. And I think as journalists we are obliged to do so, however unpalatable that may be.

    • First of all, this idea that there are somehow “1 million documents” released by Snowden was manufactured by the US and UK government. They have continuously proven in public speeches and press releases they have absolutely no idea what or how many documents were actually released to journalists. Second, releasing every single document all at once leads to unnecessary mistakes that could lead to publishing damaging information that doesn’t add anything to the story or dialogue on these issues. Third, releasing everything at once in one huge datadump basically ensures that people will forget about it as quickly as they were released, so the continual stream of articles allows the story to continue, building up over time. This is journalism 101, and is brilliant. It also allows for government officials to respond to allegations made in the articles, and since they have pretty much been lying out of their asses about everything so far, allows the people to know that they ARE lying because the next document that is released usually explains just that. Lastly, it allows the conversation to continue, because each document/article released adds to the conversation and allows the journalists to dictate the public debate with more and more information while not overwhelming everybody at one time with massive amounts of information. So really people like you should just back off and if you are really so worried about all of this, do something about it. Go protest in the streets, start sending around petitions to be signed or call your representatives non-stop until something gets done. Yes there were whistleblowers before Snowden, but they were silenced before the whole story was out, and the Government controlled the flow of information, which is what makes Snowden’s revelations that much more powerful, because they no longer control the dialogue or flow of information.

  14. I don’t know enough about this to speak eloquently about it, but I stay in the loop. I’m glad to see so many comments. Our numbers are what will keep us safe so we need to keep spreading the word as much as possible and getting access to free and open internet to EVERYONE in equal measure. The more people that visit wikileaks… and leave comments on articles like this etc. etc. THE BETTER!!!! I think I’ll go visit wikileaks right now…. I shouldn’t be afraid to say anything. At this point I think fear is exactly how the 1% would like to control the rest of us. Freedom of speech baby.

    • Yeah, but unfortunately you can’t guarantee that half of these comments aren’t coming from inside Fort Meade. I just found a website this morning run by the NSA that has re-tweeted Greenwald’s article posing as an anonymous website -

  15. Yet another poorly-cited article.

    There are so many claims made in this paper without sources I don’t even know where to begin.

    I mean seriously, “Another classified document from the U.S. intelligence community, dated August 2010, recounts how the Obama administration urged foreign allies to file criminal charges against Assange over the group’s publication of the Afghanistan war logs.” Then where the fuck is the document? Stop asserting that these magical documents exist and give us the goddam link. It is your job as a journalist to provide proper citation.

    I might take the time to rake through this article, claim-by-claim, but for now– please, PLEASE, be wary of accepting the claims made by this article at face value, even if you want them to be true.

    • I agree they should source everything that can’t be verified otherwise. That’s best practice.

      But keep in mind that major news outlets do this kind of thing all the time: Make claims about what they’ve seen in classified documents, without publishing the original source material.

      • @Jose

        Your standards of evidence are piss-poor if you think an image on the internet is evidence of the existence of a classified document.

        I read the entire article– why the hell do you think I am so angry at the authors? They’ve been publishing nothing but horribly cited articles that are reeking with an agenda ever since this website was released. 50% of their sources are fucking opinion pieces from jerk-off mainstream liberal news organizations (who in turn, fail to cite their sources too), 25% are pngs, and 25% is testimony from anonymous ‘whistleblowers’ whom apparently only the brilliant, resourceful, and highly intelligent journalists at The Intercept were able to get a hold of.

        I go on these rants because these moron readers lap this shit up without thinking twice about how well the authors actually backed up their claims. My god, if this article was submitted to a scientific journal, they would get laughed at. Hell, even the Journal of BIO-Complexity would reject it.

        You’re right– mainstream media doesn’t cite their sources either, and these assholes are no different.

        • yes, yes, your anger is so much more righteous and rationalized than the anger of the credulous masses. have a cookie.

    • Except they did link the source document, so maybe you should be a little more thorough buddy. Jose was kind enough to link that very “magical document” below.

    • Like you, I don’t know for sure if Snowden/Glenn has the source document Glenn referenced “dated August 2010″. My opinion is that he has it but didn’t include it with this article.

      The following was published at the time (August 2010) and provides some background on Glenn’s assertion. Although this article, like Glenn’s, does not show the actual document, it does cite US officials (multiple sources). Here is the first part of the article:

      U.S. Urges Allies To Crack Down On WikiLeaks

      By Philip Shenon

      12 August, 2010
      Daily Beast

      The Obama administration is pressing Britain, Germany, Australia, and other allied Western governments to consider opening criminal investigations of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and to severely limit his nomadic travels across international borders, American officials say.

      Officials tell The Daily Beast that the U.S. effort reflects a growing belief that WikiLeaks and organizations like it threaten grave damage to American national security, as well as a growing suspicion in Washington that Assange has damaged his own standing with foreign governments and organizations that might otherwise be sympathetic to his anti-censorship cause.

      American officials confirmed last month that the Justice Department was weighing a range of criminal charges against Assange and others as a result of the massive leaking of classified U.S. military reports from the war in Afghanistan, including potential violations of the Espionage Act by Bradley Manning, the Army intelligence analyst in Iraq accused of providing the documents to WikiLeaks

      Now, the officials say, they want other foreign governments to consider the same sorts of criminal charges.

      FYI, Philip Shenon, the author, is a former investigative reporter at the New York Times (NYT).

  16. I’ve been unable to find any significant coverage of these latest revelations in the Establishment Media. I did quick searches (not intensive searching) of BBC, NYTs, WP, Reuters, AFP, BBC, and others–even the Guardian had nothing. Have any major media institutions released coverage of this yet? If so, can someone please post a link…? I’m curious to read how it is playing elsewhere.
    Other than Truthout, FDL and a few other websites, this hugely important story seems to have been carefully ignored–at least so far. Unless they are very slow or I’ve missed it, which is a possibility. Thanks.

    • What’s the point of even searching anymore? The international corporate press is very much part of the global order of corruption we live under.

  17. In the 1960s we didn’t just go to the streets, we signed statements saying if we had been born male we would go to jail to resist the draft, signed other complicity statements, and waved at the FBI goons taking photos of us. We knew we were on lists but we felt in the end our rights would probably protect us. The difference now is that the government seems to feel they have the right to kill those they don’t agree with – the Constitution has been torn up – even by our President and Congress. It really feels like we are in end times and everyone will have choose very soon whether to go down fighting or not. I spent my life teaching school and working in non-profits and in state and local government. I wanted to make the world a better place. I was very naive. Now, I am in my late 60s and think about how death is closer every day. As I read what the US and British governments are doing, I am feeling like I’d like to make sure my life and death aren’t wasted. I am starting to think carefully about how best to ‘spend’ my remaining life in a way that might count for something. Hope you are too. Thank you Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, Julian Assange, and all the others who have had the strength of character to choose already. Many of us are taking a bit longer, but we will probably get there very soon.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth! Remarkable similarities here. But I think there is some basis for hope – finally! For one thing, the Internet could not have come to fruition at a better time. And we ‘elder statesmen’ can play a valuable role in this movement, provided we can get past our nearly overwhelming ‘dispiritedness’, if you will.

    • So how does this work – Glenn Greenwald is partnered with Pierre Omidyar whose PayPal organization has extrajudicially blocked payments to Wikileaks to help cripple Wikileaks:

      “…The banking blockade against WikiLeaks is one of the most sinister developments in recent years, and perhaps the most extreme example in a western democracy of extrajudicial actions aimed at stifling free speech – made all the worse by the public support of numerous people sitting in the US House of Representatives….

      …Visa, Mastercard and Paypal are none-too-choosy about who they provide payment services for. Want to use your credit card to donate to the Ku Klux Klan? Go right ahead. Prefer to support the English Defence League? Paypal will happily sort you out. Prefer to give cash to Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, who oppose the “radical homosexual agenda”? Feel free to use your Visa, Mastercard or Paypal.

      Visa and Mastercard are already inescapable. As the world becomes ever-more digital, and cash continues its journey to obsolescence, they will become still more pervasive. If they are allowed to cut off payment to lawful organisations with whom they disagree, the US’s first amendment, the European convention on human rights’ article 10, and all other legal free speech protections become irrelevant….”

      • Glenn Greenwald,

        If you are what you proclaim to be, please address the issue of your affiliation with Pierre Omidyar of PayPal who is apparently working with government / NSA to shut down information sources like Wikileaks using extrajudicial methods.

        You understand the serious and undemocratic ramifications of those who use “extrajudicial” means – and there you are playing with this lot.

        Your credibility depends on your behaving as openly as you demand others act.

        David Jensen
        Vancouver Canada

      • The desire for wealth, fame, and power are the primary impetuses for those whose worldview is purely materialistic. History has clearly demonstrated that material ends in a capitalist society are best achieved by donning a mantle of enlightened self interest. It is for this reason that we should be especially wary of those who claim to be serving the common good while simultaneously enriching themselves at its expense. It is clear that Glenn Greenwald has no problem with capitalism. He has devoutly defended corporate personhood. He has worked for a law firm that represented the likes of Goldman Sachs et al. He even published porn for a time. Profiting from the Snowden revelations have been justified by comparing himself to those who have made a career out of generating obfuscating euphemisms for America’s servile political class. Glenn Greedwald’s public adulation of Pierre Omidyar is very much in character with the American way.

          • He addresses this relationship in the interview with VICE at the link below, around minute 28. The whole interview is worth watching. What Paypal and others did was a concern for Greenwald and he addressed it while they were speaking about the venture of FLM. Omidyar was not in a managerial capacity at ebay or paypal at the time, and did speak out about the decision through his news outlet in Hawaii, which editorialized against the decision. Greenwald acknowledges that the criticism that he should’ve done more is a reasonable one. But he also assers that he knows Omidyar has been affected by recent revalations regarding privacy.


          • He addresses that concern in his interview with VICE at the link below, around 28:00. The whole thing is worth a watch. But Greenwald says the paypal situation was a concern for him going into this venture. He spoke with Omidyar about it, and it turns out at the time he was not in any managerial capacity of ebay or paypal. He was still the controlling shareholder though, spoke out through his newspaper outlet in Hawaii, which editorialized against Paypal’s decision. The criticism that he could’ve done more is reasonable according to Greenwald. In addition though, he says that Omidyar has been deeply affected by the recent revelations regarding privacy, and taking into account that no one is perfect, he decided that Omidyar was a person that could be worked with in a venture of this nature.


            Also I think it is important to note Greenwald’s continued insistence on his editorial independence, which he has stressed throughout his career with the guardian and salon. So even if you are of the mind that Omidyar’s lack of more substantial action against Paypal is inexcusable, he’s still only putting up money for Greenwald to continue doing his journalism on his own terms.

      • He addresses that concern in his interview with VICE at the link below, around 28:00. The whole thing is worth a watch. But Greenwald says the paypal situation was a concern for him going into this venture. He spoke with Omidyar about it, and it turns out at the time he was not in any managerial capacity of ebay or paypal. He was still the controlling shareholder though, spoke out through his newspaper outlet in Hawaii, which editorialized against Paypal’s decision. The criticism that he could’ve done more is reasonable according to Greenwald. In addition though, he says that Omidyar has been deeply affected by the recent revelations regarding privacy, and taking into account that no one is perfect, he decided that Omidyar was a person that could be worked with in a venture of this nature.

        Also I think it is important to note Greenwald’s continued insistence on his editorial independence, which he has stressed throughout his career with the guardian and salon. So even if you are of the mind that Omidyar’s lack of more substantial action against Paypal is inexcusable, he’s still only putting up money for Greenwald to continue doing his journalism on his own terms.

  18. “The mass of men serve the state thus, not as men mainly, but as machines, with their bodies. They are the standing army, and the militia, jailers, constables, posse comitatus, etc. In most cases there is no free exercise whatever of the judgement or of the moral sense; but they put themselves on a level with wood and earth and stones; and wooden men can perhaps be manufactured that will serve the purpose as well. Such command no more respect than men of straw or a lump of dirt. They have the same sort of worth only as horses and dogs. Yet such as these even are commonly esteemed good citizens. Others—as most legislators, politicians, lawyers, ministers, and office-holders—serve the state chiefly with their heads; and, as they rarely make any moral distinctions, they are as likely to serve the devil, without intending it, as God. A very few—as heroes, patriots, martyrs, reformers in the great sense, and men—serve the state with their consciences also, and so necessarily resist it for the most part; and they are commonly treated as enemies by it.” -Henry David Thoreau ‘On the Duty of Civil Disobedience’

  19. Now that those who report on national security issues have been targeted by the nsa and gchq, presumably as providing “support” for terrorists, it seems likely that it will only be a matter of time before those who provide support for the reporters will be targeted for the same reason and with the same degree of justification.

    The problem is that for the nsa, there is probably nothing that should be out of bounds: if it can be done, it should be done. After all, they are engaged in the patriotic duty of protecting their country (countries). But particularly for the US, where citizenship is based upon a creed (see the Declaration of Independence and Constitution), the undermining of the principles of this creed are attacks on the homeland. What makes the U.S. a nation is what binds the people together, not the land on which they stand. This means that the more those bonds of connectedness are frayed the weaker our national spirit. Until the only people who truly consider themselves Americans are white supremacists.

    God help us!

  20. Thank you for great articles and journalism so far! I am impressed and cheering for the people at theintercept.

    It is scary that a few people in given countries, can act against all citizens off the world including their own, and that they deem it not only right – but the only solution.
    But the only solution to what?!? We now know that this surveillance has nothing to do with terrorism, it has nothing to do with war or such atrocities. Instead, it has to do with control, control of the population, control of the masses and utter control of “friendly” countries. While unfriendly countries are not controlled by such means!

    Therefore, it is I and you and the rest they demand control over. And they get mad and threatening if we want to even discuss the issue, it might ruin their dictatorship.
    The tragedy in all of this is that people actually believe the criminals when they say that all is done to protect the population.
    We are the ones in need of protection now, protection from our own politicians, crooked spies and their utterly criminal bosses.

    I am still positive though, that the lambs as we should call ourselves will condemn the NSA and their likes in not too many years. They will go down in history as some of the worst citizens, as enemies of the state and their actions will be banned. We just (unfortunately) need for several more innocent people to be detained and mistreated by the NSA, the brits or aussies and the rest of the criminals.
    I remember reading about a journalist who was killed by a kingpin in Ireland not too long ago, where the people found out that enough is enough, and gathered against him and his organization. They voted for a change in the law, and they were so able to detain and prosecute him.
    We want the same to happen to Keith Alexander and his friends, with the ones giving the orders to break the law!

    However, most of all they have ruined the little faith some had in government and lawmakers… they have turned many of their own against their country and that is never good.
    I see no point in helping criminals like the NSA, I am actually quite sure that it is illegal to help someone or something commit a crime. And that is how the tele and IT companies should have reacted long ago.

  21. One of my mother’s sisters married a gent back in the 1950s whose entire working career was spent with NSA at the Ft. Meade. He was a strange sort of a guy with an even weirder personality or more correctly the lack of one. His natural proclivity was to assume that he was some sort of genius and that everyone else just an absolute dope. You could call this an attitude of almost absolute and total arrogance that I naturally linked to his Germanic ancestry. He would have been the most absolutely perfect Nazi. He was a cryptologist by training but gradually (I think) rose to a mid level management position that required extensive travel to Germany, Japan, and the UK. He loved the Germans and Japanese but hated the British continually referring to them in his arrogant and supercilious and condescending manner as “stupid people”, i.e. not at all up to the high standards of the great vaunted “master race”; as an anglophile of sorts that in particular pissed me off quite a bit at the time these remarks were uttered.

    I have to say that over the years however I began to have some genuine affection for this person (my uncle) because I could see that he was a truly fucked and hurting person from a psychological perspective and did indeed have a caring and decent side to his personality that was seriously atrophied by the dominant aspects of his personality or what was in fact the lack of one.

    This guy no doubt passed the psychological exam with flying colors and that in and of itself should say something about the personality types that NSA hires and desires. The strong silent male who refuses to question authority because he just assumes that no one has a right to any anyone who would is a disloyal American. Such an authoritarian personality type identifies personally with the social authority. This is what insures his love, devotion, and loyalty no matter what the cost may be to others.

    Since my family has a history here in America that predates the signing of the Declaration of Independence, I have always assumed (and I think correctly) that I know something about being and American and what good citizenship has always been about.

    We are indeed living through a sad time for America as we see the classic values of the European enlightenment that became the basis of our founding documents dragged through the gutter by the arrogance and hubris of a ruling class and its national security state that sees itself above the law and accountable to no one. They even use religion to buttress their inflated claims and are in fact trying to return us to a medievil perspective that the Enlightenment was meant to dispel.

    The truth is strong medicine but the American people need to swallow it if we are to survive and prosper as a nation that honors the law and the founding principles of our nation. These agencies such as NSA and the rest of the national security state or what some experts have called the “deep state” are in fact criminal organizations that will at some point have to be held accountable for the harm that they have caused to millions of innocent people all over the world.

    I still have a cousin who lives in Croften, MD the same MD subburb outside of DC that Edward Snowden grew up in. There seems to be a lot of suggestions being made these days that Edward Snowden did not act solely on his own but had help from others. I would like to think that that was the case but I sincerely doubt it. I would like to think that perhaps that some of the NSA types whose conscience may be bothering them a bit and keeping them up at night may decide to join the struggle on the side of the good guys for a change. It is just wishful thinking, I suspect!

    One of my cousins from that marriage married into the family of former US VP Dan Quayle and were fetted at the White House back in the days of Bush, Sr.

    I have been banished and anathamatized by my family for having a mind to think for myself and rejecting the idea that being a good America means always telling oneself that Big Brother knows best. We should have questioned the assumed authority of the national security state a long, long time ago before things got to this point.

    All that being said, it is still not too late and every great adventure begin with just one small first step.

    • My ex husband has also worked at the NSA for 40 years. Thank you for your very good description of the type of person that works at Fort Meade. I thought for a minute you were describing my ex husband. I keep telling people that they hire psychopaths, but they still don’t believe me. I don’t know if they’ll ever believe me. they keep being astonished that the NSA is so oppressive. Well, that’s what happens when you hire psychpaths and never listen to their ex-wives.

  22. The Intercept. God Doesn’t teach in his word, that interception is not a good thing, when is used for difamatory purposes, and as United State is a great country, must reconsider this attitude against Julian Assange, a man who has the best intentions in his publishing,. Assange is a person against terrorism, and he explains this many times in his expositions, so then, it is a big mistake, and antichristian to have him besieged without charges and without the possibility to defend himself in freedom. Atention! I say to the biggest power christian people of the world, would you like to recieve the God punishment?, I don’t think so. So, please, to the authorities, can you reconsider the possibility to give thanks to God for the wonderfull things that you have in your country, using your power giving Julian Assange the freedom and make the correct thing acording with the word of God to call a Christian Nation, instead to use the Bible to put it in a furnitures of the hotels, because it is better to make the word of God, instead to looking at it as an ornament. Everybody has the possibility to be better, the purpose of the Christianity is the possibility the change the bad attitudes. Come on!, give the world a breath in Jesus our Lord. Stop wars, stop terrorism teaching people… stop killings, stop persecution against innocents. Thank you for reading. Blessings for all who understand the good actions. Blessings for Julian Assange.
    Those who agree with it, please give a like or share it.

  23. Global Terrorism Database: Excepting Fort Hood 13, 30 Americans have been killed by terrorist acts since 9/11. This protection racket has cost the lives of millions of Asians – innocent people, children – trillions of tax dollars, the American Constitution, moral degradation – we accept torture, assassination, invasion, killing of children, perpetual war, all in the name of security. The Universe does not forget the killing of children. I hope to Christ I’m on the right side of the watchlist!

  24. So how long will it take them to also target independent sites such as this one. Or to phrase it in another way: How long will it take for the US to make people worried that they might actually have read the wrong version of the truth?

    As my favorite author writes “Censorship was never about morality, it was about fear. If a people wanted to hide something, it was because that was where you could kick them and make it hurt the hardest. Only a very scared people tried to hide information of any sort”

    • I would pose that question in a different way: How long will it take for it to leak that The Intercept and its readers have been monitored by the 5 eyes?

  25. They are surveiling more than Wikileaks, Google *Organized Gang Stalking* or *Targeted Individuals* and really check out how they surveil thousands of innocent citizens and how you and I pay for it. They do this to their own people that finacially support them. Blessings

  26. This has got to be the worst piece of ‘journalism’ I read in a long time.

    I.P.’s are ‘photo I.D.’s'???

    You all have now officially surpassed the ignorance of the Tea Party.. which is actually quite a feat.

    • Are you singularly stupid, or is it your job to discredit through libel? Nowhere in the article is anything like this said.

      • Further, the collection of IPs is significant. Both the NSA and GCHQ have all sorts of metadata databases, which can link IPs to your various online identities, accounts you use in your cellphone, etc.

      • The article indeed does not state that I.P. addresses are (equivalent to) photo ID. It does, however, state that “The IP addresses collected by GCHQ are used to identify individual computers that connect to the Internet, and can be traced back to specific people if the IP address has not been masked using an anonymity service.”

        This statement is equally an incorrect one, as it is impossible in most cases to associate an IP address uniquely with a person even when an anonymizing service such as Tor is not used. The best that can be done is to associate an IP address with a specific computer – which in itself cannot identify the person using the computer at a given time.
        - for those who do not have a fixed IP address, additional queries (requiring subpoena or warrant in the U.S.) would be needed to provide account information to associate one or more people with the IP address. If there were more than one person in the household it would be impossible to tell which one used the IP address at any given time. If, in addition, the location had a WiFi router, it would be impossible to show that a particular connection was not used by a neighbor or passerby.*
        - Public WiFi access points normally use a single IP address for all active customers. That would make it extremely difficult if not impossible to determine which of the customers at a particular time were using it to access a particular URL.* For those who are truly interested in anonymity, there are ways to change the network device ID.

        *Depending on the amount of logging done (and retained) it might be technically possible to narrow identity, in some cases possibly to a single individual. In the U. S., at least, that would require a warrant and either physical or network access to one or more privately owned computers. Even if done without a warrant, as we know to be technically within NSA and FBI capabilities, it is time consuming and costly, and not a thing either agency would do casually.

        • Dear NSA Commentator: When you post too much technical information, you’re giving yourself away. We can identify you.

          • I think you may be just a little paranoid here. This kind of technical knowledge is widely known. At least I knew it and I’m no network or security expert. The only thing I know nothing about is whether warrants are needed in the USA. I have a feeling that here they are not – our legislators seem to be even more gung-ho in legislating away privacy than the US ones, probably because we don’t actually have a written constitution to abide by. They don’t even necessarily pay any attention to European Court decisions even though they signed up to them. Otherwise I can’t see anything in Tom Dial’s post which gives him away as anything.

      • NO, this commenter works for the NSA. They are furious about Greenwald’s article and they have dispatched their minions to post negative remarks. How do I know? Because whenever someone negates the obvious, they’re doing it intentionally. Nobody is that stupid.

        • that comment was 100% wishful thinking, and Tom Dial’s comment shows no corroborating evidence whatsoever for any part of it.

          • of course, I have now fallen into the same wrong-reply-button trap as many before me, and see it is likely you were only ever responding to repugnicant. please disregard.

  27. AntiCrisisGirl, powered by GTE, sounds like the LAMEST antiperspirant since Teen Spirit! But skating so close to “antichrist” is rather tactless, GCHQ. I hope they weren’t exploiting WOMEN to formulate an attack.

  28. The fact that Wikileaks and other transparency and truthseeking orgs are targeted should not be surprising to anyone – what surprises me is the fact that there are so few people in the US willing to even conceptualize or show interest in the truth if that behavior. A people, refusing to look out from under the covers pulled tightly over their head…fearing things that go bump in the night, allowing their personal freedom and civil rights, not to mention human dignity, to be yanked away.
    We have become a culture of personality instead of truth – focusing on projected personae of everyone at the end of a pointed finger (look over there! Hey…look at that guy – he ran to Russia!) instead of the behavior of those we place at the high reaches of government and the corporations that own them. Sadly, we will continue to replay the Fall of Rome in our exceptionalist hubris and denial behavior…

    Even this 60 yr old woman with a big mouth and little tolerance for bullshit – the only threat I pose is always seeking and and trying to speak what I can find to be truth – went through a full body search the last time I flew to NYC (10 TSA agents swarming my tiny frame and single bag was a real spectacle to behold…much giggling ensued, which pissed off a few)…when it hits me, it really smacks of their obtuse desperation….But then, if they spend their time and resources on me, that is less time and resources to spend on stopping important truth from coming out… non-computer/system “DDOSing” the tiny minded greedy fools until their heads explode…

  29. Wow this article reassures everything I’ve thought so far about the NSA and GCHQ when they claim over and over these programs are used to protect the people….I am tempted to burst out laughing each time. Its so obvious that these programs main priority is to protect the people in power and keep them in power. In addition when an organization or group challenges the establishments on either side of the Atlantic; they will use these surveillance programs to discredit the challengers first and then in the process destroy them. This is what I’ve personally feared since these revelations came to light. I heard a quote the other day that came from someone a lot smarter than me but the jist of it was the people in these positions to call the shots and that pull the strings will not willfully give up this power and will practically do anything to protect it and the best way to do that is to discredit the challenger who most always trying to bring the truth to light, its the most effective way to shut them down. I am very compassionate about voicing my displeasure with the agencies running domestic surveillance programs and I pledge my support to right this wrong and fight this injustice as I fear these programs are used for much darker purposes than what we currently know from the Ed Snowden revelations.

  30. NOT lovin’ how they are making this shite up as they go along. No law as foundation for the operation? Just make that shite up!

  31. George Orwell would be shocked out the truth of what the USSA has become is 1000 times more outrageous than his fiction.

    Our government threw out the constitution a long time ago and when no one bothered too raise a ruckus or just plain didn’t care, the powers that be ran away with it.

    I’m of the thinking the USSA is irretrievably damaged.

  32. I must say, I’m in awe at the nearly complete media blackout on this. It’s DARK. DARK. There isn’t even a peep on the HuffingtonPost. Nothing. Zero. Nada nada, limonada.

    • I’m not. The media is in on it. They have merged with the elites and will protect the status quo at any cost.

      • Either they are complicit, and like the government embarrassed about getting caught, or they have a few guns at their backs. Since most of our news outlets are beholding to telephony for distribution, makes you wonder if the telecoms and providers aren’t making threats, too.

        If Obama’s email was found to be missing its content in the business end of a media exec’s BlackBerry taken by police for examination in a criminal investigation, would that strike you as Nixionian? Missing taped statements = missing email content?

        That’s David Cameron’s problem, but he’s got the UK press hogtied so they can’t
        squeal on him. But WE can. YES WE CAM! Yet, no media outlet in the US is willing to tattle. So it’s not just US, it’s a global response, or lack there of, by the Five Eyed spooks and their entangled allies.

        Remember, that BlackBerry belonged to the CEO of the UK’s largest media operator, so it can easily be accomplished, this nexus of media and government. At the time the email was sent by Cameron, his and her professional worlds were coming apart at the seams due to illegal intrusions upon the public by the PRESS!

        I expect I’m on GCHQ stink list because I’ve been saying for years the UK police were hiding more than their cozy relationships with media when the hacking evidence they suppressed was revealed. And now we can see they covered it up for five year because they feared it might reveal that THEY are dirty hacks, too!!

        What I want to know is what other executives have such tight relations with our presidents and David Cameron or his predecessors that the emails in their phones can have the content squeezed out of them. That is NOT a concern for law enforcement? Sounds like evidence tampering to me! I’m sure once addressed, Cameron will claim national security. Either GCHQ did that trick or someone outside the spook force.

        That email sounds like a Tempora metadata file of its former self to me.

      • Did you know the publisher of WaPo made a false affidavit attempting to hide the source of the MAJOR money the Interior Secretary had come into? He declared he’d made the loan to same. Then he checked himself into an asylum to avoid having to testify to that false affidavit.

        It was a BRIBE from the guys who installed the Secretary in that seat to direct the Navy to take itself off coal and give no bid contracts for our oil reserves to same GUYS! So much for a faultless press.

        The NYTs publisher had told those same GUYS that the news from Denver about Tea Pot Dome would never cross the Hudson to Wall Street…until the WaPo guy checked out. Then they had to jump on the story. Let’s hope the crooked press cracks and we finally get real journalism gushing out everywhere.

        So glad to learn Downton’s Cora’s brother is a TPD stinkpot! Several big oil operators fled the US and never returned. Their properties were seized and they spent the rest of their lives building up Corporatism from Paris with like minded goons plotting their revenge. Sacre Bleu! I’ll tell you about the Tabu some other time.

    • Do not be awed… rejoice and help make The Intercept the most widely read media outlet on the planet.

    • HuffPo? Please. That rag is so in on the dirty dealings. Why do you think it has been allowed to get so big? Pierre Omidayr also has relationships with it, which makes me nervous.

  33. ‘The New York Times problem’ could be a problem indeed be a problem for intelligence agencies, considering these statements:

    “You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month.” -CIA operative cited in “Katherine The Great” by Deborah Davis

    “The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” -William Colby, former CIA Director, cited by Dave McGowan in “Derailing Democracy“

    “There is quite an incredible spread of relationships. You don’t need to manipulate Time magazine, for example, because there are [Central Intelligence] Agency people at the management level.” -William B. Bader, former CIA intelligence officer, briefing members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, From ‘CIA and the Media’, by Carl Bernstein

    “The Agency’s relationship with [The New York] Times was by far its most valuable among newspapers, according to CIA officials. [It was] general Times policy … to provide assistance to the CIA whenever possible.” -CIA and the Media by Carl Bernstein

    Media has long been a target of ‘information operations’ by intelligence, in a way this is ‘much ado about nothing’, when considering the by far larger problem of so-called ‘mainstream media’ having been long since co-opted, because it is the ‘mainstream’ outlets shape the direction society will take.

    -Ronald Thomas West

  34. I am actually quite fearful that I am in the crosshairs of these people. I was working for the UN Human Rights Office, I am not American or European, and was responsible for work on the Chelsea Manning detention Issue and the Afghan/Iraq war logs. I used the Wikileaks website and disclosures a lot in my research and work. Since then, I have had quite a few strange happenings with my laptop and phone. Similar, I have had some interesting coincidences which makes me suspect that these is something going on. Reading this, I am beginning to think that I was not being paranoid. Would be interesting if the some of these disclosures include stories about people who are suffering the consequences of their association with wikileaks.

    • Coincidences as in comments made to you in passing? People appearing to know something about you when they shouldn’t? Because yes that kind of stuff happened to me as well and it’s not paranoia.

      • Yep, I have very strong suspicion who some of the people are; For instance, I say things in private and then “out of the blue” someone who I barely know and was not present shows up and start slyly querying me for more information. I am pretty sure of at least 3 instances of them. Some of my personal work files have disappeared from my laptop. In the last couple of years, my luggage have never arrived the same time as me when I travel, even when we travel as a couple or a group. My luggage mysteriously arrives a day late with “everything intact”. Same with Fedex or UPS. When I travel to the US, I always get stopped, pulled out and searched “randomly”. These things happen too frequently for them to be coincidences.

        • My life has become a living hell due to these kinds of ‘coincidences’. And no one believes me, because mental illness is a more believable story in my case. And yet, as an outspoken non-American non-European feminist wikileaks supporter with a PhD in theoretical physics, I am pretty sure to be on some ‘target list’. Especially when you consider that my last co-worker was personally contracted by the Pentagon for his mathematical research skills.

          Hell on earth. I was forced into homelessness and I still have not escaped. I have been promised somewhere to live, but I now know that I have no say anymore about where I end up. I go to the police (it is a nice Western democracy) and they take reports but nothing ever gets done, even when the bullying is clearly against the law. My god, to think, how many of us there must be out there.

    • Have you read the NBC Investigation online stories about how GCHQ mindscrews folks using such tactics? I urge you to do so and inform your former employer if this sounds familiar.

      This is work NBC ‘s online journalists have done with Glenn. No surprise NBC News ignores it Nightly. I am so remorseful I made fun of the CBS journalist who said her computer was behaving badly. She was hacked by these mechanisms.

    • Yep, I too have been targeted. I had a website that linked to Wikileaks. I believe I was under ‘close’ surveillance by a former Iraq communications specialist who happened to be staying next door. And there are other things too weird to go into on the site. But it is indeed happening.

    • I think you shouldn’t flatter yourself at all. It also sounds like your office — which isn’t called “the Human Rights Office” but the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights if you really do work there — is pretty one-sided in its work.

      But you raise an interesting question: the need for FACTS OF CASES. Greenwald and the rest of the Snowden scribes have not come up with a single case of any actual victim of the NSA. They only come up with hypotheticals.

    Sex, Virus & Computer Hack: GCHQ spy arsenal revealed
    Published on Feb 12, 2014

    Sending out viruses, hijacking social media accounts, and attacking computer networks. Those may sound like hackers’ techniques, but they’re also in the arsenal of Britain’s spies, according to leaks from Edward Snowden. RT’s Polly Boyko takes apart the tactics being used by GCHQ.

    A personal inventory.

    Support Julian Assange and Wikileaks. CHECK
    Write many letters to the Prime Minister and the Federal Attorney General of Australia supporting Wikileaks and Julian Assange. CHECK
    Participate in forums and comment sections supporting Julian Assange and Wikileaks. CHECK
    Correspond with Anonymous, Lulzsec and others. CHeck.
    Support Bradley (Chelsea) Manning by commenting in forums and comment section of journals.CHECK.
    Write to President Obama and dennounce his stand on whistleblowers. CHECK.
    Write to the American Department of Justice re Assange and Manning.CHECK
    Visit my Local Federal Member of parliment’s electoral office and complained about the bizarre number of 403.6 (forbidden access) error messages I was receiving on looking up a number of internet sites.Also the recurring viruses, mal ware and remote access programs running on my computer even after complete reinstals. CHECK
    Take my ISP provider to the Federal Telicommunications ombusman and receive personal and financial satisfaction for the ISP not providing service after my email account was hacked and my internet speed was reduced to dial up speed. I was made a “Global Talk” costomer, though they had no Australian customers at that stage.My ISP techs had told me I was black listed and should change all my pass words. CHECK
    Read Glenn Greenwald. CHECK.

  36. It really seems that the Language wich is used inside of these organisation is quite perverted.

    • Most assuredly, they presumed their inside jokes would never be outed. Now we can see where their heads are at. Up their wazoos.

      For a while, Clapper and Alexander seemed to be attempting to act “cool.” However, it is a dead give away when they lift our collective jokes and try to spin them into golden straw. Rumpled, that’s what they are.

  37. I am waiting for the document from the NSA outlining the trumped up Swedish harlot rape accusation. How the plan to discredit Wikileaks was hatched.

    • so you figured you’d pretend you know anything about the woman in question, such as (a) her depth of character [or lack thereof, in your apparent estimation] (b) how invested she ever was in the charges?

  38. Everyone seems quite awake . I suggest you all go watch “The End of America” by Naomi Wolf, and add what has happened since then look at the 10 steps and figure out where you think we are

  39. The surveillance state legal system is using all manner of cryptic language to defeat peoples’ unalienable rights. The ‘officials’ with the authority to rein in NSA et al are compromised by the NSA/CIA complex and dare not disobey. Nothing will change until the names and addresses of the perpetrators are made public.
    Thank You Mr. Snowden!

  40. I just now tried to join the “Friends of Wikileaks” from their site, but I don’t manage. Can anybody confirm having the same problem?

  41. This is not exactly a surprise. At least to anyone who’s paying attention. We certainly are. So glad you guys will able to get a start-up. Too many people are being cynical about more venture but I’m confident you folks won’t disappoint.

  42. How government works:

    In the U.K, the Prime Minister leads the government with the support of the Cabinet and ministers. You can find out who runs government and how government is run, as well as learning about the history of government. The Prime Minister is head of the U.K. government. He is ultimately responsible for all policy and decisions. He: oversees the operation of the Civil Service and government agencies appoints members of the government is the principal government figure in the House of Commons The Prime Minister is David Cameron MP and he is based at Number 10 Downing Street in London.

    More about the Prime Minister’s Office:

  43. How can we publicly identify as supporters of wikileaks and Snowden every day as we go about our productive lives. There should be a fashion statement that we could all make, a type of scarf… I would like to be obvious about it, the type of persons I admire are the ones with a conscience!

    I’d appreciate knowing I am not alone!!!

  44. Obama will always be the man that destroyed America. Snowden is the man who chose to speak out about and show citizens how the United States Govt. is intent on destroying every idea, law and principal that our Founding Fathers believed in

    • No no no no.


      bush is the man who destroyed

      No no no no. George W. Bush is the man who destroyed america. And, make no mistake, it is destroyed beyond reclamation. America=Humpty Dumpty.

      • you’re both being horrifically simple-minded about this. neither of those presidential tools were the first to (a) make foolish or cynical promises, (b) sign far-reaching legislation with disastrous consequences, (c) overstep their checks and balances, or (d) otherwise, directly or (mostly in any case) indirectly cock the whole thing up for the vast majority of even-half-awake citizens.

    • imagining that Obama, in any sense whatsoever, either started or ended any of this shit is preposterously obtuse. did you simply never want to believe this much ill of any prior president?

  45. I’d be more shocked if they weren’t targeting anyone and everything that even thought about looking up wikileaks. Still, it’s nice to have some documents proving their criminal activities and you can bet anyone that has visited this very website is also a target. Down with Emperor Obomber and his Stasi, lets get some leaders that actually respect human life and rights.

  46. Where are the progressive liberals or whatever the spineless democrats call themselves today? Where is the outrage! All we get is Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz and MSNBC calling Snowden a spy , Assange and Manning perverts, and Greenwald a criminal. I guess Obama still needs more time? We just need to trust the government when democrats are in charge.

    • both ~major parties~ have been chock-full of hopeless idiots or losers since at least as far back as the ’80s – longer if one’s general opinion of humanity, let alone the US electorate, is uncharitable…

  47. and I still think there might be a conflict of interests here – Let’s say the American law would allow the surveillance of “unpleasant people” -(like Mr. Cumberbatch) – the conflict of interest never would have been arisen and Wikileaks still would be a sympathetic organization which needs our help.

    But with Cumberbatch being Wikileaks?

    How can you trust an “actor”?
    -(and they desperately need “surveillance”!)

    • I just watched the video of her song performance. The NSA should play this video at the office and get all the employees to sing along and dance to it with lots of bumps and grinds to build morale and stay focused on the mission.

  48. To: Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and Jeremy Scahill. I want to add my thanks to you three for fearlessly reporting the truth.

    • Let me second this. I have very eagerly awaited Mr. Greenwald’s new media platform and must say that I’m very pleased to see that you and the others have come right out with such strong and forceful stories. Thank you very, very much.

  49. There is one avenue of peace we’ve yet to broadcast and try, tax holiday.

    That is we, the pay master to this the criminal enterprise doing business as the United Staes of America Corp. can legally file extensions ad nausium in an all out effort to starve the beast.
    More than likely this will lead to a massive stimulus by the FED, which will result in a Whimar Republic type scenario here in the States, and likely world wide as our economy drives the worlds economy.
    Additionally, consumers must take make a converted effort to vote with their wallets, a simple boycott of any corporate sponsor of groups like the Council on Foreign Relations ( being arrogant they provide a nice alphabetized list for us ) can have an immeasurable impact upon the pockets of the erudite Elite leading this effort in a global electronic prision that impacts all of us daily.
    It’s time to hit them where the hurt, in there greedy little pockets.
    If this fails, hit them in their greedy little faces too.

    And lest we forget let us do all we do with greatest care and due diligence, for not all those who are wealthy are wicked, and not all who are poor good. It is paramount that our moral standard be beyond reproach in this matter, for the common man has no more interst in following after our thug than to follow after theirs, and without the heart of the common man we can not be victorious .

    God bless
    I am steadfast
    St?k? Pharr?sia I?sous

  50. This entire senario is reminiscent of the McCarthy era of the 1950s when the threat of “communism” was used as an excuse to investigate, harass, interrogate and subjugate American citizens. The “Patriot Act,” a legislative action that was pushed through in the panicked aftermath of 9/11 was an open door to abuse of power by the NSA and other government entities, allowing for vast violations of the basic rights the Constitution was written to protect. I call for a repeal of the so-called “Patriot Act,” and the similar legislative acts that followed like sequels to an already bad movie.

    • Except during the McCarthy era the US didn’t have 5% of the world’s population with 25% of the world’s prisoners, cops weren’t allowed to beat, taze and kill people with almost always no consequences and the US government hadn’t passed the NDAA and couldn’t disappear you without a shred of due process.

      This is like McCarthyism X 1000

      • prisoners numbers keep being spewed, to show people how bad off it is here, it is another support for this insane spying but reality is the US locks people up for shit knowone else does,thats why so many are locked up,most are minor drug charges like small amounts of weed. It is also a fact that violent crime is higher many place in the world, over all violent crime is far higher in the UK where there are no guns than here.

  51. “Heavy on detail and melodrama but missing the spark from its remarkable real-life inspiration”

    And it’s too late to save the “Fifth Estate” -(or Cumberbatch) –
    They bombed! –

  52. Rather surprised at the paucity of Greenwald and Snowden critics showing up here in Intercept comments. I don’t just mean the absence of obvious trolls, but even the more rational opposition isn’t much in evidence.

    Not sure where they are? They do add spice to the conversation.

    • No worry Mona you can count on the Tea Party Terrorists ala the Faux News miscreants and many government sociopaths in high places to post wonderful indictments of this REAL JOURNALISTIC EFFORT!!!

      • Yeah, you can also count on the Obama apologists who think MSNBC IS TRUTH to come here and post indictments against this as well. In fact, I’ve seen more critiques from the left on the NSA leaks than the right. Given, if a republican was president the criticisms would come more from the right. Partisans be partisans.

      • The MSM is all faux news,in case you haven’t noticed.And in fact,sometimes faux news covers what the alleged liberal others won’t,but your team dreams of superiority won’t let you notice this.And the TP was initially about Ron Paul and his views,until co -opted by the rethugs,with demoncrat approval,as RP scares the sh*t out of the neolibcons.

    • “Not sure where they are? They do add spice to the conversation.”

      Well thank you – and I’m still where I am – but why would I criticize Snowden?

    • As the trolls read the following,

      anyone communicating with the organization for any reason – including American citizens – could have their communications subjected to government surveillance.

      they suddenly wondered whether the drone targeting algorithm would recognize their slavish devotion to the State. Perhaps rather than being rewarded, they would become just another case of collateral damage. Their enthusiasm suddenly dimmed as their fingers hovered hesitatingly over ‘post’, then twitched and pressed ‘delete’.

    • “Rather surprised at the paucity of Greenwald and Snowden critics showing up here in Intercept comments.”

      Could it be that their comments will not be posted?

      “The Temple of Doom” in splendid isolation? – Now I would watch that film!

    • RE: “…even the more rational opposition isn’t much in evidence.”

      More rational? More rational than whom? Obama? There is nothing particularly rational about a government campaign to spy on everyone it can get away by hook or by crook spying upon and snooping into the private affairs of them.

      The Obama Administration is a criminal cabal, and the elected Democrats are accomplices because they refuse to take public stands against this radically anti-Constitutional treason.

      • More rational? More rational than whom? Obama? There is nothing particularly rational about a government campaign to spy on everyone it can get away by hook or by crook spying upon and snooping into the private affairs of them.

        Glenn’s comment section has always been characterized as a place of robust debate with his detractors and critics. Some are just trolls, others genuinely here to sincerely disagree. He himself has moderated only highly disruptive trolls.

        This has led to an interesting dynamic, and prevented his comments section from devolving into an “amen corner.”

        I’m not seeing the vibrant dynamic yet at the Intercept, and hope it is just a birth pain.

        • “I’m not seeing the vibrant dynamic yet at the Intercept,”

          Me too – but that often happens with sequels!

          • top two guesses – zed either
            (1) has been too busy/distracted to notice the advent of The Intercept
            (2) considers his putative pearl-dropping to be more effective/necessary at CiF or on Salon and for whatever amusing reason is refusing to take this seriously (yet).

        • I’m not seeing the vibrant dynamic yet at the Intercept, and hope it is just a birth pain.

          I understand and share your concern that Glenn Greenwald has lost his edge. Too many people are starting to agree with him and he no longer seems to attract the really high quality trolls. I’m not sure how he lost his way.

          It is not worth an intelligent man’s time to be in the majority. By definition, there are already enough people to do that.
          G.H. Hardy

          • I understand and share your concern that Glenn Greenwald has lost his edge. Too many people are starting to agree with him and he no longer seems to attract the really high quality trolls. I’m not sure how he lost his way.

            On the contrary! Many, from left and right, disagree w/ Greenwald on all manner of bases, and he does engage them on Twitter.

            My observation is merely that almost none of these many seem to be commenting here. It could be a by-product of the commenting software, which seems to cause comments to show up rather a long time after they are submitted.

            But whatever the issue, I don’t see that Greenwald has “lost his edge,” and am sure he would engage antagonists here if there were a reasonable number of intelligent ones for him to engage.

            But there aren’t.

          • “I understand and share your concern that Glenn Greenwald has lost his edge.”

            He hasn’t – It’s all the Concierge’s fault!
            You know – in his old barn Glenn Greenwald had this really frightfully concierge – and she scared all the good folks away – who were showing up or a friendly chat…

    • I think that they may have given up trying to defend the undefendable,lol But no doubt the elite. military minded extremists and ghost writers that support the Government in selling us the unacceptable will soon appear. It is our duty to educate them and to counter their comments discrediting their viewpoints by presenting the undeniable facts and truth.

  53. The government of the people is no longer. It is government by the Corporations. Since most politicians will eventually be forced to join the dark side (from an offer they can’t refuse), we can’t count on legislative reform or judicial corrections. So there is only one inevitable outcome… the USA will go down as the greatest empirical fail of all time, and history will be rewritten to show true motives of certain war criminals.

  54. I hope someday the American people understand that the only way to take back the country is by force, no more excuses or complaints. And remember neither Republican nor Democrat will do a thing for you or this country they’re all part of the same team “the shadow government.”

  55. I served in the USAF and decided to separate after my term ended because I was worried about the direction the United States was going in regards to “terrorism.” I thought I was escaping something that was basically evil (corrupt, wasteful, abusive toward its members, etc). Now my worst fears have been realized thanks to many heroes such as Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden. I applaud the work they and countless others have done to bring this information to the public. This is the start of real change. I have hope the all of this will make our entire world a better place to live. However, there sometimes must be a fire to destroy the forest to allow it to grow back better than it was…

  56. Dear NSA,
    It’s only a matter of time before shit hits the fan.
    It won’t be good.

  57. Too bad the US military welfare queens don’t recognize the NSA as a domestic terrorist organization.
    We will probably need to form our own armed response to these enemies of the people. The corrupt justice dept, police and military will be used to maintain their spying on us and our armed militias are a legitimate use of our weapons as stated in the US constitution.

  58. As a first step, email the White House and your Representatives today. I did and here is what I said:

    “Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the extent of the NSA’s criminal activity against the media, including WikiLeaks, its staff, its associates and its supporters
    Today it was reported:
    “The internal government documents, including slides of presentations given at an annual top secret surveillance conference between the two countries and internal agency correspondence, expose how the government targeted not only Wikileaks and its spirited leader Julian Assange, but also those people all over the world—including U.S. and British citizens—who may have accessed or viewed the public website” (“Docs Show NSA Targeted Wikileaks, Assange Vows Legal Fight,” Jon Queally, Common Dreams, February 18, 2014.
    I am one of those people who has visited the WikiLeaks site. I am also a loyal American citizen and a conscientious voter.
    Not only that! But – and here is a BIG secret! I wrote to the Ecuadoran Embassy to thank the country of Ecuador for giving Julian Assange asylum.
    You may save taxpayer money by taking my name and address and other details down now from me – I give them to you freely.
    My varied and numerous back emails do show my correspondence not only with the Ecuadorean Embassy but also others – say those who are supporting Edward Snowden or Chelsea Manning. I have many. They may take me a while to look up and email to you so in this case you may want to go to the NSA which, I am sure, because I am a lowly, poor, honest, true-blue American who would never plot anything ill for my countrymen or wish harm to my fellow world citizens, has all of my emails and a record of my freedom of speech activities back to the beginning of my birth (1952 – a very solid McCarthy year).
    P.S. I use a Verizon cell phone so you should be able to find out where I am at all times of the day or night. You can ask the NSA or James Clapper about that.
    I am sorry that, as Queen Elizabeth once remarked, it is still not that easy to open a window onto a person’s soul. But even though you can’t read my mind you can just ask me. “What You See Is What You Get” where I am concerned. Too bad that isn’t the case with 99% of our elected and appointed officialdom, our corporate robber barons or our corporate controlled media. “

  59. WOW! I am a terrorist just for searching the Wiki site, not even knowing what I would find mind you. My main claim to fame as a terrorist is that I am not an avid consumer.

  60. In 2012, I was put under surveillance for viewing wikileaks.

    I was specifically told it was because I had looked at the site.

    • Technology marches on. Right on over us.

      Can’t wait for the wall-penetrating-RF-equipped police drones that autonomously monitor everyone’s activities in their houses and launch taser missiles at those detected doing anything remotely illegal (say, viewing porn over the Internet in Tennessee) by data mining and correlating these databases in real time. What a wonderful world it will be.

      • You may want to read about Julia Davis, a Homeland Security whistleblower. Her story is a detailed shocking account of what Homeland Security did to try to silence one of their own. HS even raided her home with 27 heavily armed men and a Blackhawk helicopter, more than was used to kill OBL. She prevailed in court because she persevered. Her inner strength and determination reminded me of Mary Tillman, Pat Tillman’s mother.

    • Thank you for noting this, coram. The language being used by DHS sounds familiar:

      A spokeswoman for DHS’s Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) stressed that the database “could only be accessed in conjunction with ongoing criminal investigations or to locate wanted individuals.”

      And, apparently, the main (translation = “only”) “lesson learned” from the NSA experience is:

      “It is important to note that this database would be run by a commercial enterprise and the data would be collected and stored by the commercial enterprise, not the government,” she said.

  61. Mr. Julian Assange you are always in our hearts and all I can say is your are one great man that is hard to come by. Thank you a million time sir.

  62. The best Snowden story yet! Not just proof, but criminal behavior on the us government spy agencies and the gchq. This story must be spread as far as possible to inform the world how threatening spying has become to everyones privacy. Thanks guys!!!!!

  63. None of the behaviour mentioned in the article by any of the “democratic, freedom loving” governments surprises me anymore.

  64. It only stands to reason, that a police/surveillance-state that gets caught violating nearly every Constitutional liberty in the Bill of Rights, would have no problem throwing out the First Amendment and freedom of the press, too.

    The real sh*t will hit the fan when they decide to go after the Second amendment. I know a few hillbillies in Arkansas that ain’t gonna tolerate any of that….,

    • and why would a police/surveillance-state pay any attention whatsoever to “a few hillbillies in Arkansas”?
      unless some mining corp friends needed something from under their hills, of course.

  65. We’re all being watched right now. We are all being put on lists. They are reading every word we post.

    So……, I would just like to take this opportunity to tell the NSA to


    • Let them read this then,

      “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

      • I don’t know where you got ahold of those subversive ideas, but they are definitely un-American.

        Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas?
        Joseph Stalin

  66. Thanks to Snowden, there is now proof to show harm, so, the Obama adm. cannot use their technicality that ‘there is no proof of harm, if the programs are secret’. These were the same tactics Bush adm. used to keep people from challenging their spying laws in courts.

    We voted for ‘hope and CHANGE’ when we elected Obama, and we got the same ol’ B S, instead….,’Constitutional Scholar’, my ass…..,!

    • I have been voting since 1960, first as a Republican, then as a Democrat after watching the Republican’s ruthless attacks on Anita Hill during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearing. Thomas lied. Anita didn’t. The Biggest Disappointment in my voting life was voting for Obama and then watch him renege on almost all of his pre-election promises. As a Senator and during his campaign, he was for transparency, against war, for prosecuting war crimes, valued privacy rights, and wanted to limit the expansion of the NSA. As president, he did the opposite. For example, his administration has wrongly prosecuted Whistleblowers and some journalists and allowed the NSA to grow unchecked into a humongous always watching, never sleeping surveillance monster. Although futile, I will be voting third-party in the next election with few exceptions.

    • Couldn’t agree more. I’d only do business with fellow whistleblowers if I only knew who the the other ones were.

  67. I love reading Glenn and “The Intercept”. Thank you Glenn! And your associates! To my point – isn’t this exactly what Edward Snowden wanted to have happen as he risked his life, and freedom, and walked away from a cushy life in Hawaii? Reading these comments and I am sure many thousands more on stories related to this latest article, I am a little more upbeat that our debate/conversation/reactions are taking place now. There is decency in most people, well maybe not Mr. Clapper et al, but as always, how do we effect a fundamental change? Chris Hedges says [from his long experience across the world covering resistance movements] that we need to ultimately take to the streets in numbers, large numbers, get off our collective duffs, get organized, and make a noise. Being informed in good, debate and discussion is good, hitting the streets, using our wallets, organizing is next.

    • I absolutely agree with you: I have no use for those Uber Patriots itching for an excuse to bring the guns out (they’re mostly a bunch of wacked-out white guys with low self-esteem and adolescent power fantasies ). But, it is time for folks to get into the streets and be rude. The Occupy Movement was just too polite and too docile to get anyone’s serious attention.

      • The Occupy Movement was just too polite and too docile to get anyone’s serious attention.

        a href=””>FBI Documents Reveal Secret Nationwide Occupy Monitoring

        Every repressive alphabet gov agency imaginable paid utmost attention to Occupy. You think it was just happenstance that riot cops could be seen all over the United States beating, shooting, bombing, arresting, pepper spraying, destroying property, at Occupy gatherings month after month after month?

        Documents released show coordination between the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and corporate America. They include a report by the Domestic Security Alliance Council (DSAC), described by the federal government as “a strategic partnership between the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the private sector,” discussing the OWS protests at the West Coast ports to “raise awareness concerning this type of criminal activity.” The DSAC report shows the nature of secret collaboration between American intelligence agencies and their corporate clients – the document contains a “handling notice” that the information is “meant for use primarily within the corporate security community. Such messages shall not be released in either written or oral form to the media, the general public or other personnel…” (The DSAC document was also obtained by the Northern California ACLU which has sought local FBI surveillance files.)

      • Occupy was shut down with lies and bullshit, using all these toys we now see,it also might be the last chance you had to stand up. I few years ago the people in one state started a recall, there was a huge protest at the state capital. I am sure people remember ,do some research and find out what happen to the 15 people that started that protest, if it has not been washed from the net

  68. Hello Global Spy Network! You know me from my ocassional visits to Wikileaks and now, this website. Of course you spy on us, NSA, on the orders of your boss, President Obama; his legacy, I’m sure, will be as the man who destroyed American democracy through his lyin’, spyin’ and love of people dyin’. Time to impeach you, President Mad O Bomber, and save the world from you, the world’s foremost terrorist. Contact your Representatives, folks, and call on them to inaugurate Impeachment proceedings for the murder of American citizens, violations of Due Process, and of course, massive abuse of the Fourth Amendment. Suck on that, NSA!

    • Right idea. Wrong boss. Does anyone still believe the POTUS actually makes decisions? He takes his orders like everyone else. Or he’s JFK’d. The real bosses are on the golf course or at their clubs.

  69. Thank you for your reporting! It is also amazing and inspiring reading “most” of these comments to know already you have many readers! Keep up the great work!

  70. So bitch ass GCHQ and NSA was spying on me because I visited Wikileaks. Motherfuckers!
    It’s just a matter of time before….

  71. I think it’s important that those of us who continue to disagree with these tactics, continue to make our voices heard. I have a feeling that this is an increasing populist concern. Anti-NSA sentiment is not fringe. We support speech more than surveillance.

  72. But privacy advocates question such assurances. “How could targeting an entire website’s user base be necessary or proportionate?” says Gus Hosein, executive director of the London-based human rights group Privacy International. “These are innocent people who are turned into suspects based on their reading habits. Surely becoming a target of a state’s intelligence and security apparatus should require more than a mere click on a link.”

    The agency’s covert targeting of WikiLeaks, Hosein adds, call into question the entire legal rationale underpinning the state’s system of surveillance. “We may be tempted to see GCHQ as a rogue agency, ungoverned in its use of unprecedented powers generated by new technologies,” he says. “But GCHQ’s actions are authorized by [government] ministers. The fact that ministers are ordering the monitoring of political interests of Internet users shows a systemic failure in the rule of law.”

    The first bold is the right question to be asking and the latter bold is the answer.

  73. Since “The Pirate Bay” was mentioned in the discussions, this opens up the possibility that NSA spying could easily be utilized as a tool to protect US commercial interests who complain that their copyrights are being infringed, but are unable to track the source of these leaks (and prosecute the people responsible) due to proxies and VPNs being used by many of the most active infringers to hide their location..

    • I guess you missed it that all major ISP’s agreed to spy on their customers for COPYright, but since that could = text aka books or anything else its just blanket spying

  74. I apologize if I’ve failed to see this question asked prior – it’s a long thread and I’m rather impatient at this point so here goes … Now that we know, for sure, that whistleblower journalism/journalists (and the websites that publish the evidence) are declared “malicious foreign actors” and anyone who supports those sites by (I suppose) commenting favorably, donates, or at the very least, merely visits those sites, are deemed “the human network that supports” and therefore qualified and subject to surveillance and monitoring – - – then am I correct in presuming that The Intercept also falls into that category? And that every one of my visits and positive commenting are being bean-counted and can be used against me in a court of law (well, a kangaroo court, really)? – - – and am I also correct that, even if the U.S. isn’t directly monitoring this/me/us that it stands to reason to presume that one of the other Aryan/English-as-a-first-language/of-a-certain-religious-persuasion/Western/5-Eyes countries is doing so anyway and that I/We/Us will be duly indicted when the meta-data is turned over quid pro quo? (as in the latest Australian/Indonesian/U.S. Attorney revelations) It won’t change my habits – not will it discourage my admiration for this website (in fact, I think I love you guys a little more right now) – but I just wanted to get a thermometer reading on this question. Thank you for the forum.

    • El B,
      You said “Aryan/English”, the “5-eyes” are all r1b y-dna “majorities”. r1b has nothing to do with being “white” or “aryan”, r1b was the last to enter europe and didn’t participate at all in evolving “white” genes, actually it seems like they turned them red if anything. The people who are actually responsible for evolving light pigmentation genes never hurt anyone when you isolate their actual population and phenotypical behavior.
      They raped into Europe and took it over the same way they did to North and South america and Australia. The “slave owners”, “nazi’s” “colonialists” had nothing to do with being white because they were both over 75% r1b y-dna. r1b isnt attributable to white. Interestingly likewise most of their x-dna is still of the host populations.

      • while i’m all for weeding out, isolating and denying propagation to the worst of our cro-mag brutes and cunning scumbags through the most intense of social pressures (though it still looks like a pipe dream for the most part), i don’t think your argument can resonate with people who recognize supremacists of every level of awareness/ignorance. plenty of “r1b” folk could not give less of a shit about actual genetic facts, but they’ll push hateful agendas all the same based on their worthless understanding of a ‘majority’. “actual” “whiteness” is only going to matter to a minuscule, academic slice of those camps, and i’m betting the majority among that slice is cynical enough to use the ignorant “r1b”s rather than insist on absolute, ridiculous purity.

        • It’s not too hard to understand,

          1. The root of every single population groups nightmare problems is the exact same.

          They’re intentionally preventing people from understanding it.

          They’re using a stolen illegal intelligence apparatus to do it, as well as to commit genocide right now with the lowest level of awareness.

          They’ve used torture research, terrorism and only illegal methods to design intelligence so that it only benefits them and can only be used by them.

          They intentionally instigate problems all over the world, the situation in Tibet, southern Caucusus, South America, Australia all trace straight back to r1b intel apparatus.

          Because of the particular differences in their behavior and the nature of those differences me and every person whom isn’t them that I’ve spoken to in my life unanimously conclude they’re the descendants of a chromosomally retarded individual.

          2. Just take the intelligence apparatus away from them and assist anyone else in doing so.
          All they’re doing is hurting as many healthy people/animals/plants as they can.

          Just hand all the intel over to non-r1b’s(and not people with substantially related dna)
          Start putting healthy unadulterated non-r1b related people into high positions and relieve r1b related people from important positions etc. It’s common sense. They don’t have a right to use any of it and they’ve stolen everything they have so just take it away.

          If we all look at the situation carefully we’ll realize that everyone generally gets along acceptably except r1b’s and they try to conceal that.
          The eskimos get along fine with the Africans, The brother and sister Asians get along fine with the healthy europeans and indians, The aborigines, middle easterners Africans get along with the healthy europeans and asians and indians and mexicans etc etc etc.
          The only people at all that have a situation are r1b related individuals.

          It’s not an easy subject to discuss, It’s the truth, we all realize it, just peacefully defuse the situation as fast and efficiently as possible.

          A side note: They’ve become a y-dna “voting majority” or plurality (directly from genocide and illegal means) on almost every continent in the world, It’s probably not the best idea to be so blindly fanatical about spreading “democracy” which they’re only doing because it’s based on “majority” votes of which they’re using their intelligence apparatus to control the narrative and outcome of to begin with.
          We don’t need “the government” to tell us “what to do” or “what’s legal” (maybe they do), it’s always just common sense to everyone else. we all just know what’s right and whats wrong. We have a much better, healthy, natural non-r1b system ourselves.
          They lie about every single thing every single time, so it doesn’t matter what insane things they devise to tell you or what they use their stolen technology to force you to think, it’s not real and it doesn’t matter, just take it away from them, it’s not theirs it’s ours.

          I should also note that they repeatedly viciously torture my brains to pieces here in the usa, so i’m extremely ill from it and not exactly in my clearest frame of mind at all; so it’s possible that they’re forcing me to write some of this or using it in some way and it’s certainly not my best writing. It’s not my natural language and I wouldn’t even be here at all if they weren’t illegally forcing me to stay here with countless open Human Rights, Civil Rights, Constitutional Rights violations including repeated open limitless torture, rape, poisoning, mutilation, theft, etc etc etc etc etc etc.

  75. How do you effectively fight back against a force that targets you from 1000s of miles away and which hides in plain sight?

    You can do things they show they do not like — for example staying informed about their darker sides.

    You can show the illogic in their arguements — which this article does superbly.

    You can be an American who does the unthinkable and learns world geography so they can’t confuse you about Iraq and Afghanstan — but that doesn’t change that their ongoing aim is to misinform everybody.

    You can change alot of things you do so that you feed into their system less and less — but the system really does exist independent of you and so you do little more than slow it down a bit.

    You can win temporary battles — like recently in Egypt where a hated dictator was ousted. But in time they replace him with somebody whose only difference is his name.

    How do we really manage to act to change how this system works (by no longer allowing them to rule us) and let all the good parts of people shine instead of having us be continually manipulated into being selfish and greedy just like them?

    Here’s to the hope that somebody somewhere somehow will find a good answer to this question.

    • Thank you, Denise, for a well-crafted Comment. I esp. like “let all the good parts of people shine”.

    • Let them watch. They them bitch. When they come to you in person, which they must to physically prevent you from continuing your behavior, you kill them. It’s that simple.

    • It sounds simple but there is a lot more to it than what I’ve written below. Everyone could grow their own garden and stop eating bad foods. As the result the reliance on government and big corporations would be significantly decreased.

    • First: Be with as many as possible. Second: Do anything you can, on any possible opportunity to obstruct. Use your fantasy freely and confront. Third: Join in to any local movement that you recognize to be sympathatic to these thoughts. Fourth: Don’t mind breaking the laws.

      Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine, we are MANY!

  76. I first thank God in Heaven for having it known to us what has been going on. I thank him also for the brave people used in showing this truth. Thank you for revealing it Edward Snowden and the journalists (and even D. Miranda) who all helped to get the news out to the people. I feel that other news sites need to link to this and report on it as well. Major news sites like New York Times and USA Today, plus the Washington Post. The more people know, the more people become aware then change really cranks up. I wonder will this end up on Fox News? Some of this I believed happened under Bush.

  77. … any theory used to bring charges against Assange would also result in criminal liability for the Times, The Guardian, and other papers which also published secret documents provided to WikiLeaks.

    This is also frightening from the standpoint that it supposes only institutional news outlets like the NYT or Guardian are protected by notions of press freedom. I much prefer the interpretation that everyone is protected by free speech rights, not just the state-recognized corporate giants.

    • I turned on CNN the other night and I swear the story they were featuring in prime time was “Is America ready to forgive Paula Deen?”

      I’m pretty sure much of the American media isn’t concerened with things like “press freedom.”

  78. Do you follow the same procedures here on publishing as the Guardian or the other prominent newspapers do? If so I love to hear about the reaction if you call for comment.

  79. The work and voices of fearless investigative reporters, whistleblowers ,Human Rights Activists, and the voice of the people through movements like Anonymous are all peacefully protesting right now., and it provides hope. Collectively everyone has a right to a voice in this important debate concerning mass surveillance, and Edward Snowden deserves the highest possible award for his revelations .He is not a spy or a traitor, and the publicized threats against him are unjust, and unacceptable. Hopefully, all of the revelations, public debate, and protesting will make Governments become more accountable, and force them to reign back press and Internet censorship and the” over reach” of their mass surveillance programs. Censorship of the Internet, and mass surveillance is a huge threat to journalism, as journalists will not be able to protect their sources. I believe that our Governments have let us down through their mass surveillance activities, which their own watchdogs have ruled as unlawful. They have acted as dictatorships, and failed to respect their electorates or democracy or fundamental Human Rights. Together our voice is bigger and louder than theirs, and we need to continue to collectively stand together, back to back, to peacefully protest against all of this. Using social media, video messages, Facebook sharing, and through posting of links to information. Governments cannot silence the voice of everyone, and they will become scared that anything they do which is illegal or corrupt will be at risk of being exposed. This will force them to adopt higher standards in Governments across all of their agencies. I for one, do not want to live in a World which is Orwellian, where cameras are watching every movement and where everything I say and do on the Internet is being spied upon, and captured and used for analytical purposes,.We need to ensure that misuse of surveillance stops now ! Our Governments have said that this is all needed for anti-terrorism, yet we have seen reports that it is also being used for commercial purposes, and for spying on ordinary people and on those that expose Government wrong-doing. This is wrong and not acceptable, and we should consider why the NSA and GCHQ failed to prevent 911 and the Oklahoma bombing with this mass surveillance technology? It is the Governments of the USA and UK that terrorise me more now than anyone right now, and its become clear to me that as people we deserve better.

    • Mister, your comment speaks for me also. Today, here and on Democracy Now, we hear of the NSA/GCHQ as tools of government acting in ways historically associated with gestapo and stazi. That any of us might think this way is likely dismissed by Clapper et al as nonsense and over-reaction, but they seem unaware of the chilling effect of these repressive, McCarthyistic behaviors. The governments and Mr. Clapper have a tremendous credibility problem. They want to sound honorable, but their behaviors show intimidation, threat, deceit, and ineptitude. It’s hard not to conclude that of course all of us on these websites are also in NSA’s sights, and their massive program has two major purposes: a) intimidation; b) collection of data to assist future repressive activities. We did not miss Justice Scalia’s remark last week that internment camps may be used once again. Where is the clear, cogent, compelling government argument to dispel these alarms and anxieties?

    • Great point! We need to get this site as much exposure as possible and google news would definitely do that.

      Unless the government pressures them to exclude it or something.

  80. If the U.S. decides you are someone who should be targeted for surveillance, is it reasonable to think the NSA could mimic the cell numbers of known terrorists and call you (the target) from those numbers thus creating a metadata record that you have “been in contact” with terrorist phones?

    Even if they only hang up, there is a record of the call being made. Just an idea.

  81. I am not a terrorist. I am a supporter of free speech, Freedom of the Press (guaranteed by the 1st Amendment), and transparency in government. As a financial contributor to Wikileaks and a frequent visitor to their website, your article now confirms my suspicion that I am being watched and tracked by the NSA and very likely now have all my digital communications stored in various NSA databases and accessible by 1000s of “unconstrained” NSA analysts. I have not visited Utah but I imagine all my digital communications, if not already there, will soon be there along with the data of fellow visitors and contributors to Wikileaks. Since I also contributed to the defense funds for Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and others, I may take up more NSA storage space than my neighbors. I also contribute to Planned Parenthood, Wikipedia, the Sierra Club, Emily’s List, American Foundation for Equal Rights, and other organizations, and to the political campaigns of Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Tammy Baldwin, and half-a-dozen others who represent the average American and not the 1% or the 10%. These additional contributions and support probably mean that I am getting my money’s worth as a taxpayer due to my likely appearance in multiple NSA databases.

    My father went off to war (WW II) after I was born so I’ve been around for awhile and have witnessed many changes in our government. These latest developments, as revealed by Snowden, are not what I expected from our government. Our Constitution has and is being violated in so many ways that I have lost count. This is not the America that I want passed on to my children and grandchildren.

    I am still optimistic that the American people and world citizens can stop this descent into the abyss of a mass surveillance state that is so much worse than George Orwell could ever imagine.

    Thanks to you. Glenn, Laura, Jerry, Julian, and other brave journalists for keeping me informed. I will do whatever I can to stop these outrageous and criminal activities of the NSA, its supporters, and others in our government.

  82. “In 2008, not long after WikiLeaks was formed, the U.S. Army prepared a report that identified the organization as an enemy, and plotted how it could be destroyed.”

    One thing which is commonly forgotten in 20-20 hindsight letters-pages discussions of Wikileaks is what they were c. 2008.

    Circa 2008 they had gained fame as a conduit for revelations in re the wrong-doings of repressive regimes and private actors. E.g. Uzbekistan, and a few internationally expansive companies. Wikileaks was not THEN a famed conduit for revelations about western powers. The nominal interests of the United States were not much threatened by Wikileaks’ documented activities, c. 2008.

    The “proactive” stance of our military intelligence agencies c. 2008 speaks to how significantly aligned our functional interests were then with those of the Uzbekistans of this world.

    • This is a very good point to make. There is a lot that goes on in the world that is planned out well in advance. The military coup against Morsi is an obvious example. The US sending its tentacles into the former Soviet Union countries is little talked about but the Ukraine situation is about to bring it all out in the open. Russia isn’t stupid. They know exactly what the empire is doing.

  83. Any doubt that “US UK Governments are criminal organizations and the people at the top like Obama and Cameron are apex criminals” is cleared by this article.

    • Agree with your statement 100%. They act like they are above the law because, well, they actually are, when you think about it.

      Which begs the question, what can ordinary people do about it? Which court of law speaks for us and who is watching the watchers?

      Short of armed revolution (not an option I’m advocating, to be very clear here) how can we stop this sort of thing from continuing?

      • that’s what the most paranoid and unscrupulous powers-that-be count on – the stupefied masses will accept illusions of choice/freedom to feel good about themselves or society, and those of us with idealistic notions of actually believing in and propagating just principles will notice just how few or nonexistent our options are. pacifists certainly paint themselves into a tight corner, but as you say, what is the alternative?

  84. Any doubt that “US UK Governments are criminal organizations and the people at the top of these organizations are apex criminals” is cleared by this article.

  85. People haven’t been told the worst of what the NSA and 5-Eyes are doing as related to off world civilizations. A couple years ago the public would say it was all scify crazy stuff, but after what we now know that the NSA can do and is doing 24/7, people will Now listen and believe, those “unbelievable” realities that have been hidden from us all for many decades. The NSA and their ilk are NOT protecting us they are controlling and enslaving us, for their “masters”, just as those who herd cattle. If the NSA is a real friend of the human race they need to prove it. Prove it with real actions. Tell us the real truth about what is happening on planet earth today. Cut the lies and crap NSA.

    • “haven’t been told the worst of what the NSA and 5-Eyes are doing as related to off world civilizations.”

      What you just said is nonsense. But nice attempted discrediting of the Wikileaks story.

        • One day the Snowden Documents will reveal even deeper NSA connections that will shock the world. Go Go Go Intercept. Remember that Those who want this information hidden are elite criminals and haters of Humanity. Just look at the world mess we are in. Does any intelligent person believe this mess is just an accident or the result of some economic cycle. Humanity is not as dumb as they had hopped. It is Greed, control, domination, human parasites and a heartlessness that is hard for any good person to believe. Keep the revelations coming Intercept. Don’t let up. Don’t let “them” side track you Intercept. What you are doing is God sent and humanity thanks you from the bottom of our collective heart.

        • I sound like a troll? I say you’re paranoid schizophrenic; delusional.

          You said NSA helps to cover up “off world civilizations.” TROLL who?

          Those are things an actual PAID commenter would post to discredit.

          I would suspect that YOU are the person PAID TO POST NONSENSE.

          It would be nice if I was paid money to tell you that you sound crazy.


          It is almost 100% guaranteed that somewhere very far away in our Universe, possibly somewhere else in our Galaxy, there are intelligent alien civilizations. But Earth is the only place with human civilization.

          Your comment about “off world civilizations” is essentially crazy talk, the kind that seems designed to attempt discrediting the NSA spying on WIkileaks story by trying to associate NSA FACTS with fake information.

  86. All I can say is, thank you! Thank you Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, Ryan Gallagher, The Intercept, and all other brave whistleblowers, journalists, and publishers. I’ve been waiting for this a very, very long time now, and today is a Good Day.

    PS: Food for thought: Just how would the NSA/GHCQ *know* if a person is a US citizen or dual citizen w/o uhm, targeting them??

  87. Is anyone having trouble looking at the contents of this morgue because it is killing their last hope that a thread of decency still exists within our governments?

    Every paragraph is like a knife cutting into my macrame heart. Honest to good, this is like taking a rape disclosure down. I am so angry, and I will NOT use it unwisely or recklessly and further injure the victims. This will NOT stand. Humanity is BETTER than this!! Can I get a witness?!

    But know this… Justice can be resurrected!! She looks like she’s a victim in a typical Law and Order opening, but she can rise again if everyone believes!! Where’s that fracking Tinker Bell?

    How can we have Congresspersons in the US who can see THIS and still NOT call for inquiry, expulsion or impeachment? Are they on the brink of going to the clink? Or can’t they because they have been complicit for so long we will likely find they too have cause to quit before we expel them?

    All you bums who want to quit, git! Save us the time and expense of quitting you, cowboys!

    Does it not confound anyone that New Zealand has “legally,” by a vote of legislature, suppressed evidence of a legislative crime against itself? The committee to investigate how THEIR Five Eyed mess got out received MORE Five Eyed data from a CONTRACTOR, emails between several legislators and a journalist. They destroyed that evidence to hide that fact and THEN…

    THEN they installed the program Dianne Feisntein is pushing, get out of jail swipe cards for her Congressional cronies in telephony and tech.

    If that one passes, we will be passing into Cromwell territory, Volks! That’s when my kin split the island. Then won’t Germania look Superior to US?

    Truth and reconciliation is the best bet for a safe and secure national resolution to this mess. We have to model how to accept that we are iceholes and STOP IT!! Who better than the largest one on the planet?

    Civil rights violations at the top of the Kiwi food chain, all put to rest by “legal” means.


    Who else pulled off such magnificent suppression of evidence that the people never saw the cream pies coming? Any tyrant who ever rose to make a mockery of a human race.

    • that a thread of decency still exists within our governments

      when does anyone imagine has this ever, in human history, amounted to more than wishful thinking? it’s like happiness – we can hope for moments of decency, but to anticipate (or retcon) “institutionalized decency” is a mug’s game.

  88. Still a long way to go but I’m extremely heartened by the comments here and always hoped/knew that this sort of malfeasance would be inherently rejected by the citizenry (once we had the actual documentation and proof)…..I’m also very pleased that at this point many do not appear to be chilled. I think we owe that to the people bringing us the info because their courage has solidified ours…..The history of this type of government behavior is well documented and compelling….I’m encouraged that many have not forgotten the lessons learned. Thank you all.

  89. They can’t prosecute them for publishing the information because I, an American taxpaying citizen, pursuant to the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights have expressly authorized them to publish anything they desire and I will be more than happy to be called as a witness in any court, anywhere in the world, to testify to my unconditional consent to allow them to publish everything. So any time any government such as the US government tries to tell you something different, you’ll know they are just trying to string you along! …..

  90. It gets worse and worse. The inmates are running the asylum. Go Intercept! You are so needed. My head aches, my country bleeds, NSA and GCHQ and the rest must be defanged. Barring world-wide insurrection the courts of the USA and UK must do the job!!!!

  91. Well, it’s one thing to suspect something is happening, but another thing entirely to have it confirmed. Now I suspect that websites that have linked to WikiLeaks are also being monitored, including other journalistic websites like Democracy Now!.
    As a journalism major in college, I can’t help but be annoyed at how it seems too few citizens actually care enough to effectively do something about this. I mean, there was still plenty of evidence of government corruption in 2012, yet voters reacted like nothing was wrong, giving the parties in power (the Democrats and Republicans, of course) 98% or so of the vote. There have been some small to moderate sized protests, but there isn’t any sign that people are changing their voting habits or protesting en masse. And there doesn’t seem to be much of any sort of progress in Britain or the rest of the Five ether. Perhaps one day many more people will wake up and finally do something about all this.
    A big thank you to all remaining decent journalists out there. Thank you Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill, Ryan Gallagher, Laura Poitras, Amy Goodman, and anyone else that prefers to be the Exception to the Rulers instead of their mouthpiece. And an even bigger thank you to the whistleblowers that risk their life and liberty to better inform the world about these abuses of power.

    • I think you are not alone with this problem. I think it is much harder to mobilize enough people for an abstract problem like corruption or violation of human rights in the wonderland internet than say, complete obliteration by nuclear warfare. It starts with: What is the internet? And I assure you, throughout all generations you will realize that most people simply neither know nor care.
      But there is also another very important factor at play, I believe. And as a journalism major shouldn’t you be aware of the role mass media plays in all of this? From personal observation I will take following example: How often do you read or hear the word terror in mass media compared to – say – cancer. Which is a good example, because both terms get thrown around like crazy as both are big security issues for the common woman or man. But whereas cancer can literally hit anyone anytime and kills a much larger amount, terror is not only more prominent a term but it gets reported on whereever it happens.
      We don’t care about how cancer inducing the sulfur smoke is for people “mining” sulfur in some third world country – not newsworthy at least. But when our milk packaging might cause cancer – you got yourself a story.
      Why then should we care about acts of terrorism all over the world. Especially when media attention is the aim of terroristic attacks? Ok, if people of your nation are killed or injured there is some relation at least. But why is it that prominent a topic? Is it because we love tragedy so much? Is it entertainment? Is purely coincidental that terror is the number 1 arguement since 9/11 – and that terror was a strong and popular arguement for controlling politcal parties and outlaw meetings in the beginnings of Nazi Germany? On a side note: my parents connotate terror with the RAF, with a time of very real fear.
      I am completely aware of how shaky my points are and I have no idea of how topic choices in mass media work and why; that is why I responded to you. I am – as you – grateful for the ongoing report on the topic but I almost think it is not enough, not critically enough, not simple enough. I think it does not appeal to a broad audience. I seldomly wish for more sensationalism than now, but I think it would be a good start. Am I completly wrong here? I am actually asking you

      • There’s a saying I’ve learned: “If it bleeds, it leads.” You are right, unfortunately. In many cases it is sensationalism that often drives what makes the headlines in most of the mass media. This has been the case for quite some time. Even Edward R. Murrow made some pointed comments about how television was threatening to become an instrument to entertain rather than teach or instruct. And now look at what’s happened these days.
        But this drive towards sensationalism and less informative journalism exists because that is what a significant segment of the population wants. They want to be entertained, to be amused, to be insulated from the serious issues that don’t seem to make as much sense as something that singularly blames the Democrats or the Republicans. It is the mindset of society in general that would have to change, and that is no easy thing to bring about. I guess, unless something changes otherwise, it will be said in future times that the people fiddled as their rights burned.
        As for whether we should sensationalize news information such as this to give it more mass appeal, I can’t see how this could get any more sensational than it already is. To me, it’s inexplicable. I don’t want to say that it’s because the public is, overall, less educated or less willing to inform themselves as from what I’ve seen before, but I can’t think of any other explanation besides that. If one looks at how people voted in our country’s past, one sees that people stopped electing third party candidates to Congress around 1950, almost right when Murrow first began noticing the issues with mass media and the public.

        • There’s another old saying, “The nail that sticks out get hammered down.”

          IMHO, that pretty well explains why so few seem to care. We’re on the way to becoming North Korea.


          • David, there is a hell of a long way to go before we get anywhere near North Korea.

            Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be careful though…. Evil is banal enough that it passes un-noticed and un-remarked-upon when it is closest to home.

        • Thanks for answering. I really have problems putting what I want to say into words. So let’s start out easy, it is capitalism that ruined your elections (I also find it very weird that Americans deliberately only choose between two parties) – but without loads of money there is just no way to campaign in the US. That seems very clear to me. i mean why would a company even consider taking the risk of sponsoring a third party – its like throwing away money. And there is no interest in more than two parties, because that way you get about a 50/50 chance of influencing the new government. And the same capitalism ruined mass media, because you show the masses what will bring you profit.
          So maybe the media should educate more or directly go against government statements – which in America I think will be hard to pull off. … (btw not saying capitalism is all bad, but it’s downsides are undeniable)
          I think I am getting to (y)our original problem, because the ones who really want to do something see this huge array of problems arising when trying to find a solution for just one and ultimately a solution would take away every security we value.
          We 1: want it to happen fast, as there is necessity to act (but fast change is not pulled of peacefully, we want that as well) and 2: we are maybe really scared of what every generation before us went through. We want a system reset without the uncertainty of a collapse. We see no sense in the slow route because of corruption in the financial and political sector (there is no trust). As we can’t have it our desired way, we look at the reports of foreign countries like north korea and think “uh.. well, its not so bad”

          I put my hope into the potential of the internet, but it is still so new and people cannot cope with its anonymity. And then I think about how it is monitored in its entirety (yes, it does not go much more sensational, you are right) by governments who I think have a lot of interest in people not crossing artificial boundaries like language or nationality. See – so many problems again!

          So basically I am 100% on your side when you say there is a need for society to change. Problem is, I have no real idea how to go about it or how to communicate it to – let’s say – people whose main questions would be: What about my job? You know my family? My security? My standard of life? My food? My home? MY STUFF? You know, real people problems of the now and next year. This cannot be solved on an intellectual level alone.
          But concering the media, I think it will be a good step to stop explaining the gravity of the how and start explaining the why and its implications. For example calling bullshit on the war against terror – once and for all.

          But maybe change is already happening, but our generation is more impatient than ever as we are used to get everything within the blink of an eye (information, shipping, entertainment,…) or maybe the collapse is just around the corner.

          As I see no real options I will play along, educate myself, utter my oppinion whenever i feel someone listens and wait for some train to jump on, some idea to act on or something big to happen. Maybe the people with access to Snowden’s documents have a good plan at their hands, I hope so. So far I am impressed how everytime the topic seems to die they release something new, as if they are aware of the time change will take. – I hope for a bomb at the end, because I stick to this thing lacking mass appeal and there are many more factors to blame than just the people who are not interested in their rights being taking away.

  92. I hope you see the irony that this website is using Google Analytics (and Mixpanel) which is doing exactly the same thing: “collecting the IP addresses of visitors in real time, as well as the search terms that visitors used to reach the site from search engines like Google.”

    • Is Google targeting people based on their political views (e.g. whether they support Wikileaks or Snowden, for example?) Does Google have the power to persecute people using that data?

      Not the same thing at all.

    • And yet I have both of those services blocked by a browser plug-in. Do you honestly think I can do the same against the NSA?

  93. “It’s Chinatown, Jack. Didn’t you see Dianne Feinstein there? She’s your sister.” ((SLAP))

    “OK, she’s your MOTHER.” ((SLAP))

    “OK, she’s your BIG BROTHER in drag.” ((RIM SHOT))

    • – Next question.

      – Jake Gittes, Los Angeles Times. Sir, who do you blame for that? Her?

      – I don’t blame myself. You see, Mr. Gittes, most people never have to face the fact that at the right time and the right place, they’re capable of anything.

  94. Clapper today:

    In his interview, Clapper continued to deny lying to Congress in March 2013, when he said the NSA did “not wittingly” collect data of any sort on millions of Americans, a lie he has apologized for.

    As he has since July, Clapper insisted he “wasn’t even thinking” of the bulk phone data collection during his March 2013 testimony, and suggested that only mind-readers could say for sure that he was lying.

    “There is only one person on the planet who actually knows what I was thinking,” Clapper told the Daily Beast. “Not the media, and not certain members of Congress, only I know what I was thinking.”

    This has to be the most ironic, least self-aware statement yet. I guess only all of those “terrorist suspects” you’re eavesdropping on know what they are thinking, you have no grounds to take their actual spoken words to mean anything, right?

    • EXACTLY!!!!! … but, for those of us who believe, there is at least one more who knows what he was (and is always) thinking – and I have a feeling Clapper is going to have a rather uncomfortable conversation on that topic when he travels upstairs. My God – these people are the most shameless, conniving, morally bankrupt parasites … the fact that these very sociopathic personality traits have provided them the credentials and momentum to reach the levels of career success that further encourages, rewards and concentrates their evil actions is beyond my comprehension. Honestly – shaking my damn head over here!!!!

  95. What is “the Corporate Network that supports NSA?” Or does just asking that question get one a quick trip to the Wizard’s office?

    On page 13 of this 1996 periodical about all things socially connected, the columnist asks, “Is Agency coming to the Internet?” Then he breaks down SAIC’s board and the DoD, CIA and NSA connections.

    I call BS on all tech and telephony mergers, acquisitions and IPOs since 1996. Didn’t the EU just suggest SAIC shouldn’t be in control of the globe’s domain names? I agree. And I haven’t even 2 stepped SAIC’s boardroom, yet.

  96. The next time someone claims that the US and the UK don’t spy on people based on their political views, ask them how targeting of “the human network that supports Wikileaks” can otherwise be explained.

  97. I’m a college professor and worry greatly about surveillance and the world my students face. It is difficult to convey to them the profound importance in their lives of Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing. And given the ‘into the tipping point’ climate crisis we are now stumbling blindly through, I worry that government surveillance ultimately translates into big corporations taking absolute control of everyone’s lives (except the rich), thus threatening the value life in all its manifestations, human and otherwise. If we let the NSA, the GCHQ and other maleficent behemoths know all there is to know about us as individuals, they will engineer and control the basic right to be private, and in the process, destroy all that has merit in the world as we know it.

    • I am a college student myself. It scares the crap outta MYSELF that no others people my age really care…. I’m on the same page as you professor…. =[

      • It is sad, Rachael, they don’t care, and I know it too well; but young people like you must not give up because all it takes is a dust mote to gather water molecules around it to make a cloud. So one informed and ethical person can attract others of like mind to make change possible. Hang in there.

    • Check to see how many of your students know where the Red Sea is on a world map. Or when and where WorldWar II took place. Or what nation now has the greatest number of imprisoned former citizens. ??? They will be discovered to be Ignorant By Design. And you are willing to fight to the death for their democratic right to elect our governments? Failure is our destiny.

      • It is dangerous to over-generalize. Students in the US today don’t have knowledge of geography, history, and other basics for a complex set of reasons, all of which we at universities have to grapple with in order to arm young people with some degree of ammunition as they struggle in an increasingly ugly world.

        As for whether or not I’m willing “to fight to the death for [the] democratic right to elect our governments,” I’m a closet communist, but humanity’s not ready for true collective sharing. And I rather agree with Russell Brand’s recent declarations of the pointlessness of voting. Governments have little power unless they’re in big corporation pockets. I’d fight to the death to eliminate big corporations.

  98. Well, this site is obviously in GCHQ’s cross hairs, so, “HAY BOYS! How’s it stacking?”

    Does anyone recall GCHQ fretting amongst themselves they’d NOT provided ENOUGH to NSA to keep the money rolling in? So, who did they add to their collection to keep up appearances?

  99. Half way through Season 2 of House of Cards.

    I get that the writers knew about Prism, but who tipped them off to the mindscrews GCHQ turns for US? Wasn’t that drop post-production at NBC Investigations? Is entrapment just another crime NSA uses with impunity to suppress us?

    How is forcing adversaries of illegal surveillance to perform same for the government under threat of imprisonment NOT like making people build V2s in the Vosages for publicly objecting to the Reich? They get to LIVE with the horror rather than do it until it kills them? Or they kill themselves?

    Quite a compelling little drama Netflix has got there. Hope Verison doesn’t shorten their bandwidth. Drama helps to flesh out the abuses we are not permitted to acknowledge. Does anyone smell hair burning?

    Do NOT give the plot away, I got family in townand they are not up for this kind of drama. I’ll be over it next week.

    This? I’m never getting over or forgiving on this one, so truth and reconciliation are NSA’s best bet. Better start bucking for it now because the more I read, the less they deserve it.

      • They put me on a “terror watch list” after I caught and reported some ground level racist government employees and their buddies using my countries technology to prevent sales of my companies products…..

        I called EVERY SINGLE sales representative, corportate buyer for every retail store/quicki mart/drug store/gas station chain in the entire country listed on google; and since called EVERY SINGLE civil rights lawyer in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, most of Florida and emailed/called every single Human Rights Organization in the world.

        ———- SO THEY’RE ALL ON MY “ONE STEP”!

        What was I supposed to do, I caught them red handed intercepting my calls to some type of FBI/CIA call center and pretending to be the buying offices from retailers and telling me no they’re not interested in my products….
        I would probably have around 20 billion dollars by now. they effected all of the potential buyers, all of the potential consumers… It’s too bad because I’m a real good person and a game changer. My company was politically correct and perfectly nationalistic, I’m 4th/5th generation here in USA, the racist r1b intelligence agencies are the only ones that had a problem with me and my company.

    • It’s ok to reat, but not to write.
      Because they’ll come after you with all their might
      News is fun, news is great,
      But for NSA, they can’t wait
      The warning stands, your fate is in your hands.
      Watch thy back jack!

  100. This is from Nick Cohen of The Guardian, published June 2012: “Definition of paranoia: supporters of Julian Assange.”

    More pertinently, Greenwald and the rest of Assange’s supporters do not tell us how the Americans could prosecute the incontinent leaker. American democracy is guilty of many crimes and corruptions. But the First Amendment to the US constitution is the finest defence of freedom of speech yet written. The American Civil Liberties Union thinks it would be unconstitutional for a judge to punish Assange.


    How about this from RT: “US claims ‘no interest’ in Assange.”

    The US ambassador to Australia, Jeffrey Bleich, rejected as “an invention” claims that Washington was preparing a warrant for the arrest of Julian Assange, an Australian national currently under house arrest in Britain, over WikiLeaks’ role in publishing thousands of secret US diplomatic cables last year.

    Another denial in RawStory from 2012:

    • See his latest BS where he says defund the terrorists,and doesn’t include the west.Never have such ideological(Zionism) idiots been so wrong about so much,and still allowed to bloviate.In a real world of real discourse they would have been fired long ago.

  101. great story its awesome to know the biggest spy agency in the world is worried about PirateBay, A torrent tracker site that has no data at all, just links, they host zero content.

  102. ‘Why Have You Gone to Russia Two Times in Three Months?’—Heathrow Customs Agent Interrogates Snowden Lawyer
    By: Kevin Gosztola Sunday February 16, 2014 12:37 pm
    Here we go again…
    Off Topic: Does anyone know what sort of html you can use on these comment boards and are the commands done with arrow brackets or square? Thanks in advance. Test [b]Test[/b]

  103. Dear God This is kick you in the stomach scary. Welp I’m on the list. TY sooo much for the truth intercept crew!

    • I can’t decide whether I’m glad my dad is dead, or alive so I could say, “Told you so a thousand times!”

      He told me he went to Nam to defend my right to demand answers of my government, like “Why are you going so far away to fight people who cannot hurt us?” The man dropped napalm for this nation, I’d never break his heart, twice. I’m glad he’s dead, Jim.

      But this government owes him. His death was ruled service related. That’s what guys who do our dirty work get while those who object get prison.

      • I’m with the prisoners, Dad, because what you told me, they’ve made into a shiny lie.

        I refuse to believe objecting to this atrocity makes me an adversary of the US Constitution. It is the foundation of my argument. I argue that my government is in violation of our rights and better back off or inquires and expulsion and impeachment hearings are due them!

        Watch out for false attributions, folks. GCHQ’s known for making them into threats, the dirty hackers! They embed bugs, too!

        I’m yoking my hyperbilly so FBI can’t claim I’m threatening THEM or some entity like a corporation that can’t die but is happy to service killing machines.

        Here I thought I’d missed the most important boat in the history of sounding ships having being born too late to ride the ’68.

        Conning Tower, AWAY! The Intecpet is headed for an online Pulitzer! OK, some dullard at GCHQ may not know that was Pulitzer’s columnist’s call to duty until the NYWorld sunk in 1931.

        Have Watson read “America’s 60 Families” if you want to keep up, Surelocks. Then pray he doesn’t turn adversarial on you, too, Daisies in Chains!

      • There are likely millions of war vets that are spinning in their grave right now including the US founding fathers. I can’t speak for the people currently in the military, but they are not stupid and probably are quite upset about just how deep the dredging of our information goes, and to what lengths the US will go to stop journalists and whistleblowers.

        • Roger that, Max! I got your six and hope this ain’t some sick GCHQ double agent, because that’s my soft spot, sport. The Constitution. Why else did this BRAT watch her father suffer his sanity? Had he been insane, it might have been easier for him to take.

          Beware war vets who wear Tabu. The Croix de Feu Militia overturned the French Third Republic in 1934 financed by industry and willing to help put down labor strikes with new anti-Socialist and old anti-Dreyfus sentiments. Those who prefer a military state to a democracy might make a little hay exploiting my kinda sentiment.

  104. I sure appreciate all of these discoveries about the NSA and the other five eyes but I sure would like to see some dirt on Wall Street, the big banks and the politicians that are breaking the law serving them.
    Anyway, thanks for the article Glenn et al.

    • You can bet they got some big guns. Probably some we’ve never heard of before unless we shop at the NSA Store.

      I’m sure I read DealB%k say JP Morgan had by far the FASTEST of such surveillance systems operating nearest to them so as to wring every nano moment out of the opporunity to cheat time when trading.

      They can view moremarket variables in real time to measure risk in one moment than NSA could conceive. Now, would YOU as NSA let a bank operate a system this broad and powerful without tapping that? Who’s not down wit dat?

    • “…Please don’t shake me, now…I’m only sleeping…”

      Your line ain’t dead until the screen shakes. Then you know GCHQ’s got you by the short wires. Sis’s smart phone is sitting next to me. Should I be ALARMED? Can it hotwire my lappie?

  105. “[All] of GCHQ’s work is carried out in accordance with a strict legal and policy framework…” Indeed as was the Third Reich’s Volksgerichtshof. Sure hope that Glenn Greenwald & co. continue to “have their fun” at the expense of these lawbreakers… And if in the tradition of their pursuit of happiness comes a little rain every now and then for the financial oligarchy, so be it. In fact, here’s to opening the floodgates once and for all.

    • Is that not the longest evasive answer in the common language? They have to say it so often, it comes out like Penzance, Major-General!

      Folks at the Guardian are pitchforking that haystack for laughs, Nightly. The UK specializes in specialties for special purposes so specifically you get so engaged by the droning you forget why they evaded your radar in the first place.

      Is this a Hacking story or a GCHQ one? There’s some Venn between them. You convict one, you convict them all.

      Check out Nacht and Nebel, and then try to go to sleep , tonight. You may need to insert “und” or Google will think it’s Greek. I’ve been letting Google translate a LOT of Germany wiki lately. They OWE ME!!

  106. By now it’s become pretty clear WE ALL are considered a potential threat to the powers-that-be, be that the Five Eyes gang, smaller European nations or the usual suspects Americans tend to point to when they feel caught in the headlights, China and Russia. It’s necessary to realise NOBODY is considered innocent any more until proven so. And from the POV of our Evil Big Brothers just thinking critical is already a threat to their omnipotence. From organisations like NSA the only solution they will ever find for any problem is more surveillance and less dissent. I’m fully aware I’m already considered a suspect for supporting wikileaks, The Intercept and others just by sharing content on Facebook and telling these people to mind their own business. That’s already enough. And not so long in the future just THINKING such will be enough to justify even worse measures. After all, the only way to be absolutely 100 per cent safe from us is to get rid of us for good, isn’t it? Some eighty years ago the free world was at war to prevent just this scenario. And succeeded then. Today it looks as if they could have saved themselves the trouble.

  107. Great reporting. Keep up the good work. These rogue, privacy hating criminals need to be exposed in every manner possible, as well as all private sector corporations who cooperate with or facilitate their turnkey tyranny apparatus.

  108. Soon, your local police will be randomly checking your “papers.” Ahhh, the good ol’ days of the Gestapo and KGB are back. Feel more secure?

    • That is a very good point, if these privacy violations aren’t stopped now, we will see this surveillance technology in the hands of local police departments. Surveillance from an all powerful state is scary, but can you imagine the horror that would be created if local police departments can use these same technologies to scale down what the NSA is doing, to small localities, and truly create ubiquitous surveillance of all. We have a militarized police force seeking out enemies where they don’t exist and a private prison Industry that feeds on increased incarceration this is dream technology to them. That would be my biggest fear, the state is limited because it must analyze and synthesize such massive amounts of data, if police localities are allowed this technology that challenge is eliminated and you can truly “watch” everyone.

  109. Is there a mistake with the first link? It links to a power point entitled “Psychology: A New Kind of SIGDEV” when tt purports to be a document that shows ” that GCHQ… was able to collect the IP addresses of visitors in real time, as well as the search terms that visitors used to reach the site from search engines like Google.” Looking through those slides, it’s not clear that document supports that claim.

  110. Always learning from experience. Any chance of Anticrisis Girl or any of her lovely sisters sporting their charms on The Intercept pages?

  111. How can TheIntercept report on GCHQ spying with piwik and then use Google Analytics themselves? Could you please remove that?

  112. Lingering questions…What does any of this spying have to do with fighting terrorism? If I tweet, link, Facebook or e-mail any Snowden or Wikileaks documents then am I not just as guilty as the originator for passing on stolen classified information? Are the jails big enough to make this all go away?

    • No, and one would also have to argue that if Manning made public certain documents, then Wikileaks is OK as well. Once it is out, it is out; but how far can the definition of “out” be pushed? It would appear that “as far as we want” is the working definition in some parts of the US Justice department.

    • None, but that’s surely going to be their excuse: It has to do with terrorism because some of the documents published by Wikileaks were about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Of course, you could say that about any media organization that publishes classified national security information.

      Now, when it comes to spying on the Pirate Bay, that has exactly zero to do with terrorism or national security. It’s purely done on behalf of a specific industry with a lot of leverage. I wonder if any of the NSA’s work product has been used in litigation against the Pirate Bay.

      • It’s confusing that “Collateral Murder” is considered national security information when it is so obviously about an out of control military that needs reigning in not protection. The world needs protection against that type of terrorism, we don’t need protection from the person that tells us the truth or the journalist that helps the whisleblowers tell that truth.

        • Welcome to the real world where what you thought was white is black and what you thought was black is white.

          That is to say, those we have been taught are the good guys are the meanings SOBs that ever walked the planet; those we have been taught are ‘terrorists’ are ordinary people like you and me fighting back the only way they know how.

          There is not much truth in any of the other things we have been taught to believe is true either.

          It was a tough adjustment to make for me, too.

  113. “exemplifies the start of an international effort to focus the legal element of national power upon non-state actor Assange”

    The only place I have seen the term ‘non-state actor’ is in definitions of terrorism. So the ‘legal element of national power’ being considered is anti-terrorism statutes. This is a clear indication, for any who may have doubted, that the government intends to apply anti-terrorism laws against journalists. They have previously argued that the act of publishing is a form of ‘communication with the enemy’ under the Espionage Act. So not only is journalism criminalized, it falls under a statutory regime where many elements of due process have been suspended under the rationale of the extreme threat to society posed by terrorism.

    Luckily, most journalists should be able to escape prosecution by demonstrating their loyalty and subservience to the state and becoming ‘state approved non-state actors’.

    • Luckily, most journalists should be able to escape prosecution by demonstrating their loyalty and subservience to the state and becoming ‘state approved non-state actors’.

      That explains why it’s so common.

  114. Imagine of they actually had broad public support for their tyrannical views. It’s a good thing that reflexive patriotic views are exposed for their lack of principle online.

    Anyway, now imagine how paranoid the lot of them would feel, knowing the enormity and futility of their mission. You guys at NSA, you’re a bunch of nobodies. Track me if you enjoy being constantly flamed. Alan Taylor (pgp board) can testify to this. To audiences, bullying is no match for taking the piss.

  115. Could you widen your scope please?
    Both sides seem to agree that there is a difference between citizens and an American citizens. I vaguely remember a text about a self-evident truth, that all men are creted equal.

    • Yeah, sadly our Supreme Court long ago ignored the actual wording in our basic documents long ago. No where in the Bill of Rights are US citizens designated separately from foreigners. It refers to people and places limits on the US government against them. Just another example of how lawmakers, lawyers, and judges have slowly twisted our nation and worded holes around our rights.

  116. Why is there such a disconnect between the people and the ‘servants’ of the people, (not just in the US, but worldwide) namely governments and government employees. How did we get to this space where we can’t trust our elected officials to be honest and show a modicum of integrity and decency. I’m sure its not I the plebs doing the leg work, they just earn a paycheck, the problem, I’m sure, lies with decision makers (and unelected bureaucrats). These revelations will end up by turning people against their own governments, because I’m sure most thinking people are sick to death of being lied to.

    • Because there are some dudes(gov. employees) who do anything, including screwing up their peers, in exchange for money. Resuming: mercenaries.

    • “How did we get to this space where we can’t trust our elected officials to be honest and show a modicum of integrity and decency. ”

      Easy. When donating money to election campaigns became legal. I’ve often wondered why there isn’t a law prohibiting it, and a law that provides EQUAL and LIMITED funding by virtue of taxes for all election campaigns. Oh..and get rid of the electoral college bullshit too.

  117. “…paranoid conspiracy nuts.” Yeah, right…

    All this stuff I’ve been hollering about since before 2005 when I stumbled across Echelon, the 90s and earlier version of what’s been happening since 9/11, stuff I was absolutely convinced was happening but was greeted by eye-rolls and tin-foil hat references, is now shown not only to be incontrovertibly true, but of a scope beyond belief.

    They’re sniffing, tracking, and recording EVERYTHING, from the swipe of your supermarket affinity card to your ATM withdrawals and every other electronic transaction imaginable, whether or not it’s connected to a network. And their stunningly powerful analytical tools (e.g., the NarusInsight Intercept Suite – “cybersecurity products that harness the semantic web for automated, continuous machine learning” – developed by Narus, formerly an Israeli firm and now owned by Boeing) are poring though all of it, 24/7, building profiles, scenarios, simulations, and forecasts.

    The only reasonable assumption at this point is that there is no safe harbor.

  118. Thank you all at The Intercept for trying to keep the truth alive. The truth needs the light of day in order to survive and you all are the sunshine.
    Hoa binh

  119. “The document details, on a country-by-country basis, efforts by the U.S. government and its allies to locate, prosecute, capture or kill alleged terrorists, drug traffickers, Palestinian leaders and others.”

    Further proof what country and in who’s interest the NSA’s illegal surveillance is used for.
    “The document details, on a country-by-country basis, efforts by the U.S. government and its allies to locate, prosecute, capture or kill alleged terrorists, drug traffickers, Palestinian leaders and others.”

    Who else but Israel looks for and kills Palestinian leaders. Snowden documents proved unfiltered NSA data is being sent to Israel in near real time plus the latest disclosure of an American satellite surveillance post is located in Israel.

  120. “The document details, on a country-by-country basis, efforts by the U.S. government and its allies to locate, prosecute, capture or kill alleged terrorists, drug traffickers, Palestinian leaders and others.”

    Further proof what country and in who’s interest the NSA’s illegal surveillance is used for.

    Who else but Israel looks for and kills Palestinian leaders. Snowden documents proved unfiltered NSA data is being sent to Israel in near real time plus the latest disclosure of an American satellite surveillance post is located in Israel.

  121. Thank all of you at The Intercept for trying to keep the truth alive. The truth needs the light of day to survive and you are the sunshine. Thank you.
    Hoa binh

  122. An entry from August 2010 – headlined “United States, Australia, Great Britain, Germany, Iceland” – states: “The United States on August 10 urged other nations with forces in Afghanistan, including Australia, United Kingdom, and Germany, to consider filing criminal charges against Julian Assange.”

    This quote from the “Manhunting Timeline” does not mention that one of the countries with forces in Afghanistan, whose governments are urged by the NSA to seek legalistic means to defeat Assange, was Sweden.

  123. Thank you all at The Intercept for trying to keep the truth alive. Truth needs the light of day to grow and you folks are the sunshine.
    Hoa Binh

  124. The U.S. government explicitly warned its employees that reading leaked documents, whether at the New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian or at WL was illegal. Those doing so could lose clearances, employment or even be prosecuted. While the government might not be able to directly jeopardize private sector employment of individuals, this opinion made clear that while some of those news organizations might not be prevented from publishing (possibly more out of concern for negative PR perceptions), the act of reading still-classified documents at those news sites was still illegal for those without clearance, including the general public. It seems clear that the enhanced investigation and identification of millions of ordinary news consumers has been justified through the covert reasoning and decision-making that has now been publicly revealed.

    The evidence seems to make it an inescapable conclusion that mass secret surveillance, with or without oversight, has morphed into a political operation, far from dealing with overt threats of violence, as it did during the COINTEL era, to target as threats peaceful domestic political criticism of government policy. Since never before has the national security state employed so many millions, using advanced automated technology, the capability to effortlessly target millions of ordinary citizens is something with far greater impact than deployed during past overreaches, which consequences of natural secret police instincts have not been thought through either by most politicians or the public.

  125. You can bet your bottom dollar that the Intercept, all staff and all visitors (especially comment posters) are subject to ongoing surveillance regardless of legal or ethical boundaries.

  126. Omg! I come in peace! Why must all these confusions? I am only a starving knowledge maniac. I have no interest in hurting anyone in my process of knowing whatever that my brain craves. Now let me put everything to rest.. I am not a terrorist.. ahahahahah and yes I like to read for my own self entertainments. And I like to gather stories and analyzed them almost like make my own news report. I never harm anyone at all and I will never ever hurt anyone. I do all this for no reason at all.. maybe hobby. No evil is a motto i live by everyday…Okay, now stop being paranoid and help me helped everybody help ourself through finding cures for all sorts of illiness.

  127. Well , Wikileaks has been pretty used to put down the reign of corruption and fear that Banks and Govs of any size had against their own users / citizens . A Real Politician World and a good government should be proud of this , instead they allow agencies to spend the money from those same citizens to deny this job of truth and progress .
    Sovereignty is owned by citizens not by Governments , rise your voice and yours hands against and now
    to protect your children and the future generations !

    ;-) We already won just another little push to smash them up definitely !

  128. Could you widen your scope please? This is interesting but you seem obsessed with the US/UK. What about Russia, China, Iran etc?

    • Minneapolismark, if you provide the reporters with documentation of Russian and Chinese cybercrimes, I’m sure they will report it.

    • Could you widen your scope please? This is interesting but you seem obsessed with the US/UK. What about Russia, China, Iran etc?

      Two points:

      (1) When a source provides you with tens of thousands of top secret documents from one of the most secretive agencies of the world’s most powerful governments, constituting the biggest security leak in American history, you tend to focus on reporting those documents. I know that’s really strange, but that’s how it is.

      (2) As for one’s duties as a citizen and a journalist, see here.

      • Point 1: Fair enough … but putting the story into a global and historical context would also help people’s understanding of the debate.

        Point 2: Partially disagree. You should make your position on other transgressors and aggressors Utterly. Crystal. Clear. After that, you can concentrate on debating what it will take for our own “tribe” to “recapture the moral high ground”.

        On a related note:

        You believe in journalism-as-advocacy. That’s fine … but real life is not a courtroom. Personal attacks and an absolutist stance do little to facilitate or encourage the inevitable accommodation that must be made.

        I personally believe that a system can be engineered that will give the public (and me!) the reassurance that we need, whilst also giving the security services both an appropriate mission scope and all the tools that they need to fulfil that mission.

        It is, after all, only engineering, and, with the right level of will and determination, anything is possible. Like other engineering tasks, the biggest challenge is making sure that the specification is clear, precise, well-understood and agreed-upon. (The devil, of course, is in the details).

        • Point 2: Partially disagree. You should make your position on other transgressors and aggressors Utterly. Crystal. Clear. After that, you can concentrate on debating what it will take for our own “tribe” to “recapture the moral high ground”.

          Tribe? Moral highground? “Re” capture? Who says our “tribe” ever had “the moral high ground?” Is that the “tribe” that perpetrated and even left it intact as of the writing of the constitution, and the “tribe” that slaughtered and displaced native people?

          Chomsky answers most of your “partially disagree” with what I’ve re-quoted from him here:
          “That has about as much ethical value as denouncing atrocities that took place in the 18th century.”–Chomsky

          • I don’t exist on the same intellectual plane as Chomsky, but to my simple brain a straightforward hedge against being (ab)used as a “useful idiot” seems prudent.

        • “a system can be engineered that will give the public (and me!) the reassurance that we need”

          Can be engineered by whom? Fort Meade? GCHQ? Microsoft? Somehow this isn’t terribly reassuring.

          • I had a public standards process more in mind. Certainly a number of private companies need to do more to secure their external and internal communications. There is no reason why we should not set standards and allow organisations to be audited against those standards.

            Equally, we can set (public) standards for companies that hold public data: how the data should be treated, what precautions should be taken against unauthorised access and theft, what approaches to analysing and exploiting the data are legitimate, and which are not.

            In this manner, we can build up a vocabulary for talking about data and privacy; a way of discussing, categorising and quantifying harm, abuse, and the protections that guard against it.

            With this vocabulary, understanding and expertise in place, we can be more professional and effective about how we guide and control (for example, though legislation) the actions and the impact of all actors that manage personal data, including the security services.

            With particular reference to the public sector part of it, it is worth bearing in mind that our bureaucracies and laws are all components of a social machine, albeit a machine with human components. (We can debate the quality of the engineering later).

            The same principles of expertise, abstraction, and terminology apply to social constructs as to engineering constructs.

          • All quite valid, Mr. Payne, and it could be a worthwhile framework. The people around it, directing it, trying to co-opt it — the human factor — is still more nebulous, which is why I asked, “by whom?”

            Let’s characterize this problem as a metaphor. The letters of transit may be valid, even of unquestioned integrity, and may convey us out of Casablanca after all. It’s the people around them that you need to worry about.

      • CHOMSKY: “It is very easy to denounce the atrocities of someone else. That has about as much ethical value as denouncing atrocities that took place in the 18th century.”

        The exact same people who committed those atrocities are the exact same people who are still committing them. They never stopped. You might want to rethink that one. The more you look into it the more you realize its just one group of people responsible for all the atrocities.

        Denouncing their atrocities is the height of ethical value. It is everyone’s responsibility and imperative to this situation.

        How else do you explain to people that r1b took over 5 continents with backwards retarded genocides and that they’re still doing it? They haven’t stopped for a moment.
        Chomsky will need to review the new genetics information available and reconsider his statement.
        That error in the statement is probably why I’ve seen it broadcasted so many times.
        The only reason the CIA didn’t do something with Chomsky is because he has an absolute zero in the category of leadership ability. The same with Bill Gates and Buffet etc.

        There’s nothing to agree with regarding the end of his statement, it’s just wrong and inaccurate. You should clarify Mr. Greenwald because you’ve posted it a couple times now and it’s wrong.

    • r1b took over 4 continents in a few hundred years with genocide. they lead the world in human rights abuses and are forcing russia and China to follow suit in order to compete. (not to mention the specific ydna majorities that arose in russia/india and China were caused by western intelligence in the first place).
      Russia and China can’t do anything without the west stopping (actual) human rights abuses except compete.
      If the r1b countries (entire western hemisphere, australia, europe etc) release its intelligence cattle from its mental institutions, prisons, guantanamo etc then russia can relinquish its islamic territories etc. and China can release Tibet etc.
      Russia, China, Israel and everyone else can’t do anything because r1b is sitting around torturing, raping and stealing everything from everyone.
      overthrow r1b, the intelligence belongs to the people who actually made it not r1b.
      they are stealing intelligence from everyone and forcing technology to be designed so that only they can use it and so that it only benefits them. they lie about every single thing every single time.

      • i mean 5 continents. and now they want to throw a big world wide “democracy” party….

    • It’s not really newsworthy to report that Russia, China and Iran are all horrifically oppressive governments with extremely active surveillance and repression structures.

      Three reasons so much more attention is paid to the US and UK’s activities:

      1) The vast majority of the audience for this website are from one of the “Five Eyes” countries. These people naturally have a much greater interest in what their governments are up to, since they are the most likely targets, and they also have the greatest ability to effect change in their own country.

      2) The US and its allies are far, far more powerful than Iran, Russia, and even China. You may as well ask a blog that focuses on military affairs why they do not cover a buildup of six shooters and AK-47s in Bhutan. This is the most pervasive and active surveillance network in the world.

      3) The UK, US and their allies are supposed to be the “free” and “democratic” countries. The hypocrisy is overwhelming, and it’s salutary for citizens of these countries to realise that they are not “the good guys”.

    • From an international perspective, the US is much more interesting than Russia and China, which are relatively minor powers. The US does, in fact, have influence over hundreds of governments around the world. Russia and China — very few. The US interferes in the politics of other countries. It funds opposition figures, etc. Its corporate media is influential globally. The US has about a 1000 military bases outside its borders. China has none. Russia has a handful. In terms of international violence in recent times, no one beats the US.

    • The MSM are all over Russian and Chinese crimes,but all they come up with is pretty much nada,or claims wo evidence,while the evidence of the US,Britain and Nato’s crimes are seen everywhere by non jaundiced eyes..

      Hash: SHA512

      Momentarily. I’m sure Greenwald and Co. have got more to this story in the pipeline. There’s no way the NSA would stop at just Wikileaks if they’re also bothering with The Pirate Bay. I wonder what other political organizations have had the privilege of being considered for “malicious foreign target” status?

      Remember of course that the NSA need not classify any domestic political organization or movement as a malicious target. They can always count on the GCHQ to do that for them. Honestly, I think that’s the biggest revelation of them all. That piwik screengrab proves that the NSA has no problem leaning on GCHQ to tackle targets that US law prevents them from attacking.

      And we’re supposed to believe that the FISA Amendments Act will do anything to stop this.
      Version: GnuPG v1


      • I can tell you one US educational NGO that has been under total NSA surveillance for years — including full content telephone and email wiretapping — and that would be ELAW (Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide), their crime being that they supply reference material

      • Yes, I too would like to see more on NSA monitoring of plain vanilla NGOs.

        For keyword searching of Snowden documents, I can suggest a US educational non-profit that has likely been under total NSA surveillance for years and years — including full content telephone and email wiretapping — and that would be ELAW (Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide) based in Oregon, their threat to national security being that they supply reference scientific and legal background material to budding environmental lawyers in developing countries.

        That information can have the effect of adding constraints and costs to flat-out unmitigated resource extraction by foreign multinationals and so menaces US economic well-being.

        If this material lies in the Snowden documents, it could add another angle to NSA ‘defeat’ of attorney-client privilege — deprive them of attorneys altogether, or failing that, any applicable environmental legislation.

  129. Iam not worried about the NSA, If they do not have anything on me, they will just make it up so either way, why worry about it? Its not like we can do anything, all they have to say is i have downloaded child porn and most everyone you know will turn their back on you. We know its corrupt, but the real question is, when are We the People gonna stand up and show them show pays their paychecks and put then in check where they belong?

  130. I’m an American citizen running a non-profit, public interest website called that is critical of official reliance on polygraph “testing” for national security and public safety purposes. In August 2013, I received a report from a U.S. Navy petty officer that when he reported for a recent DoD polygraph examination, he was presented with a log of his web browsing the night before, on his personal computer using his personal ISP in his own home. They knew he had visited and set about trying to discredit the information we present. This would be an instance of (presumably) NSA targeting an American visitor to a lawful, American-operated website and exploiting that information in near real-time. For more on this, see “Is Being Targeted By the NSA?”

    In addition, it appears that in May 2013 I was the target of an attempted entrapment on material support for terrorism charges (or something like that).

    I’d be happy to speak with anyone from The Intercept regarding these matters, if it’s of interest for your reporting.

  131. I remember first coming across Wikileaks on my high school computer in 2007, way down amongst the five eyes in diminutive New Zealand. Some stuff about scientology was on it then, barely on anyones radar, I still understood why it should exist. My how things happen.

  132. Please consider indicating in source documents that you have redacted portions and why you did so.

  133. Wait. . . I thought the American citizens who were afraid to donate to Wikileaks for fear of ending up on a government watchlist were paranoid conspiracy nuts. You mean they were right all along? Who woulda thunk it?

    • Thanks. I was waiting for someone to make that point. That expressed fear was a mainstay of a number of Glenn’s presentations at various events. To be fair, however, I don’t think ever referred to those who feared such as conspiracy nuts. If anything, iirc, he mused that their fears could have a foundation. And, now we see that the foundation was real.

      • I’ve been contributing to Wikileaks for many years with a strong suspicion that my government would not be happy with me. Little did I know before Snowden, Glenn, Levinson, Drake, Binney, Democracy Now, ProPublica, and a few others that my government had built such a monstrous mass surveillance capability. I’ll continue my support and will double my contributions to Wikileaks, Democracy Now. and the defense of Assange, Snowden, and others that are harrassed and persecuted by our criminal government. I will continue to “speak truth to power”.

        • If you have been contributing to Wikileaks for years the U.S. govt probably added you to one or more watchlists of malcontents long ago. There’s no practical way you can do anything about it at this point so you might as well follow your conscience and do what’s right. Speaking truth to power and thereby increasing pressure for reform might in the long run end up being the best and only way to get yourself off a government watchlist.

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