First Look LLC

First Look is dedicated to protecting the First Amendment — and the critical freedoms it provides all Americans.

We Live the First Amendment

The First Amendment inspires everything we do.

From our relentless defense of all the rights guaranteed us — like peaceable assembly, free speech, the exercise of religion, and of course, a free press.

To our battles to protect individual liberty and ensure against secrecy and the harassment of journalists and their sources.

To our passion for the new technology and perspectives that are connecting the world in ways never before imagined.

Because democracy is a conversation that thrives when all voices are heard. And everything we do makes sure that conversation continues.

We Believe

We believe government serves us best when people are free to challenge it, and that it has no place controlling what we can read, see and think. Or telling us who we can and can’t associate with, or what faith we can and cannot have. And we believe the founders believed these things too. In short, we believe — as they did — in the First Amendment.

And we believe we have a responsibility to protect it. Because it protects our nation. As First Look founder Pierre Omidyar has written, “Our nation is stronger when we protect the rights of individuals to speak their minds, associate with whomever they please, and criticize their government and others in power.” Which is why we’ve put the First Amendment at the center of everything First Look does.

First Look Media

First Look Media is the content arm of First Look LLC and is a new-model media company devoted to supporting independent voices, from fearless investigative journalism and documentary filmmaking to smart, provocative entertainment.

First Look Media operates as both a studio and digital media company, developing, producing and financing content for all screens and platforms including feature films, television, digital series and podcasts.  Go to First Look Media.

We Are Exploring

We are investigating all aspects of the First Amendment. We know technology can be either the problem or the solution, depending on the circumstances. We are creating institutions that identify unmet needs, that challenge the status quo, that find new solutions and that support new ways of thinking. This includes the distinctive venture investment approach we finance at UP2398, highly specialized cybersecurity counsel provided by Morgan Marquis-Boire and legal support for journalists through the Press Freedom Litigation Fund.