Featured photo - New Photos of the NSA and Other Top Intelligence Agencies Revealed for First Time



This story is published in collaboration with Creative Time Reports.

What does a surveillance state look like?

Over the past eight months, classified documents provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden have exposed scores of secret government surveillance programs. Yet there is little visual material among the blizzard of code names, PowerPoint slides, court rulings and spreadsheets that have emerged from the National Security Agency’s files.

The scarcity of images is not surprising. A surveillance apparatus doesn’t really “look” like anything. A satellite built by the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) reveals nothing of its function except to the best-trained eyes. The NSA’s pervasive domestic effort to collect telephone metadata also lacks easy visual representation; in the Snowden archive, it appears as a four-page classified order from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. Since June 2013, article after article about the NSA has been illustrated with a single image supplied by the agency, a photograph of its Fort Meade headquarters that appears to date from the 1970s.

The photographs below – which are being published for the first time – show three of the largest agencies in the U.S. intelligence community. The scale of their operations was hidden from the public until August 2013, when their classified budget requests were revealed in documents provided by Snowden. Three months later, I rented a helicopter and shot nighttime images of the NSA’s headquarters. I did the same with the NRO, which designs, builds and operates America’s spy satellites, and with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), which maps and analyzes imagery, connecting geographic information to other surveillance data. The Central Intelligence Agency – the largest member of the intelligence community – denied repeated requests for permission to take aerial photos of its headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

My intention is to expand the visual vocabulary we use to “see” the U.S. intelligence community. Although the organizing logic of our nation’s surveillance apparatus is invisibility and secrecy, its operations occupy the physical world. Digital surveillance programs require concrete data centers; intelligence agencies are based in real buildings; surveillance systems ultimately consist of technologies, people, and the vast network of material resources that supports them. If we look in the right places at the right times, we can begin to glimpse America’s vast intelligence infrastructure.

These new images of the NSA, NRO, and NGA are being placed in the public domain without restriction, to be used by anyone for any purpose whatsoever, with or without attribution. They can be found on Creative Time Reports, which commissioned this piece, as well as on Flickr, Wikimedia Commons and The Intercept.

Download high resolution images of these photos: NSA, NRO, NGA

The NRO is in charge of developing, deploying and operating secret reconnaissance satellites. With a budget request of $10.3 billion, it is the third-largest U.S. intelligence agency. It is headquartered in Chantilly, Virginia

The NGA is responsible for collecting, analyzing and distributing intelligence derived from maps and imagery. According to documents provided by Edward Snowden, the NGA’s budget request was $4.9 billion last year – more than double its funding a decade ago. It is headquartered in Springfield, Virginia.

With a budget request of $10.8 billion, the NSA is the second-largest agency in the U.S. intelligence community. It is headquartered in Fort Meade, Maryland.

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  1. lets see them scan folded us mail documents an interpet the data go back to the pen and put fake info out there like i do . they think im jesus christ reborn smoking angel dust as im eating cheese curls waxing my orange carrot as i watch animal beastiality porn locked in my cellar wearing a mr potato head outfit let them evaluate and psyco analize that !! send any real info via mail and if its been tampered with call the postal inspector imediately that will keep them busy oh and every few letters send to a govt agency its not hard to do people are just lazy!!!!!

  2. These pictures are actually beautiful. It almost makes me proud of my Country, except for the fact that they are helping a muslim brotherhood President attack American citizens.

  3. Trevor,
    Would you please report on the following for it importance to the world. Hope you will take the time to view these videos and let me hear your thoughts. Please note these discoveries of free and near free energy plus medical technologies are for the worlds people to have access to. I’m currently supporting Dr. Greer in his efforts to build a research facility to make more of these technologies available to the public.

    After Dr. Greer briefed Obama he did the same on Capitol Hill at the National Press club in April/May 2013 (4 minutes) This part 2 snippet from the 5 full hearing days.

    Naturally this is the Obama Administration’s denial of this knowledge.

    If more info is needed please request it.

  4. They are in preparation for the biggest American economic crash. Whence afterwards the Amero will be introduced …..

  5. For the people using mental illness terms, is it possible for you to ignore the information about politicians’ mental profiles? You read about drug use, lying, etc. & know that psychiatrists label such people as having serious “personality disorders” — Is it possible to elect people w/ better mental profiles? Would the world be better or worse?

    • >possible to elect people w/ better mental profiles

      Implying we actually elect any of these people.

  6. All this extensive spying on American and international communications, yet an 84-year old nun can enter the Oakridge Nuclear facility (with 2 accomplices) with simple wire cutters and no security shows up for 2 hours! I’d say all this surveillance is being done for reasons other than our security.

    It will be refreshing to have real investigative journalism for a change, and all my favorite writers in one place! Good luck with this noble endeavor!

  7. Can you take the similar pics in China, Russia, or Iran? Probably not, but it would be more interesting to know what our adversaries are doing as well…

    • I would be more interested in Israel and the Masaad now that they and Sharon have laid waste to N. Africa and ME.

    • We cannot measure the quality of our democracy against the failures of other nations, we can only measure it against the gold standard of democracy and the goals of liberty for all to which we strive

  8. If you really want to know what the government is doing globally then google *Targeted Individuals* or Organized Gang Stalking.* I challenge you who dare to seek the truth. Your mouth will drop wide open.

  9. The Intercept looks great. I greatly appreciate the author’s view of views. I have my own blog and am loathe to not attach at least one pic to whatever post I’m doing. The visual is a big deal to me. It’s how I’m wired. I suspect that I ‘read’ the visual landscape and take much information from it. If not, If I’m wrong about that, then it’s just something I crave. I don’t think that’s abnormal. And it surprises me the way so many blogs completely miss that. When I come across one that is all text, I groan, and unless I believe I desperately need the info that that blog offers, I move on.

    Those are stunning and beautiful pics of a real and growing evil. Cancer never looked so nice.

    I assume that this is The Intercept’s first article?

  10. I live in Europe and I’m very pleased to notice you USA civilians not losing your common sense. I feel it like we’re brothers against your government going crazy in an extremely scary way. Really, your government including Facebook/Google/Microsoft/etc. really scares me to death even while I’ve nothing to hide!

    • The US public historically comes around to doing the right thing, it just takes more time now, due to deteriorating education, and massive media corruption.

  11. Most impressive element is the photos themselves, I must say they are beautiful. Also great idea, we own all of these places. Great piece. Director Micheal Mann might give you a call. Reminds me of shots from his movies Collateral, Miami Vice (movie) and Thief (first film night shots on the ground).
    Hello NSA! is how I begin most phone conversations nowadays.

  12. Nation of secrets is a nation of liars never to be trusted. Society has to become a community of Whistle Blowers where everyone is Present.
    The old Nazi propaganda to form public opinion, brain wash became public relations. DOD just started a new site or program called ,Thought Leadership,
    which obviously is Orwellian double speak to promote a double standard of SHAME. Thought Leadership soon becomes thought control and thought Police, get room 101 ready.
    Thank you Jeremy, have your two books, Glenn Love Ya and lets all get to work The NEW TRUTH hunters. Thanks, ALOHA. Mahalo.

  13. Awesome Awesome piece here, I cant say enough how much I appreciate Glenn and the people he works with like Trevor who did this article. I always believed Glenn to be just as important as Edward Snowden in the fight to bring truth and light to the intelligence agencies activities. Thank you thank you thank you for what you do!

  14. That will be the finish of this article. Here you will uncover some web pages that we assume you will appreciate, just click the hyperlinks.

  15. My first time to FirstLook.org ……….. Very impressive in a grass roots sort of way…… I am especially pleased to see there is a comment stream…. I trust sites with a comment stream FAR more than sites without comments…. No one can be an expert on everything, so we need the comments to keep US ALL honest… When an article goes over the line into the ditch, only comments can get things back….. Best of luck….. You deserve more than my words can convey for your work exposing the awful things out tax money is tasked to accomplish…. Do more good works…!!!! And most of all Thank You for being there…..!!!!!!!

  16. Amen brother. Our forefathers never intended this and would be horrified. My father and grandfather fought overseas for…this? “We must all hang together, or we will surely all hang seperately.” -Benjamin Franklin 1775

  17. Outside of those who are towing the NSA terrorist conspiracy, and everyone spies lines, I will guess the rest are under the impression this has nothing to do with terrorism, but, to some extent, with knowing where every dollar is to be extracted, along with knowing where every dissenting voice to be silenced. 20 years ago I would have said conflict of interest is synonymous with politics. I now know I’ve never witnessed a political body (outside of school board) in this country.

    We’ve come a long way from the government’s anti-monopoly laws saving Western Union (1881) from AT$T to AT$T installing a president who uses the technology to assassinate people. How did we go from being a nation with the highest literacy rate in the world, with a broad manufacturing base, to being one of the least informed, least educated, and being the woulds largest exporter of lies. Now that the bully has got too fat and stupid to get out of it’s own way, who can argue we don’t deserve whatever we get.

    We might wanna take a few moments to look at this techno juggernaut we’ve created only 30 years ago, that effects most people’s lives, incorporates most aspects of countless others on the planet, and ask, “Where are we going with this and is it f–king worth it?” At the least this is unhealthy competition.

    It is true the market can spy on land lines and read postal mail, but it would redirect capital away from what you think you need, and what the telecom giant needs, to what you actually need. Your mail man will thank you, since there’s a good chance he/she is doing a lot better then other veterans.

    This might mean we’ll have to pick up a book.
    Porn is expensive these days, but so is ignorance.

  18. Really, Trevor? If you have every drove on the public state/country roads around this campus-you can actually see these buildings plus all whole lot more. Seriously.

  19. We as a nation are either going to lose our rights and freedoms, or go broke spending trillions to defend against infinite scenarios of asynchronous warfare against those spending only millions to attack us.

    We must honestly determine what drives terrorism and a political a solution? America needs a candid fully open debate on this issue with public feedback on record and not left wholly up to closed door hearings using testimony of the self serving politicians and think tanks. The war on terror on our side is being driven and embedded by those that always benefit from it via politics, status and $$$.

    The Israel/Palestinian problem and our lack of neutrality have always represented a big part of he problem as reportedly stated by OBL after 9-11. We need to find solutions that benefit the USA. “Not negotiating” is not a solution and instead it will be our death knell.

  20. I used to drive past the entrance to the NSA very frequently, as my alienated sister and her family use to live less than 10 minutes away from it. All that is visible from the road is a large sign with the 3 letters, and the bare beginnings of a wide asphalt driveway. The location is not even slightly hidden. Of course, back then I had no clue what those initials stood for, as it was well before 9/11. The buildings in these photos look like any expensive mega infra-structure complexes.

    The important aspects of all of this is how extensive and invasive the internal processes have been, and may continue to be. At least Pres. Obama has told the NSA to scale way back on surveillance of US citizens. I am not at all surprised that this country has these kinds of spy systems, but I find it rather distressing that it is being used against citizens. That has always bothered me, starting back when I first became aware of it when the FBI was harassing us Viet Nam War protestors. All powerful nations have complex spy systems. That is just part of what Pres. Eisenhower warned about concerning the “military industrial complex.”

    I hope this web site stays both powerful and ethical, a very difficult balancing act.

  21. Conform Comply Consume.
    Conform-relinquish personal sovereignty.
    Comply-Do your masters/state bidding
    Consume-Join in the global planetary rape agenda.

  22. I’m very excited about this website, but I have one small criticism. While I definitely don’t think that the contributors should tone back their arguments in order to appeal to a wider audience, I hope that the editors will be very careful to avoid presenting easy targets. Given that Greenwald and others have been accused (unjustly, in my view) of overhyping and sensationalizing certain stories, I have to wonder why the headline for this reads “New Photos… Revealed for First Time.” These are very nice photos, and the headline is technically true, but it just seems like a bit much to me.

  23. The US brought it on itself somewhat in the aftermath of 9/11. The patriot act among other things boosted budgets, gave security agencies more power and started contracts with the likes of raytheon, lockheed, boeing. There is however a key point. None of this is new. Nothing snowden released is new. Before Prism there was Eschelon, before that there was something else going back to the forming of UKUSA, then back to WW1 is more selective forms, back further to the US civil war when letters, telegraphs, etc were monitored and ciphers were broken, perhaps you get the idea? The only thing that has changed is the evolution and refining of the system used to capture the data as it follows technological and social changes.

  24. Just typical looking suburban office buildings w/ parking lots and parking garages…nothing distinctive. Been there, done that, worked at many places that resembled these buildings..cube farms inside.


    It’s not enough to show the buildings that comprise the machine and its wires. More importantly, why not compliment the effort by showing the faces behind the madness. Show us pictures and descriptions of those that masquerade as everyday Americans when in truth they are anything but. Show us who it is that’s selling us out and doing the dirty work down in the trenches. Out the whole community. They want to steal our privacy, let’s have a go at theirs.


    And let’s don’t ignore the ignored, the Pentagon’s home away from home we built in Iraq. There’s been absolutely no media coverage on the completion or operation of this behemoth we’re led to believe is “merely” a 160 acre embassy costing more than a billion. Who knows what it takes to run it and who knows exactly what they’re actually doing there.

    • But we are OUT OF IRAQ! Everybody keeps telling us so.-even “progressive” folks. That war is over, right?

  26. Your dramatic night time photos are evocative of nefarious hidden secrets. But from the right perspective much can also be seen or inferred in bright day light. I refer to the aerial photograph of the NSA’s Maryland headquarters, which accompanied Scott Shane’s piece on the agency’s listening capacity (Nov. 3, 2013). To my eye, it resembles a giant hearing aid. Was this an architectural metaphorical joke on the rest of us, or did the agency inadvertently give itself away?

  27. The most horrific thing about all these revelations is how similar it got with the way the Russians and other totalitarian regimes used to (and still do) treat their own citizens. I am old enough to remember, so trust me, it has only improved in technical details. Otherwise NO difference between NSA and Stasi (former East-Germany secret police), the NRU in Russia or…….Gestapo. The German census from 1925 and 1933 was later used an the easiest way of rounding up the Jews……So beware of what you tell your government! Less is more!

  28. Wow…is all I can say..we’ve been speculating for years about their operations. It’s not a conspiracy if it’s true. And this is true…

    • It IS a conspiracy, a classic legal definition conspiracy FACT. We need to remove the belief that conspiracy equals theory equals whack job. Retake our language, retake our government, and retake our future. I don’t care about religion, or ideology, political slant, or race. gender or orientation. We have got to come together and force the Government back to a rule of law by the people and for the people, or we are doomed.

      • Amen brother. Our forefathers never intended this and would be horrified. My father and grandfather fought overseas for…this? “We must all hang together, or we will surely all hang seperately.” -Benjamin Franklin 1775

  29. How many billion $ do these “security” agencies get? Meanwhile, let’s not forget that an 83 year old nun, Sister Megan Rice, was able to break into the nuclear facility at Oak Ridge, TN in an act of moral protest. (She and her two companions, Michael Walli and Greg Boertje-Obed, sit in jail awaiting sentencing.) Sensitive, dangerous sites are accessible even to unlikely intruders like this (admirable) trio, yet are billions are devoted to surveillance, in the name of keeping us safe?

  30. How much anyone want to bet that “freedom fighter” Glenn and minions will censor comments they don’t want people to post?

  31. From the International Terrorism Data Base: 30 Americans have been killed by terrorist activity in the USA since
    2005. Makes me wonder what these people are doing ? Security ? Doesn’t feel like it -

    It is refreshing to here and read Journalism, again !

  32. Dear those who have taken this initiative to put up this truth….there’s a question that leaves me perplexed, America that’s been granting absolute freedom of expression to its people, hw is it that such a vast area of land as well as operations hv nvr been in public before….does this means that they dn’t hv any honest n fearless journalists till now? Great that u guys came up with it….

  33. 26 Billion Dollars, for what? to be spied on for our public servants, my bad I meant public masters. They seem to have gotten it all backwards to their benefit. Its WE THE PEOPLE don’t forget that. They will probably label me a national security threat for mentioning the Constitution.

  34. How about an accompanying article about the states’ efforts to cut off water and electricity to the NSA facilities in Utah and Maryland, as well as the ongoing state legislative efforts to prohibit any cooperation with NDAA-related unconstitutional measures, such as indefinite detention.

  35. Very nice, thank you. Thank you for the pictures, for the intercept team, and all the hard work you do to keep the public informed with real journalism. I wish you all the best. Very inspirational work.

  36. Superb photos that add yet another ingredient to this tragedy that’s being played out in our lives and our combined consciences.
    Thanks Trevor Paglen, these pictures will be on my screen for the foreseeable future, reminding me constantly of the machinations in play.

    • You know who doesn’t have buildings? Homeless people. Our $$ is better spent on housing for the homeless than housing for domestic spies.

      • Great inaaugral edition. I have high hope for this effort Pierre, Glen, Jeremy, and Laura et al. Presumably you will unleash your investigators to fully and freely investigate the 911 travesty deeply, honestly and thoroughly…our very own REeichstag fire…and the only sad and pathetic excuse they can use for the massive spying on our citizenry and shredding of our Constitution . Please!

  37. Nice photos, I hope these places shut down for good, they suck up tax dollars when they could be spent on other things.

    I advice people not to travel into DC to avoid becoming a surveillance target. Everything is watched, including your internet and even inside your hotel room if necessary. They don’t give a #$#$ about your rights to privacy. I was harassed daily by these clowns. Once you are a surveillance target, they follow you around everywhere like a #$#$ pest.

    I had intellectual property stolen, computer intrusion observing my activity in real time and to download documents. Some of it ended up in the hands of companies in the private sector and some was used in the government.

  38. Well, yes, surprise surprise! The surveillance state looks like a bank, a school or a hospital, whether from the air at night (ooh, sinister!) or inside it during the day. We knew that, no? What did we think it would look like? A Batman mask? A Stealth Bomber? Give me an iPhone image smuggled out of a drone factory any day. While the art world laps up Trevor Paglen on the dubious claim that he’s pushing photography through some representational envelope (pink sky with tiny satellite in it – looks kitschy beautiful but it’s serious!) we should perhaps accept, as Paglen almost, almost does, that what’s really at stake here simply isn’t available to an optical lens. So how exactly how do these images ‘expand the visual vocabulary’? Nice phrase, but it means very little here. The idea that state surveillance is ‘abstract’ and unthinkable because we don’t have images of it is patronising. And untrue. Investigative journalism, please. Urgently. Photographs entirely optional.

  39. This visualization is amazing. Remember Jane Mayer’s award-winning investigative journalism and book “The Dark Side” a few years back? She blew the lid off the immensity and scope of the U.S. surveillance state. These pictures tell only part of the story. Hopefully, the sleeping American people will wake up!

  40. CONGRATULATIONS TREVOR PEGLAN, his work has been excellent to the UFO community and the people around the world………

  41. Meanwhile Americans go homeless & starve. I want my tax money back that these Traitors stole from us to build this Nazi shlt.

  42. Why do they ask for an email address if they wont show it? Probably so the NSA can see what people are writing about them and use the information to track them. I guarantee that the NSA is spying on this internet forum, I would bet everything on it

  43. Trevor how large a payload did the chopper have in order to lift you and your ginormous balls aloft in order to get night time pics of these offices?

  44. This is a disgusting waste of money. Billions of tax dollars are spent on these agencies which are disregarding the US Constitution, spying on Americans and others. All this while Congress and the president continuously seek to find ways to eliminate programs that help Americans in need, take tax money away from higher education grants and blame poor people for being poor. we need to stop writing blank checks to the NSA, stop all money to fusion centers. Close them up and get rid of them! This money could be used to fund real national health care. Not Obamacare nonsense. This money could be used to lower higher education tuition costs.

  45. Gorgeous pics. Gorgeous facilities. I look forward to the day these facilities and the technology therein are repurposed to benefit humanity instead of track and kill them.

    A new day is dawning. From the midst of all this unrest will rise a better human civilization ushered in by Copiosis and maybe other better alternatives to the status quo.

  46. At which point to Americans STOP WORKING for the NSA??? If you know someone who works for them, tell them to quit.

    • This technology needs to be maintained and further developed. It will offer fantastic humanitarian usage once status quo governments are eliminated. I for one want to see the technology even further developed. The better developed it is, the better it will serve us in the future, not as a killing platform, but as a life affirming one.

  47. The Public Domain continues to take a beating. This is an opportunity to consider its value to us.

    Rather than the vast wealth of 1939′s fine vintage wines which we could have freely sampled before the Beat Down, we’ve not even enjoyed a 1924 vintage, yet. Sonny Bono Killed the Beat! A twenty year rest without annual composting is NOT the best field from which to reseed dreams. Now we might guess why we think like turkeys in the straw. No feed!

    Global corporatists knew how to kill our buzz, bees. Berkeley, boys!

    They cut us off when recordings and film catalogs were taking off like aircraft. 1998 translates back to 1924 under the old 75 year copyright system, so they expanded the right twenty more years at that very time to waylay our flights of fancy.

    That’s when Congress stopped pumping “Fascinating Rhythm” to the brain. Not until 2019 can it start back up, again. We are STUCK in 1924 when this year Wizard of OZ could have become ours completely, ever so sweetly, killing that western witch completely…A gal can pre-dream, can’t she?

    “I heard Buckwheat got twenty more years in the can, Pogo.”

    “So did Alfalfa and his chubby friend. Would you call that progress?”

    “Everyone’s the enemy, or have you already said that?”

    “Don’t wear it out until you check the status.”

  48. Germany is watching you, we wish you all the best. Tell us the truth but wear also the political responsibility in this very difficial sensitiv case !

  49. I just attended a healing ritual, skeptic that I am, for the welfare of a friend and fellow healers who wanted to show us what they did for a living. That part was cool, but open to one’s own interpretation, like a Quaker meeting.

    I much appreciated the wealth of signal intel in that backyard. A well? In the middle of town from a farm over a hundred years old? Then somehow the water bearer told me he used to capture sigint in Ethiopia back when you literally had to get on top of things to listen below. He confirmed the high place was culturally Italian having been set up long before the war after the war to end them all.

    My guy sat on a rift top to watch out below. Now guys just sit around picking their noses and which cell phone to kill without even checking the signal? Something is seriously gong show about this whole horror show.

    Anyway, I enjoyed the well wishes, too.

  50. Trying to win hearts and minds by demonstrating our willingness to kill innocent people time and time again seems at best ridiculous—and a suggestion: please be the first website to convert, when someone signs up, from the word “submit” to a friendlier “enter” or “apply. People worldwide are clicking their agreement to the word “submit.” I don’t think that is a good idea.

  51. Paglan’s ominous, and beautiful, photographs override all the commentary…..we know, in part, what transpires within and that what we don’t know will be more than imagined….use some of that imagination.

  52. People who have gainful employment are less likely to get up in the middle of the night and go out to plan and execute acts of terrorism. The rich always plan violence but they exploit the vulnerabilities of the poor to carry out their plans. In the US it’s called the poverty draft.

  53. The night shots are revelatory for a couple of reasons. First the photographers remain invisible to those who forbid such imagery. Second, even though there is a WAR on terror underway, the only people ‘fighting’ it at night are the janitors and a skeleton crew. Third is that in other days this might have been a ‘plant’ producing goods with unionized labour making a decent wage, now it’s a placement for those who produce some very expensive paranoia and keep the Washington area ‘outlet malls’, Supercentres and Starbucks the ‘retail’ hub of America.

    If these places were ‘terrorized’ there be a hell of a broken glass problem.

    But the architecture and lighting are very nice.

  54. OMG, just recalled the tactics of the Wild Weasles in the wilds of West Germany.

    They would fly along the East German border to spark a reactive peek by the EG’s SAMs to get a tag on their location, location, location. Basically, you flew big laps for hours, and just for goggles, you occasionally turn toward your intended target rather than away when you turned around. Radars go apeshite.

    See their patch; it is HILARIOUS! Catch their ACRONYM!

    You guys ROCK! Keep up the good turns.

    Why do I miss the bad old days? Back then, we all faced wide spread incineration, for good sake! You didn’t hear us crying like freaking babies on the news 24/7!! I spent X-MAS in a ZULU Alert lounge. Don’t tell me things haven’t got better. They’ve been getting better and these MIC guys won’t accept the truth. They won, game over.

    • “Back in my day, we didn’t sit around with toys pretending we were warriors, we WALKED to work! I walked three miles a day, and that was before I got to work, and then I stood all day. The NSA has a big fat lazy ass and I cannot lie.”

      “Be quiet Grandpa, I cannot cover up your adversarial ministrations as dementia much longer before the neighbors have you hauled off to Obamacareland. If there is a cogging CIA mind still life in there, you got to keep it down.”

  55. On NewYear’s Eve 1970, I was sitting in the snow at Lorcum Court in Springfield thinking how much Peter Max sucked and how I’d missed the chance to really matter like a 1964 civil rights agitator. I knew that sentiment was being packaged into a breath mint. I was 11, soon to be 12. Isn’t that the age of dissent?

    Well the reason I share that night is because something really weird moved across the sky at a low altitude with ludicrous lights all over it, and I swore to myself if aliens were that stupid, I’d have to stop waiting for them to save the world.

    That was NSA, wasn’t it…

    I find your signal is weak out in mediocrity land. If you want us to wear your TShirts down the middle of the road, we can, but I hope we area above selling out. “desperate – will work for change”

  56. I lived in Springfield in the 1960s and 70s. Dad flew a desk at the Pentagon after having done his Nam time. I’ll never forget the day I made the scene at a protest against the war bu taking the bus into town and made it home long before Dad could on the Beltway. I was dying to share that efficiency plan, but couldn’t give away the cause. He hated DC traffic more than Vietnam.

    Looking over fFrst Look, shouldn’t the first look Andy Carvin takes be up Micheal Rosen’s data trunk? Aren’t mobile ad networks the major method by which all this witchery is brewing?

    Hay!! Thanks for the ABSENCE of ADS!! What? We’re not getting scraped for having looked? Of course we are, or there wouldn’t be a Michael.

  57. You guys are my heroes and don’t doubt for a minute that the majority of the masses don’t support you, they do, I’ve talked to dozens of people here in Norway and Snowden is a hero, best of luck : )

  58. In 17th century England the state’s efforts to monitor and suppress its dissidents – such as Quakers, Catholics, and anyone else not toeing the party line – were supplemented by an army of paid informers. These were ordinary citizens who earned a regular income from entrapping, spying on and informing on their fellow citizens. The tradition is alive and well and flourishing in 21st century America too. Except now it comes with a pension.

    • How about the hell on earth Luther laid on those Anabaptists, while we’re making muck of our past failures to resolve conflict? Let’s not let the whole of Europe off the hook.

      All I know is this time, we are the HAY! They spin us into gold, somehow, but if we lay down, won’t their haymarkets collapse? Lazy Wars.

  59. Greetings. Well I must say it is about time someone took the bull by the horns. Good luck with this and I am looking forward to alerts.

  60. I would love if this money was used for the wellfare of human beings. We love human beings why we do satanic work.

  61. The photo of the NSA at night is superb. A fitting title or caption might be “Shining a Light on the NSA”

  62. Thanks a lot for sharing these high quality & high resolution photos under public domain!

    I made a Whistleblower Song + Video, and searched long time for high resolution photos of NSA Buildings and so on via the very good Creative Commons search at http://labs.creativecommons.org/demos/search (which is currently unavailable). But there were no good ones. Maybe you / your photos get a chance to get listed there.

    Whistleblower-song in solidarity to Snowden, Manning and Assange, against govern-mentally surveillance :
    Info & Video: http://www.frazy.tv/music/whistleblower-song


  63. These pictures are not just too cool, they send a powerful message to these people. We know who you are and we know where you live. Fear The People.

  64. Lots of wealthy criminals and potential terrorists are attracted to supporting white collar crime perpetrated in such veiled spy agencies as the NRO, NSA, CIA, DIA, etc.

  65. Hey,I thought I left a post!! Policing the site already guys?? Maybe You Thought I Couldn’t Spell.Well,I just Wanted To Say,I Think What You Guys Are Doing Is Fantastic!!

    • In truth, they seem to have a reasonable delay mechanism and give voice to any lunatic who bothers to remain tangent to topic. So I won’t tell you about Cameron’s BlackBerry Squish until they crack that berry story.

  66. Good luck to you guys! Such a site was direly needed and I do hope you will be able to continue without too mmuch harassment. Thank you so much for making this effort and taking personal risks in order to inform the world. Stay safe!

  67. I think what U guyz are doing iz Fantastic!! Every One needs to see what their government iz doing with their tax dollars & the constitutional rights!!

  68. I’ve been waiting for the launch of this website, and it sure looks like it hit the ground running. The funny thing is, they, the police-corporate-military state we all reside in, just can’t seem to handle the truth. Not all the sheeple in the United States of Amnesia are unaware of the tricks, lies, and deceptive practices perpetrated on them by the powers that be. Give em hell guys.

  69. Congratulations on the new site! The photos are stunning and your work is very much needed. I’ve added you to my favorites…

  70. It’s about time someone returned to real investigative journalism. Thanks and all the best.

    Do you think you might expand to the UK at some point in the future? We definitely need it.

  71. Who the hell are the CIA to tell you not to photograph “Their” building?
    It was paid for by the tax payers of this country and they sure as hell should be able to take a picture of the complex if they feel like it.
    They sure as shit show it in all the ” terrorist threat” type of movies.
    Why respect their wishes?
    They are all traitors to the US Constitution anyway.
    We should have all their heads on pikes surrounding the white house to let the bureaucracy to never do the kind of shit they do ever again.
    Where are the balls?; go back and take some pictures.

  72. Who the hell are the CIA to tell you not to photograph “Their” building?
    It was paid for by the tax payers of this country and they sure as hell should be able to take a picture of the complex if they feel like it.
    They sure as shit show it in all the ” terrorist threat” type of movies.
    Why respect their wishes?
    They are all traitors to the US Constitution anyway.
    We should have all their heads on pikes surrounding the white house to let the bureaucracy to never do the kind of shit they do ever again.

  73. Thank you for publishing pictures of the exteriors of office buildings, thereby saving me the time required to search for pictures of those office buildings on wikipedia.

  74. I wish the FirstLook team all the best in getting launched. I greatly appreciate having one more source to help me piece together the truth of what is REALLY happening in the world and in our country.

  75. It take’s grit to rent a helicopter to take pictures of government spy agency facilities! Respect! Thank you for holding these entities more accountable by allowing us to see them!

  76. John 8:32 “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

    Keep doings God’s will. Bring out the truth!

  77. This is bizarre. These are publicity shots, and were never secret. Talk about click-bait for the Greenwald fan-kiddies. Glen, you’ve got your very own Glen Beck-style following!
    How COOOL!
    As the comments have shown, they’re just as willing to believe anything and everything you say without question(but of course, I’M the Sheeple – not your fan-kiddies!), and just as defensive of you. I guess that even if you find that embarrassing, click-bait like this will provide plenty of income to cover up those pangs of self loathing that are all but sure to follow you from here on in.
    Congrats to you!

  78. For your viewing entertainment and pleasure. A new “media” outlet that continues to create blind spots and ignore the real facts. Just another Tufts University Zionist influenced media outlet….

  79. Congratulations on the new site Mr Greenwald. Looking forward to your book in April. I shall not bother with Harding’s effort until after that time. Please keep up the good work. There may be no reward today but the verdict of history is already assured. Good luck in everything you do.

  80. Thank you GG, JS,Ms. P and ES the sons and daughters of M.Ghandi, TJ, MLK, N.Diamond and many others of us all celebrate your courage and intent may you all be blessed with the sweet breath of freedom thru your long lives, fist~!

    • You all making these comments over and over again are too funny. These photos were taken by the author of this post.

      Is that honestly too hard for you to absorb?

  81. Because the NSA (e.g., Clapper) knows it can lie to Congress without repercussions, it will never tell the truth about what it is doing or to whom. Soon it will have or have made up enough dirt on all the powerful people that no one will dare to cross it or deny it funding. And anyone bothersome can just have a fatal accident. No one knows what it has on Diane Feinstein. We have allowed a $53 billion FRANKENSTEIN to live and thrive. Orwell could write the ending.

  82. Your site will be my first look in the morning. Is that why it is named First Look?

    Please be very careful. All of you know better than I do that there are many in the government and military who would go to whatever lengths they feel necessary to halt activities they don’t like (revealing their lies, deceit and murderous activities) including fabrication of evidence, to support allegations of “fencing” of leaked documents, all the way to the killing of anybody they choose by drone or JSOC operation. This is a very dangerous time and we need you alive and letting us know what they are doing. It may not be a good time to visit the good ‘ol US of A. Don’t put yourself at their mercy, please, for us.

  83. There are several problems with your reportage. One of them is that if the US suffers another horrific attack, and it is proven that those people were informed and enabled by your reportage, then how will you feel? How should you then be treated? What then will you have done?

    • Yes, proof please. The NATO allies are still waiting for the proof of the 9/11 myth, required by Treaty, promised and not yet delivered.

  84. Be safe and very careful, these guys do not play by the rule of law.
    We have a government that has grown way too big, and people that slowly are becoming slaves of it.
    it is time for a revolt and take our country back from these billionaires, lifelong politicians and so on.
    republican or democrats it does not matter they are all corrupt.

  85. Great photography, and great explanation. I was apprehensive as a photographer myself, as the video began, because the shooting conditions are so tough (helicopter/night? That’s tricky lol) but the finished product was absolutely on point. Wonderful use of light. It really gives you a sense of these institutions spreading out like a web across the landscape. Excellent.

  86. So glad to see you made it online…….I was worried you might not.
    Thank you so much for your work, it is much appreciated by those of us who see the danger and horror that has emerged as the US police state.

  87. All that comes to mind is How do you Like US now-I love knowledge and information TY Intercept Blessings

  88. Wow. Great work. Pics of empty parking lots. Is this what $250 million of Libertarian money buys? Awesome.

  89. I wish you guys the best. Please do not compromise yourself like CNN, FOX news, MSNBS and others. Always remember that the truth will always set you free. People will listen to you if they know you are telling the truth even if they disagree with you.

  90. It’ll take a lot of data to whittle the population down to 500 million… Perhaps the U.S. is taking one for the global elite team?

  91. I appreciate your efforts and congratulate you on this new website. I am heartened by your actions because unless people have the courage and moral conscience to inform the public nothing will change for the better.

  92. “The Central Intelligence Agency – the largest member of the intelligence community – denied repeated requests for permission to take aerial photos of its headquarters in Langley, Virginia.” I am wondering if the CIA’s denial of such requests is legal. If it is presumed to be legal, then it might well be a signal act of interception on the part of “Intercept” to challenge such a presumption, especially given the stated intention to make the intelligence agencies visible. If not legal, then the photographer had no need to honor it….so I am back to asking: why honor the CIA’s authority in this case? Doesn’t this amount to a basic contradiction of what it means (literally) to intercept?

    • Yeah I was wondering about the same thing. Who cares if the CIA doesn’t want pictures taken of its building? It’s a free society right? (yuk yuk). F^$k ‘em if they can’t take a joke.

      I’m curious what Dan Novack, the Intercept’s legal advisor, thinks about this. He should check with Mark Zaid (markzaid.com), an attorney in D.C. who specializes in national security secrecy cases.

  93. What gives the CIA the right to refuse anyone permission to fly over it? I thought the FAA had jurisdiction over such matters?

  94. These are the new Bastilles, folks. When you see these buildings burning, you’ll know that the Second American Revolution has started.

  95. Funny, the NSA took those shots, and has released them. No secrets are being revealed, zero.

    Odder cult that Snowden/Greenwald have built up.

  96. I believe in all of you and I believe if you continue you will right the wrongs that so many others before you have tried to do, but not with enough power that this has. As long as Internet cannot be chopped up, I see this as definitely prevailing as nothing has before. May Peace come stronger and stronger for all, not just the disenfranchised, so we can all live in harmony for we are not here long. This just feels so right to me. Thank you. I pray the ones that have left this earth can help guide, a few recent ones: Aaron Schwartz, Michael Hastings, Pete Seeger. I agree with NS that we should measure human life by happiness, not money which leads to greed, pain, etc. for the majority of humanity because of inequality , enormous inequality. P.S. Democracy Now was and is the beginning. I see this as heading toward the finish line, the future, the beautiful future.

  97. Congratulations with your work Mr Glenn Greenwald, Mr Pierre Omidyar, co-founders and co-workers. Let’s support the nomination of Mr Edward Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize. August from Herentals

  98. The photos are arresting. I stare at them as I would some ancient monument to a god unknown to us. The structures, the infrastructure, the land use, all of it powerful, magnetic, and frightening. But in it all I see beyond its borders to intercity Baltimore. One hour twenty-seven minutes. Sixty-six miles.

  99. Dear Editor
    Comments in thesis are a continuing endeless dsicussion matter at all about terrorists and poverty
    But observing with extreme realism and in common sense the key point of worldwide terror policy of nowadays in the second decade 21st,. century envolves much more than simplist overviews of readers and analists hidden unconvenientes trues behind the scenes and not even religious fundamentalism of arabians but the bandit economy of lords of war and weapons industry .
    Think deeperly with not political or ideological passions and clear minds on such relevant pointupon the matter..
    Terror of nowadays is a real branch of war industry and weapons worldwide and not diplomatical political problematics between just bad and good guys only..

  100. thenk Heaven’s. at last the journalism we Europeans need in america. please add the pentagon to the photo list of spy agencies

  101. We may seem like small peanuts to the military industrial government, but we are growing in numbers and in outrage.
    Thanks to all of you, and especially to Edward Snowden, for your courage and your willingness to include us in your messages to the world.

  102. Wonderful, wonderful! Heartiest congratulations to Glenn, Laura and Jeremy!! I can hardly believe that we now have at least one website that represents a free press. This has been a long time coming. I look forward to the success and development of First Look, and I send my heartfelt thanks to you all.

  103. Democracy is well when you protect yourself.Congratulation to NSA.Any budgets are not enought to protect a nation.In that case,Digital surveillance is ok

  104. Those pictures are astonishing. More evidence of the weird hubris, bizarre overreach, and unfettered power. There should be a “Surrender Dorothy” script in the sky.

  105. Welcome and good fortune. I’m happy to see dedicated journalists willing to risk everything to get the truth out. Now if only more people will wake up out of their brainwashed stupors and join in to work for a more honest society…

  106. i think this is fantastic. am looking forward to getting the alerts, when available. good luck with this endevour. freewil

  107. Might as well recognize Five Eyes and include pix of the massively over-budget new CSEC/CSIS complex in Ottawa.

  108. Those pictures are the scariest thing I have every seen, for someone supposed to be the worlds super power why do we need all that spying.

  109. Thank you all for the great work you have been doing for so long, and your courage and integrity. May you and your new enterprise flourish and succeed in protecting ordinary humans from the threats of Big Brother and Drones and the lies and misinformation attacks of big money media and PR.

  110. You are doing the work of the Truth Tellers. Your efforts will become more and more fruitful as: People everywhere just want to be free! Free from the snarks, the coroRat, the PersonHoods, the 1%ers and their greed and contol of every soul, every dolllar from every worker around the world for their greed and death of the planet! I being female will spread the truth of your spirit and light!

  111. so the most protected air space in corperate u.s. let you “fly by?” this is like 911 “scrambled jets” the wrong way while u.s. drones murdered people. what is the real purpose of this site?

  112. Glenn and friends….you are the patriots of our time !!! I wish you all the best and will read everything you print.

  113. so the most protected air space in the corperate u.s. let you “fly by?” this like the famous 911 “scramble” of jets the wrong direction, while drones murdered innocent civillians. what is the real purpose of this site?

  114. OMG!!!! pictures of a government building!!! How exclusive. I mean you couldn’t find stuff like this on the NSA website…… or maybe you could. (waiting for comment to be deleted in 3….2…..1……)

    • Man, you just don’t get it.

      Please donate to the republican party. They love sub authoritarian morons like you.

  115. Welcome to the world; we need Truth and we need journalism. I will be on site everyday;
    P.S. The photos of those nefarious compounds recalls images of the sinister expanse and evil nature of Hitler’s concentration camps.

  116. I wish you all the best, courage, assistance in the world which becomes closer and closer. Hopefully we can stop together the wrong path on which NSA and all other Intelligence Services are driving on by means of Transparency , Respect and Open Society . In the Soviet Union the Need for Transparency for further Social Development without violence Breaked through the minds 30 years ago. So Called ????????? – glasnost. Like the phenomen of Freedom Transparency is an universal Need for a better World. The World Needs direct contacts between People and societies. Civil Society is Not only an request for Former socialist countries. God bless Snowden and you.

  117. You realize that is a NO FLY ZONE for a reason right? because this is well, it’s just wrong.
    “just because you can doesn’t mean you should.”

  118. Investigative journalism has always been dangerous, never more so than the present. Your courage is inspiring, the odds are stacked heavily against you. There are so many millions of Americans who have a military connection and will attempt to justify whatever the military does while trying to sabotage your every effort. Don’t let them stop you! The post-Vietnam population will listen and understand. They are the Majority that will save the nation.

  119. Glenn: Can you come back to the States and not be arrested? Why is it that those who uphold the principles of the Constitution (like you) are the ones branded as enemies of our Government? That’s what the Framers wanted us to do, monitor our Government as we would our favorite football team. In the end the People really do rule, but they have to act, they have to care. In this day and age with the internet it is not hard to contact our Senators and Representatives in the House. It would be a shame if you got arrested returning to the U.S.. Keep up the good work. chuck

  120. I wish I could post some photos of my own to show the juxtaposition between the collapse of our public infrastructure around the country, and the shiny, super high tech, top dollar infrastructure of the Nat. Security State. Look at that. These are somebody’s favorite toys.

  121. Bravo! May the data presented herein find it’s way onto the desks of every congressional representative in the United States along with letters from citizens asking for a complete accounting of funds procured from taxpayers to operate these facilities. Further, may those letters prompt for immediate State 10th Amendment actions to block the operation of these facilities. May we all experience the most benevolent outcome of this and all of your future publication endeavors.

  122. Thank you for today’s article and I hope to read more real journalism and not the ‘Corporate sponsored news’ we have been given more than enough.

  123. This is a little-known fact about the NSA parking lot … for years there was a big problem with car theft! Much of the parking lot runs alongside Patuxant Freeway (Highway 32). The fencing is simple chain-link with two strands of barbed wire that runs along the top. Thieves found that they could jump the fence without being challenged, and then stole a car and simply drove out with it. People in cars are challenged on the way IN to the parking lot, but there is little or no challenge on the way out. The last time I was there, there were signs at this section of the parking lot (39.105387, -76.7724269) that warned employees that theft was a possibility and that the agency would not be responsible for loss or theft. I thought was hilarious, especially given the reason for the NSA’s existence … to keep track of people and what they do.

    • So the NSA is so powerful it can track our every digital thought, but is so incompetent it couldn’t stop car theft in its own parking lot.

    • It’s the parking lots that I find most ominous. 370,000 spots? For what? Are they going to be “parking” the drones and tanks there, the ones to be used on the protesters, or is this the new stimulus package, in a go?

  124. Yeah, OK, so the NSA is all fucked up. How do we make it better? Let’s move past the complaining and exposing what we all know is already there and try to figure out 1) How do we protect the country while 2) not trampling on everyone’s civil liberties and civil rights ?

  125. We wish you success, the world needs your medium and we thank the founder of Ebay for making it possible

  126. Wow, those pictures are Amazing, but we can still boycott UTAH, NSA new base I believe, Don’t give them water. I’m all for it but I’m british.

  127. Be safe! I do not trust the people who are running things these things these days. All the respected icons America once respected are now corrupt, including our bought and paid for politicians and corporatist media outlets. Be careful all of you at Intercept… for the Gods of trickery get mad when you expose whats under their masks. Wishing you suggest as I pray for all of you. Please succeed! America is on life support. We need the truth. Take care. Lynda

  128. Snowden reveals the systematic implementation of a surveillance state on both sides of the Atlantic. The knowledge that all are electronic communications are being intercepted in itself inhibits free speech and discussion. It is worse for us in the UK where we don’t have a constitution, secret ballots for elections, freedom of speech, or the protection of your 4th amendment. The continued publication of Snowden’s information is all that stands between democracy and George Orwell’s nightmare 1984 world. Best of luck!

  129. Now that we have this information, what are we supposed to do with it? Admire the artistic composition?

    Why report problems with no solutions to the problems? Call our Congressmen? HA HA! Handcuff ourselves to the White House fence? HA HA!

  130. It is very obvious, by the photos, that someone, probably the filthy rich and the corporate CEO’s, are very secure….from their enemies the American people, but this is not what they are supposed to be doing: this is not what they are supposed to be securing. What about the citizens of this nation..you know, the ones the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, and the police of every city, want to put into prison for speaking a little truth to power? Given this setup, and all of the protection for the rich and powerful, the next president, or maybe this one before he exits office, could have every one of us in virtual chains with just a little bit of drone technology. I feel like I am already a prisoner in my own country!

  131. Images of government waste funded by taxpayer’s money in the guise of national security. Billions spent on a few thousand employees and contractors that might be better spent on millions in need of better education, transportation, healthcare, infrastructure, R & D, environmental protection, alternative energy, clean water, etc. — add you own real necessity. Voters and activists, wake up! You got what you didn’t know you were getting!

  132. So this is where the EnLIGHTenment has lead in the 21st c.: inflated human “intelligence” and “agency” drunk on divine omniscience and omnipotence. Thanks so much for unveiling the blinding spectacle.

  133. Your entire view of our intelligence agencies is skewed to a negative position. Perhaps an objective view of what the NSA and it’s predecessors accomplished during the Second World War and beyond, the lives that were saved, the importance of the production of Comint and Sigint in locating German and Japanese forces, the killing of Admiral Yamamoto due to Comint, the breaking of both German and Japanese codes, the use of those intercepts in decimating the German submarine force, and on and on and on.

    Then the importance of Sigint and Comint during the Cold War. It’s importance to understanding a very secretive government, knowing in advance what was being planned, the breaking of codes allowing the easy reading of Soviet signals, the placement of tapping equipment by submarines on underwater cables in both the Murmansk area as well as the Kamchatka Peninsula providing fantastic insights into Soviet submarine forces as well as missile tests, Project Boresite and it’s importance to being able to know the position of Soviet Submarines, all this and more.

    Perhaps providing some insight for the public into the successes of the NSA as well as disclosing some of it’s failures, excesses and questionable actions might provide the citizens of the USA with a better and more objective understanding of why NSA does what it does. It is my opinion that you would be better served with an objective approach than a purely negative one.

    Besides, anyone who has ever been involved with the NSA knows that most of what you have published to this point is merely collateral information. It brings into question whether you are really a tool of the intelligence agencies being fed a limited amount of information, knowing it would be published, in order to bring about a greater goal. Think about it; A low level employee having access to the greatest secrets of the US Government, able to bring them out undetected, going to Chna, then on to Russia. Anyone with half the IQ of a three toed sloth knows that both China and Russia now have that information in their possession. For what purpose was Snowden allowed to do what he did. And in my opinion, he was allowed.

    • 22 million civilians were killed in WW2, and you talk about saved lives then?

      If citizens knew what that their governments planned to carpet bomb cities, then maybe that would have saved lives.

      In a democracy. the citizens should spy on their governments and not the other way around.

      You have learned nothing from history.

  134. I can see from this early stages how you organization will work to get the TRUTH out to the world. Good luck and stay safe to all!

  135. What the American people needs to know is the NSA exist only for the purpose of protecting the wealth of the 1%, reason one for the existing of the FISA court and the collection of all American and world private lives…

  136. Don’t fly in small planes….maybe any planes.
    Good luck with this project ,we need your help.

  137. Mr. Greenwald,

    Thank you, your partner David Miranda, Laura Poitras, Edward Snowden, and all others who are standing by you, and what it is you are doing.

    A pity that the United States, has to be forced to uphold its own Constitution and its own Bill of Rights.

    You are fighting a battle that will be very difficult to win; the biggest problem you face is getting Americans to wake up from their state induced coma…

  138. You’re work is essential for the exposure of the corporate state. It is so dismaying to see all that is done in our
    name. Iam ashamed of our country-it is hardly a democracy-Tom

  139. Wonderful to hear the Pacifica radio, 94.1 FM KPFA.org, Democracy Now episode today, featuring Jeremy Scahill & Glenn Greewald, which led me here. The launch of this site is a source of tremendous encouragement to people like myself who are doing our own part in raising awareness, educating fellow persons & stimulating a conscious & productive dialogue about the Orwellian state that is emerging all around us & what we can do to stop such oppression & thereby empower ourselves in the cultivation of peace. Much continued success in all you do & are! Respect, Love & Peace ~

  140. Congrats on your new launch. Those of us who were journalists but bailed out of what became advertorial rags with hyper capitalist news values and those of us who left the corporate entities that used to be universities are eager to help you. Solidarity,

    Ricardo Villanueva

  141. The drones are getting cheaper and cheaper and China is copying everything and making it cheaper for everyone. Soon the whole world will have drones with weaponry so what then. Will it be fair to say that anyone will be fair game to attack and death by fiat as is the sole pleasure of our government now. This issue is being ignored by the mainstream media and even fox. Maybe because if the republicans win the White House they want to keep the power to kill at will with drones in the guise of national security or terror threat. The government can kill anyone and then create fake evidence . Remember the so called Georgia militia where the Gov. Killed women and children and no real proof of any conspiracy ever was proved. This is a slap in all Americans faces considering the bloodshed spent to get due process rights in the first place.

  142. Great job! It breaks my heart that they don’t trust US (see my play on words with the US) …that we are nothing but a statistic to them…just 3 hops.

  143. Like an iceberg, you are witness only to what you see above the surface. The rest is left well enough to the imagination.

  144. Until Snowden and Greenwald present themselves as American citizens’ in a country with a very robust rule of law with due process rights and the ability to have their day in court- Snowden I allege is a traitor and Greenwald a co-conspirator who as a lawyer knows full well that the theatrics he is helping to create will bid up the book and movie rights. Snowden joins a long list of self-appointed law breakers claiming they acted for the greater good without regard for the collateral damage to our diplomats, our national security and ultimately our country. As for Greenwald I for one am very uncomfortable leaving to his discretion which of these stolen documents are released as he has not demonstrated a concern that rises above self interest. IMO

    • You are not a friend of freedom. Hundreds of millions of American citizens have had their privacy breached and you worry about the safety of diplomats? Seriously? These very diplomats ace complicit in lying us into war in Iraq and a host of other treasonable offenses against WE THE PEOPLE.

      You must be a card carrying Republican.

      • You are sadly mistaken if you think only Republicans think Snowden is a traitor. The Left is equally complicit in demonizing Snowden as a traitor. This is not a Left/Right issue. Note that those that agree with Ron Paul attack the NSA like we do.

    • “Until Snowden and Greenwald present themselves as American citizens’ in a country with a very robust rule of law with due process rights and the ability to have their day in court”

      And which country would that be?

  145. I was able to watch your presentation for 30c3. It was utterly mind-blowing. Thanks for this addition to that project.

  146. Was able to watch your presentation for the 30c3. What an awesome project. Thanks for this addition to what was a most powerful – utterly mind blowing – presentation.

  147. Beautiful photographs that say a lot. Thank you for contributing to the battle.

    I will be following this site and sharing with all others.

  148. Awesome photos .. nicely done, especially given an extended exposure time from an aerial platform. And speaking of which .. and this is Not from Afghanistan or Somalia mi amigos .. http://www.uasvision.com/2014/02/10/uas-flies-first-long-duration-test-using-repurposed-satellite/?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=5b871d8268-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_term=0_799756aeb7-5b871d8268-297553597 Just coincidental that DemocracyNow’s broadcast this am features this New site, and then comes the UAS Vision News email; I’m a subscriber. Draw your own conclusions .. just be informed. Cheers!

  149. the corner-stones should read: “built by the american people” as all this is done in our name but w/o our full knowledge or permission. the entire population of ft meade could easily fit in just the parking lot… it’s not black op’s… it’s black holes sucking our resources and reputations down the drain.

  150. Curious fact: Check out the National Geospatial Intel Agency’s facility from above using Google Maps. It looks like an eye.

    Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

  151. In the interest of concrete visibility, could someone please explain to me why, if the US government has the ability to capture and do as they will with our entire on line existence, it is not equally ethical to publicly post the names and positions, if not the addresses and phone numbers, of all members of all intelligence agencies? These organizations maintain their power largely through secrecy and intimidation. The cure is transparency, accompanied by accountability of each individual, to the public. Thanks

  152. I support Glenn and Jeremy 1000% in anything and everything they do. I know that their writings will be the true facts! And that is what I expect when reading News. Thank you Jeremy and Glenn hope you web page stays up so we can learn the truth.

  153. Why does this matter? “The Central Intelligence Agency – the largest member of the intelligence community – denied repeated requests for permission to take aerial photos of its headquarters in Langley, Virginia.”

  154. The photos look so “glitzy” like the gov-gone-broadway, yet when we realize the horror of what comes out of these structures…..sickens me. Please continue to be part of The Good Fight. Thanks!

  155. I wish your entire team all good wishes. What you are doing inspires the rest of us to be more courageous in the defense of freedom and democracy, without which we will lose it and , sad to say, no longer deserve it if we are not willing to fight for it.

  156. Cool pics. Thanks for the effort. I also believe Stasi3.0 is an appropriate synonym for all the unleashed activities of (not only) US-American spying agencies. B.t.w. it strikes me that by far most of the land surface is used for cars: huge parking lots, four-lane roads, etc.. Germany has changed from democracy to autocracy (literally) decades ago (if there ever was any). However, the waste of land for automobile traffic tops anything in the rest of the world.

    • Living in the 21st century is NOT what it used to be 15 years ago……..
      We have NO privacy ‘Big Brother’ is watching us from the sky which direction we go. Our phones are taped, when we come home and set the airco on BB knows we are at home, when we take shower BB knows as the water clock is moving faster, and so on………..
      If BB is so powerful, why they are NOT capable to avoid crimes and murders before they happen?……….
      Well guys,……….., they have all the tools to do this and more but you have to ask yourself………..do they really want to do it?…………..

  157. I’m beginning to see why Republicans are so rabid about downsizing government. I wonder if the social safety net they want to eliminate eats up as much carbon-based energy as is evidenced by these spectacular photos.

  158. Thank your for your competent alternative to the trans-national corporate media. To quote from your Democracy Now appearance “courage is contagious”.

  159. Thank You, Look at all the Money Spent ! All the ‘people’ = sheep Get Paid ! To keep the sheep asleep ! Now Come The Slow E.L.E From Japan Thank YOU NUKE Lie + Money gone Bad = E .L . E. Make’s a good thing now ! All ok go back To Sleep forget what you learned in School…… Sorry some Do Know , Thank you ! But I worked gov 3 times Quit 3 times ! ALL Lie’s Worked on the ‘ shit’ Tech. That robs us all now !!In SO MANY WAYs!!! The World is Paying Now For The Greed,Control, & so,on ! More not Enough That is man’s end ? Think,,,,, Math show this TOO !

  160. Great Work, Looking to see more great reporting in the future! Hope you have a safe trip back to US in the spring.

  161. Interesting. Looking forward to your parallel expositions of Chinese, Russian and Belarus sites. When will you be running these?

  162. Congratulations on your new venture! I hope it brings us the stories that the “news” networks won’t. Best of luck to you all!

  163. best wishes to the team, we all hope that it will strengthen new digital era of-UNVEILED.

  164. The adult in me wants this monstrosity deleted from the budget and the entire structure sold for scrap. But that’s going to take some time. The child in me wants about 10 lbs of 1/2 inch carpet tacks. Don’t forget those on your next night flight.

  165. hey, I got an idea. why don’t you euros kill a girafe and feed it to the lions? useless bastards.

    • The media keeps telling me to be disturbed about this event, but where on the continuum of human horrors am I to place all those children starving for food, security and educations, then? It’s a pretty crowded platform. Should I push some of the kids off? How about just the scapegoat’s kidds?

      Seriously, that is some sick debate over how to divvy up meat, barbarians. Get over your meat eating selves, media monsters!

  166. Great work! Please don´t give up the fight for our civil rights! Push them in the bright light of society. Many thanks!

  167. Congratulation for this article from Indonesia. I’m sure they are operating in the area around the Phillepins also with their drones. Here are so much Muslims, so before their capacities run idle …

  168. ich freue mich persönlich sehr das diese seite entstanden ist und wünsche den machern alles gute und für die leser viele informationen

  169. Thanks for this eye opener images. It is true, we do not feel like these Agencies have a physical locus…but with a budget like that they must have 1000s of peolple working somewhere?

  170. In next few days we will hear bad storys about this intercept guys, what fault and erorrs they did in earlier life and why they should not be popular.. also they and their familiy get extra survillence of nsa.. everything written here will be controlled from them as hell, that’s for sure..

  171. Why not just use a small drone with video capability in broad daylight
    to capture all the licence plates on the parking lot and publish them or
    spread them via P2P?!
    That way relatives could easily check if someone of their family members
    works for at those facilities.

      • Speaking of third parties, why does that system that demands authenticity by having us retype the images into a data base to advance documented word include so many numbers these days? Iit looks like a visual cataloging of addresses and license plates to me lately, from what I can make of their soup these days. I didn’t mind helping them read old twisted text, but I don’t want to ID anyone’s metadata.

    • Or you could just ask your family/friends if they work there. It isn’t a secret. They’ll probably tell you what they do there, too. These buildings all have their own marked highway exits. Heck, the CIA has two bus lines that service its headquarters. But, hey, congratulations to the photographer for taking some nice looking photos of buildings that aren’t hidden.

    • I don’t think it’s come to that yet (exactly) but if we don’t do something to stop what’s happening now it will be.

      • And that’s one of the challenges. Those of us raising the alarm sound like –well …alarmists– but waiting until the worst happens guarantees it will. It also depends on where you are on the continuum. For those who have already been tapped, spied on, waterboarded, droned, tortured, extradited, kidnapped, assassinated and killed, there is nothing theoretical about any of this. Those of us who have the luxury of talking about theories are the ones who should be acting from that place of relative safety. Others are already dead, and that’s not hyperbole.

    • Sorry but the US System is far worse then the Staatsicherheit Services of East Germany.

      I suggest you read Edward Bernays books Crystallizing Public Opinion 1923 and Propaanda 1928 used by Joseph Goebbels in the 1930s to gain Support from the majority of the Population of Germany for the Nazi Party Platform. This has been the plan for 85 years. Oh yes and IBI and Henry Ford helped to bring Hitler to power for the sole reason of Social control over Euorpe. All of this Information is public.

  172. @Almut Gäbler, no doubt spending all that money on poverty relief would do a lot of good; however, I think it is naive to think that this would have much of an impact on terrorism. Terrorists are not usually driven by rational thought; in the case of Islamist terrorism, it is driven by religious fanaticism which would not be affected at all by poverty relief. Remember that Osama Bin Laden was the scion of one of the wealthiest families in one of the wealthiest countries of the world; he did not resort to terrorism because of poverty, nor did he choose to spend his family’s wealth on poverty relief himself.

    • @Wolf, part of “poverty relief” should be invested in Education, that is how you take away religious fanaticism. whether in the USA or the middle east, people like Bin Laden or Hitler etc., need these hords of illiterates to operate.

      • Too right – I know it’s a drop in the ocean – but better education was part of my rational when I decided to help kids in Peru. (Racism was the other main reason!)
        If you are interested – This is what we are doing – http://www.richard-coates.com/2013-pi-update
        and this is why!
        Have a look at “1st Impressions” and then “What I didn’t like” (The Intro pages talk about the Sendero Luminoso/Shinning Path terrorists in Peru) http://www.richard-coates.com/ccc

      • The Germans who VOTED Hitler in to power were not illiterates. Just the reverse. As Goebbels put it so well, as long as you tell a lie often enough, people will eventually believe it. Just look at the Tea party and viewers of Fox news, some of them actually went to school.

        • Point of fact: Hitler was never elected by the German people or anyone else. And the Nazis never won a remotely free election.
          Der Fuehrer’s party, of which he was the head in the parliamentary system, amassed 44% of the vote in the last national poll before Hitler, who had been APPOINTED chancellor by the feeble ancient President, allowed only one or two 99% type elections and closed the whole process down.
          Two of the prevailing myths about the advent of nazism are their own tale of a “seizure” of power and one often favored by those wishing to assert broad German guilt, that the nazis won power by the ballot.

          • Still sounds like a guilt sausage. Humans were caught in the crossed hairs of some real twisted shorthairs, and my job, if I was schooled correctly, is to call such tools out before they ruin the whole race, again.

            I, if made to vote, would probably go German, right now. The US is going fasci whether they can smell the hair burning or Nacht. Nebel’s right behind it.

        • I’ve been dwell timing in the Saarland, and 90% voted to go with Hitler rather than France or maintain a League of Nations protected independence in 1935. Why? Well of course there was a major German PR machine making sausages overtime. There was coal in them their hills.

          But look at the choices. In February of 1934, the pro-fasci Croix de Feu Vet’s Militia had just pulled off an industrially financed Paris Riot that had brought on an emergency state under which that militia inserted themselves into French civil control. “Run, Shoshanna!” Militarism was back in fashion, again. Beep, beep!

          The Third French Republic had been overturned by the CF’s quickly formed Social Party and by years end, France was going Vichy before they ever capitulated to Hitler. Fascism was everywhere. Sacre Bleu!! I’ll tell you about the Tabu some other time.

          The CF’s, who in 1935 proclaimed themselves CORPORATISTS, refused to allow Socialists, Communists or “Asiatic menaces” (code for Jewish folk) to immigrate into France. So their fare didn’t look much different to the Saarlanders than what Hitler was cooking up, and Hitler could really throw a hell of a party. His Koblenz show to sell the Saar was said to be SPECTACULAR!!

          Where I lived in 1970s Germany was where the West Homburg Customs House on the rail line between Germany and the Saar lay in an old lagoon bed. I swear, there’s a space where Germany could place their own hilariously heroic Hagens. Right now, Germany seems safer to me and the US is plotting with the UK to reverse Magna Carta!! Those guys are scaring the sausages out of me!! So I must laugh or cry.

          • From what I can read, the 10% screwed up pointing out to the Catholic majority Saarlanders that the French were becoming anti-communist and reviving anti-Dreyfuss sentiments to the point of extermination by denying sanctuary to those fleeing worsening eastern pogroms. They also pointed out the industrial financial machine growing between the European nations with some gas left and the US.

            Thus, the Saarlanders could NOT see any difference between those who held power in France or Germany. Nor could they see themselves managing their own affairs without lots of other folks meddling in them as was the case when this whole plebiscite went down. Sad to say, they went with the biggest bully around to try and keep the bloodshed down. Volks between the Moselle and the Rhine have been taking the heat since Kreimhild got even. Can’t fault them for trying to keep it down.

    • Not a simple yes/no proposition. Broadly speaking, fewer people in a community are likely to join terrorist casuses if they and their community aren’t struggling to meet basic human needs. That’s why groups like Hezbollah and Hamas always set-up reliable food & health distribution systems where they operate. Poverty relief can only help.

  173. Trevor Paglen is an absolute boss. I saw him playing in a noise-band in 1998 in a warehouse in Oakland, Ca. When i found out he was the same guy who released ” I Could Tell You But Then You Would Have to be Destroyed by Me” I was completely blown away. Immediately tracked down all of his books except for ‘Experimental Geography’ (cheapest copy i could find was $100) . https://soundcloud.com/media-roots/trevor-paglen-interview

    • I hope First Look isn’t a sell out in disguise and that they continue inviting Trevor to expose his work.

      The military patch stuff is truly fascinating. And he also has written a book about the Torture Taxi CIA-Secret-Prison program.

    • These are High Dynamic Range (HDR) photographs. They get their eerie surrealism from the fact that they have been computer-processed to cause the exposure level to vary from region to region of the photo. You end up with a photo in which no details are washed out because of being too bright, or lost in the shadows for being too dark. The side-effect is a surreal appearance, but I assure you, you can read far more detail from these than you would from a conventional photograph.

      • Chuck, I believe Mike was suggesting that the authors could provide an artists rendition of the CIA HQ in lieu of a photograph they weren’t allowed to take. Hence it’s not in the article.

        However, your explanation of HDR photography is very helpful in explaining the superb quality and clarity of these photo’s. Great work by Trevor Paglen!

        • Okay, I get what you are saying. It’s unfortunately difficult to read tone of voice in a forum post.

          I agree, though, these photos show some beautiful work.

  174. what a lot of parking spaces
    normal people can easely estemate how many personal there works, so calculate how many exploses there are needed to blow up all these cars
    stupid intelligence services; giving away so muh information in their monkey-like pride
    but the stupid of it all is that the use so much space of nature, so the make them selfes in the end not popular by the people
    why not build it with underground parkinglots?

      • You might be right: I would’nt be surprised if in the NSA-photo the little building close to the bottom right corner was an entrance to the lower parking levels.

    • While you’re right about car counting, you’re clearly not aware of the requirements to actually get *in* to the lots. You can’t just drive up. Entrants are checked car by car. Federal police in SUVs armed with M4 rifles abound. There’s a very long line of cars in the morning for the start of the main shift, and employees have to add that into their commute time.

      The NSA headquarters has grown greatly over time. Converting all that space to underground lots (if there’s space underground to use) would require expensive construction costing billions of dollars as every single person admitted to the site would have to be cleared to at least Top Secret. That’s a standard requirement for vendors who work on-site: even the fast food employees who work in the food court have them, just in case they overhear something they shouldn’t.

      • Would they be allowed to commute to work on bicycles? And would their security check be as time-consuming?
        Do the “higher-ups” get an express lane?

    • According to “Top Secret America” (by Dana Priest/William Arkin) there are 37,000 parking spaces at the NSA in Maryland…And, yes, some of the buildings DO go up four floors–and down 12 floors…”Top Secret America” was first a Washington Post investigative series (2011), then a book, then a frontline/pbs documentary (free at pbs)…



  175. just imagine all those billions spent to relief poverty within the US and “3rd” world instead. Unimaginable what immense impact on the decline of terrorismn this would undoubtfully have !!!

    • 100% agree! Reduction in poverty (world wide and by sustainable projects) will reduce the “breeding grounds” targeted by “undesirables” (terrorists, etc) and will also make our world better economically (more trade) and safer (less wars, better health – less chance of infections crossing continents).
      We need a fundamental change of Gov’t policies/objectives.
      Lobbyists to Gov’t (whether in the US, UK etc) influence policies and are mainly (but not exclusively) backed by companies with vested interests. EG: http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2013/07/money-nsa-vote/

    • Come on, “relief poverty” — President Johnson started “a war on poverty” (everything is a freaking war in this country) some 50 years ago.

      The poor are the enemies!! The Overlords must know if the poor would rebel so they can crush them beforehand…

      • This may seem difficult to grasp, but there are many terrorists who are not lower class, and who are motivated by an ideology that has nothing to do with inequality. That’s for starters. Second of all, if you read reports from Yale Global and Oxford, free enterprise has lifted a billion people out of the most severe poverty in the past 20 years. It had nothing to do with the UN’s Millenium Challenge, or other philanthropic programs. The Chinese merely decided to stop being so communistic in their economics and India carried out reforms for its socialist economy. That accounts for the overwhelming majority of poverty reduction over the last 20 years, and this is information that can be gained from academic and mainstream news sources.

        • I just want to remind you that the RAF (de: Rote Armee Fraktion – en: Red Army Faction) who operated from 1970 until 1998 (nearly 30 years) where mainly from upper class establishment. There are numerous other, mainly left wing groups who where formed by intellectual and cominf from rich background.

        • Like everyone else, these journalists only want to be famous and that we speak of them.
          The information is secondary and what better way to talk about anyone? Post on the NSA, CIA, etc. ….
          It is more difficult and risky to mention China, Russia or Iran …
          Then journalist living …. no thank you.
          This site does not really interest me.

        • imo you are right. undifferentiated poverty is not the issue. palestine and to a lesser extent kashmir, afghanistan, pakistan, libya, syria, etc. are. the u.s. support of israel’s vicious conquest and persecution of palestine is the primary driver of islamic terrorism though the killing of whomever disagrees with the u.s. (and bystanders) is fast challenging it.

        • imo you are right. the u.s./israeli policy in palestine is the main driver of islamic terrorism world wide, although the ongoing killing of anyone who opposes the u.s. hegemony in afghanistan, pakistan, iraq, libya, syria, iran, yemen, etc. is fast challenging it.

        • You mean the same sources that pride themselves on neo-liberal market principles and the same people who write policies for third world countries to adhere to? India and China have improved living standards for a very few, mainly the elite that run the countries. The same can be said of Eastern Europe about how western monetary policies have emacipated the massess. Rubbish, most people in Eastern Europe are worst off than they were during what you call “comminism” which was nothing but state capitalism. The polls show consistantly that people feel worst off. The policies that are written for poor countries are not there to benefit the poor countries and that is something organisation such as Oxfam have consistantly documented.

    • Actually, it would have very little impact. OBL was worth hundreds of millions of dollars and Muslim jihadists are motivated by religious fervor and nothing remotely to do with poverty. To say that poverty makes a person a terrorist is a libel against every poor person there is.

      • It’s not at all that poverty makes people terrorists. It is that improving people’s standards of living causes the conditions that breed terrorism to exist less. It is no different than the fact that in countries where women have access to safe abortion the rate of abortion is much lower. You also find an interesting correlation that countries that have zero population growth or a net negative population growth are the societies where women have mostly equal rights to men and that societies with large population growth rates are the societies where women are oppressed.

      • I doubt that is what the OP meant. I consider where most of the high-crime areas are in the US, and it is mainly the high-poverty, crumbling inner cities, but we can also find it in poor rural areas as well.

        To make a conclusion as yours requires that one believes EVERY single poor person is prone to crime; that is not necessarily true. The data indicates a high CORRELATION (as well as significant indications of causation) between high poverty and high crime areas. It is not one-to-one, as your conclusion suggests.

        From that, it is not difficult to extend this analysis to other places on Earth where poverty is rampant.

        • It is true that relatively petty crime exists in these areas. Higher-magnitude crime is absent in poor areas. It happens in political offices, where economics and politics collude to put entire sovereign nations into debt-servitude.

          No, most of the “high-crime” areas in the US are in law offices, congressional and corporate offices and certain seats of the executive branch.

    • Absolutely. There is no money shortage, only hoarding and misappropriation, such as war, surveillance, corporate welfare, buying political influence and controlling of the message…aka propaganda.
      Eliminating these harmful and self serving agendas would allow for money to be used to assist the planet and her people to a more just, equitable and harmonious existence.

    • this is exactly the conversation we need to be having. It’s proven that poverty, and the affects it has on humans, is societies number one long term enemy. There is an insidious campaign perpetuated by certain individuals in this country to keep this sort of dialogue out of the spotlight. As long as there is money to be made, the well being of people is an afterthought. its the deep rooted evil of capitalism no one ever realizes, and when they do they don’t talk about it.

    • Unfortunately, it is poor people that the guys who have designed this monstrosity are most at war with.

    • “We’ve spent thirty-five or forty billion dollars on the space program. And if nothing else had come of it except the knowledge we’ve gained from space photography, it would be worth ten times what the whole program cost. Because tonight we know how many missiles the enemy has and, it turned out, our guesses were way off. We were doing things we didn’t need to do. We were building things we didn’t need to build. We were harboring fears we didn’t need to harbor.”
      President Lyndon B. Johnson, 1967

    • The problem is that all of these billions of dollars being spent allegedly on protecting us from terrorist is not being spent for that reason. Like this so-called bogus “war on terror” which began during the G.W. Bush administration and will continue on until the U.S. has succeeded in conquering the whole world, all of these billions of dollars being spent by the NSA is to protect our corrupt government and the corporations supporting it from people who will be in our way in achieving this goal of complete world domination.

      For our government and its leaders to see who the real terrorists are in the world today, all they need to do is simply look in the mirror. A recent poll was taken throughout the world asking the indigenous people what country, in their opinion, was the biggest terrorist nation in the world today, and the answer was resounding, the United States of America.

    • Nidal Hasan, Abdulmutallab and Humam al-Balawi are jihadists who were educated and came from privileged middle and upper-class backgrounds. Hasan was an American-trained U.S. Army doctor, Abdulmutallab was a London engineering student and the son of a wealthy Nigerian banker, and double-agent Dr. Humam al-Balawi was a member of the Jordanian professional class. I hardly need remind you that Sheik Osama bin Laden was the son of billionaire Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden and enjoyed a life of extreme privilege before indulging his blood lust.

      Additionally, two-thirds of British terror suspects are from middle-class backgrounds and those who become suicide bombers are often highly educated, according to a 200-page MI5 document document produced in 2011.

      The aforementioned are not mere exceptions to the rule; they ARE the rule.

      Your attempt to portray terrorism as a consequence of poverty is just so much hackneyed pseudo-socialist propaganda. Why lie? Is the truth too ugly to bear? Islamist radicalization is not a proletarian conceit so drop the pretense, already; it’s quite unseemly.

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