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We are very excited to welcome everyone to The Intercept, a publication of First Look Media (FLM). The Intercept, which the three of us created, is the first of what will be numerous digital magazines published by FLM.

As soon as we resolved to build The Intercept, we set out to recruit many of the journalists whose work we have long respected and admired: those who have a proven track record of breaking boundaries, taking risks, and producing innovative, rigorous journalism.

We have assembled a team of experienced and independent journalists and editors (see our masthead here). Our central mission is to hold the most powerful governmental and corporate factions accountable, and to do so, we will report on a wide and varied range of issues.

Being able to work with highly accomplished writers like Liliana Segura, Dan Froomkin, Peter Maass and Marcy Wheeler, along with a team of young and aggressive reporters such as Murtaza Hussain, Ryan Gallagher and Ryan Devereaux, is truly emboldening. For our reporting, we have both technical expertise in the form of Micah Lee, and legal expertise from Daniel Novack. As our team grows, the ethos they embody of fearless, independent journalism is what will guide us.

The Intercept has a two-fold mission: one short-term, the other long-term.

Our short-term mission is limited but critically important: to provide a platform and an editorial structure in which to aggressively report on the disclosures provided to us by our source, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. We decided to launch now because we believe we have a vital and urgent obligation to this story, to these documents, and to the public.

Over the past seven months the journalists who have reported on these documents from the National Security Agency have been repeatedly threatened by a wide range of government officials. Sometimes, the intimidation campaign has gone beyond mere threats. These attempted intimidation tactics have intensified in recent weeks and have become clearly more concerted and coordinated.

None of this will deter the journalism we are doing. A primary function of The Intercept is to insist upon and defend our press freedoms from those who wish to infringe them. We are determined to move forward with what we believe is essential reporting in the public interest and with a commitment to the ideal that a truly free and independent press is a vital component of any healthy democratic society.

Our first two news articles at The Intercept are now published. The first, by Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald, documents the NSA’s use of highly unreliable methods to target individuals around the world for assassinations by drone, resulting in the deaths of innocent people. It relies upon a new well-placed source, as well as new NSA documents from the Snowden archive, to tell the story.

The second is by a guest reporter, the photographer and artist Trevor Paglen, who is publishing new aerial images of the NSA, the National Reconnaissance Office, and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

Our focus in this very initial stage will be overwhelmingly on the NSA story. We will use all forms of digital media for our reporting. We will publish original source documents on which our reporting is based. We will have reporters in Washington covering reactions to these revelations and the ongoing reform efforts.

We will provide commentary from our journalists, including the return of Glenn Greenwald’s regular column. We will engage with our readers in the comment section. We will host outside experts to write op-eds and contribute news items.

Our longer-term mission is to provide aggressive and independent adversarial journalism across a wide range of issues, from secrecy, criminal and civil justice abuses and civil liberties violations to media conduct, societal inequality and all forms of financial and political corruption. The editorial independence of our journalists will be guaranteed, and they will be encouraged to pursue their journalistic passion, areas of interest, and unique voices.

We believe the prime value of journalism is that it imposes transparency, and thus accountability, on those who wield the greatest governmental and corporate power. Our journalists will be not only permitted, but encouraged, to pursue stories without regard to whom they might alienate.

Because we are launching with a limited short-term focus, we are excited by the opportunity to grow with our readers into the broader and more comprehensive news outlet we will become.

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  1. Oh, how I wish you success. Please be careful, listen to legal counsel and do not endanger lives. I hope that your staff – every single person – understands the need to protect your own security, materials, sources and methods. You certainly understand that the government does not welcome this new site and you must appreciate their resources are a billion times larger than yours. The 16 government agencies and DOJ will do their best to impede your reporting; you already know that. Please protect yourselves well and employ the best security professionals possible.
    It is far too soon to judge your quality and reliability, but that will come in time. I will gladly read the majority of what you publish, but please so not waste my time. Please also know that one my primary interests is learning more about the FISA Court process. Frankly, it curdles my blood to see a Secret Court in the U.S., one where any party other than Our Government is unwelcome and has no standing. In short, *in camera* proceedings in normal Federal Courts are possible, perhaps even common; at least the second party has some opportunity to be heard; with FISA, that is virtually unknown. Keep your noses clean, be extremely careful where you discuss your business and even more careful about your drafting and writing.
    I hope for great things from this new site, but again, please do not endanger lives. Even with a bent for disclosing as much as you can find, there truly are a few details that should not be made public, generally the personal identification details of U.S. and friendly field operatives. Please be careful. -CG

  2. Great work you guys
    Millions depend on your efforts to learn the truth
    You have a friend in Canada

  3. Cool~ I am looking forward to reading what I hope to be the truth.

    As someone else mentioned, follow the money.

    Good luck, stay safe, god bless

  4. I don’t see them in the app store. Are they coming or are they already there? I need to be able to read the news on breaks and lunch.

  5. I’ve not been so excited since the Arizona Project came out and made a paper of a little local rag. That’s what the Republic got for ignoring the facts. New times are a coming, that’s for sure.

    It’s so strange to read Glenn’s work with NBC’s Investigative online story store while NBC News ignores it all Nightly. They have a schism in their news division?

  6. A small thing perhaps, but I am finding that the Atavar placed on top of the first words of the post extremely distracting. Would it be possible to change that? Thanks

    • Excuse me, but the web designer we hired for $250M considers the placement of the avatar over the first part of the post to be extremely edgy and avant-garde. It suggests redaction by the security state and stimulates thinking on the part of readers who have to guess the meaning of the comment absent the missing words. If you don’t want to be challenged, please go to some other site :)

      • OK, is this a letter from the devil? I’m down with dat.

        I agree with Keenon, and I prefer all these icons be blasted to smithers.

        I thought you were seriously challenging Keenon to some dissing match before I recalled you throwing a matching device like that earlier. Letters from the Devil were all the rage with 1500s volks and Snark Hunters. I’m thinking of Carroll’s Screwtape Letters.

        Now I find you hilarious!

        • It is simply frustrating to throw pearls before sw..the readers, and then have them complain they can’t read the comments. What is a high concept web designer to do? The outline of a human head is intended to represent the view through a gun sight – but do the commenters appreciate this? Noooo.

  7. I would hope that The Intercept draws the likes of other investigative journalists like Greg Palast, Pepe Escobar and Matt Taibibi to its fold.

  8. There are many of us who care about the issues you plan to cover. I hope that Intercept
    gets the eyes needed to grow into a an international resource treasure for investigation,
    reporting, and activism on the big picture issues threatening us all. I highly respect all the
    Initial contributing writers and hope they find Intercept to be a worthy platform for their
    profound humanity.


  9. Thank You for all your work. Will there be s broadcast edition, like Amy Goodmans Democracy Now?

  10. Congratulations for your brave work. If you have some documents which could put light about the mexican election I think this is the moment. Wellcome.

  11. Well -
    I am so looking forward to reading your upcoming articles.
    After 44 years of reading the corporate-owned, major American and European newspaper’s articles written by journalists unquestioningly repeating official statements – I am looking forward to the kind of investigative, questioning reporting made famous by Woodward and Berstein in my lifetime.
    I am telling many friends about The Intercept.

  12. Thank you, Jeremy. I continue to appreciate your work and your analyses.

  13. I find it difficult to read the comments because of the type.
    Would you please consider using a different font? One containing serifs would help enormously.
    I wholeheartedly support your work.
    Thank you.

    • Try enlarging it. I bet that’s a bit of a burden just to help your vision issues. But my bro is very sensitive to type, too. “Clean” is all the rage with this faux transparency styling con-sept.

      I just watched Siegfried and Kreimhild on netflix, Fritz’s version. Dear Good, how did anyone read through all that Black? Like a forest all up in that font! Even woodcut animals inside the Capitals.

  14. Well, it took watching Bill Maher to learn of this site, but what the hell? I love Maher, too! Thanks for doing the news! Very great team, it appears. BEST OF LUCK!!

  15. Hurrah for you guys. I wish you the biggest success in your endeavor. Someone in in this country needs to take the status quo to task. I’m looking forward to reading your articles. Good luck!

  16. At long last. Reporting the truth. Thanks to you all for doing so……and please cover the denials of climate change reporting by top scientist. It is my understanding that various Congresspersons, Senator Inhoff of Oklahoma being one, withheld important climate change information. Thank you.

  17. Why are members of your staff and headline reporters publishing in the dreadful NYT rather than here?

    • I would imagine that Poitras has had some collaborations in the pipeline w/ Risen and others at the NYT and elsewhere. Maybe Greenwald as well.

      After all, the loons shrieking that Glenn sold the Snowden docs to Pierre are full of it.

  18. I have been following the work of Scahill and Greenwald for some time now and am thrilled that these two have gotten together (along with their stellar team) to coordinate their efforts.

  19. Congratulations! Hope broad support will help all of you to continue with this great project and to withstand difficulties and obstructions you will encounter.

  20. Really excited about the three of you coming together in this effort…Most likely going to become favorite news source. Thank you for being the reporters that you all are.

  21. It’s not just the good people of the Americas counting on your ‘telling truth to power’, but many across the globe. The Australasian medias are firmly in the hands of the corporations. I’m attending a session in Hong Kong this coming Tuesday on the ‘Death of Independent Media’. I wonder if you’ve considered employing journalists from a wide sweep of nations as you grow and prosper. There must be the odd Antipodean journalist left uncorrupted. Good luck.

  22. Problems with forwarding the tweet from this website, in Belgium. I’ve been chased by intelligence in Estonia, as a Nordic journalist and as a diplomat. They were raised and educated by the KGB, ok , but the new combination hasn’t made them any better

  23. Love, love, love this collaborative effort with some of my favorite journalists. Great work so far nx looking forward to what comes next!!!!

  24. When I attempted to log onto your site I was warned that the site may be contaminated
    or a copycat in order to deter me from entering. The powers that be will stop at nothing
    to prevent the truth from coming out. Be careful, be very careful, and best of luck.

    • Funny that never happened to me. But recently I received a spam in my mailbox (I am French) from FOXNEWS lol and when I want to unsubscribe I am redirected to a fuckin financial site :(

  25. Good luck with the new venture. I hope that you will eventually include adversarial reporting of our media system.

  26. as the pool of news providers continues to shrink, I am thankful that The Intercept has been assembled to provide factual coverage of the most important issues, if we are to survive. I sign every pertinent petition but cannot donate because I have little money. However, I am willing to forego a little food or gas to chip in $5 each month.

  27. I love the idea of this news site, and I have followed Greenwald and Scahill for years. Self funded by a philanthropist is a great way to start, but it needs to have community support. A steady feed of funding is what will allow this site to grow and thrive. How do we send you money? Small recommended subscription fees would be a great way to start. $10 to $15 a month would be an easy way for many people to jump on board and contribute. Count me in when you work this out. Massive respect to Greenwald and Scahill.

  28. Well done……a couple ideas for articles in the future that deal specifically about “types of surveillance” that citizens may be interestd in or educated about…(1) the law surrounding the taking of fingerprints..could this be applied to the “taking of voiceprints”? AND (2) Power companies and smart meters….the potential exists to traverse privacy and track citizens and their daily routines….?

  29. Long time Glenn, Jeremy, et.al supporter – thrilled to have the national security state know I’m here.

  30. Bravo! We need independent voices shining light on the growing threat of unrestrained power in government and the financial sector. Please explore and further expound on Matt Taibi’s article in Rolling Stone. Here are a few excerpts:

    “Most observers on the Hill thought the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 – also known as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act – was just the latest and boldest in a long line of deregulatory handouts to Wall Street that had begun in the Reagan years…

    …it would take half a generation – till now, basically – to understand the most explosive part of the bill, which additionally legalized new forms of monopoly, allowing banks to merge with heavy industry.”

    … “…banks aren’t just buying stuff, they’re buying whole industrial processes. They’re buying oil that’s still in the ground, the tankers that move it across the sea, the refineries that turn it into fuel, and the pipelines that bring it to your home. Then, just for kicks, they’re also betting on the timing and efficiency of these same industrial processes in the financial markets – buying and selling oil stocks on the stock exchange, oil futures on the futures market, swaps on the swaps market, etc.

    “Allowing one company to control the supply of crucial physical commodities, and also trade in the financial products that might be related to those markets, is an open invitation to commit mass manipulation. It’s something akin to letting casino owners who take book on NFL games during the week also coach all the teams on Sundays…”

    Many thanks for all your hard work,

  31. Heroic efforts are a rarity these days. This is an heroic effort. Thank you. It doesn’t take a billionaire to change things, but it sure helps save a lot of time.

  32. I am so disgusted with local news, FOX,CNN and MSNBC etc. They are NOT informing the public only confusing and dividing the country and the world! Current news reporting compromises democracy and leaves the public in the dark. We need concrete facts and educated analysis, not some bubblehead telling us how bad Obama care is or how good it is, or what Justin Bieber is having for lunch or, for that matter, what the REACTION is from the other side. There are serious problems that are facing our world and they need to be reported on without bias or influence. Thank you for seeking the truth.

  33. Bravo to all three of you. I have seen Jeremy Scahill (great reporter and sleuth!) & Mr. Greenwald on TV quite often (MSNBC at least). I commend you for your work. I think your efforts will soon be rewarded. Unusual and strange things are happening. It is best to know rather tha speculate and imagine. We (humanity) deserve the truth as we are at a critical tipping point in so many ways now.

    Bravo & thanks.

  34. My suggestion is to have articles about past events in addition to current events. Seems many people are woefully unaware of what we have learned from declassified documents over the years because mainstream media does not speak of it. Consortium news does a good job of it, but many never see it. Other suggestion would be to maybe make the message board more similar to the guardians, whereas we can reply to each other, and voting helps you realize what most people think without spending 4 hrs reading all the comments. Thank you, the whole staff is an amazing group of real journalists reporting the truth that Americans have been starving for.

  35. One day songs will be songs written about our times.
    There will be heros and villains.
    This planet, our home, is the stage.
    We all will play our part.
    We need eyes and ears to discern what is real.
    We need wisdom to guide us.
    We need courage to do what we know is best.
    We need love to hold us together. Peace be with you dear friends

  36. Jeremy, ever since first heard you speak on “Democracy Now”, I have made it a point to pursue any broadcast you will be on. I admire your determination to do whatever it takes to dig deep for the truth; no mater how dark and disturbing it may be. You put yourself at risk with sensitive people, places, and things with little regard for your own safety to dis-cover and un-cover the truth. I hold you in high esteem for your integrity and character; both as a journalist and an individual. I speak for many when I say thank you for the web site, KEEP ON!!!!!! I don’t know what role I could play in the progression of the site as you grow. Like you, I am willing to do whatever it takes to help your efforts, no task is low; even stapling mass mailings. .. Please feel free to contact me at jctrailseeker@gmail.com. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! jANICE

  37. Thank you all.

    Any chance we can have a serious look at money and how 97% (UK) of it is created from thin air by private banks with a burden of interest? This fuels inequality like nothing else and needs reforming. See great work currently being done by https://www.positivemoney.org/ for more info.

  38. Your work was desperately needed!!Wishing you a lot of success and be sure that many of us will be supporting you to succeed. We see the same “control” articles across the media world wide and now less and less deep hard stories. Your project was urgently needed to have an open and uncontrolled free press.

  39. congratulations on getting off the ground really quickly. I look forward to reading and being better informed, from your dispatches and journalism.

    May i offer a note to all us, commenters and your Intercept staff as well:
    now’s also the time to see that Wikipedia has an entry–a page begun with the title “INTERCEPT” because Wikipedia is among the many tools we hold in common; it’s one of a variety of media at our disposal–to be used effectively, with heightened consciousness that casting the printed word broadly is a strong weapon, to be handled skilfully, against deceit, covert agendas, and any forces that want to suppress forthright truthful accounting.
    my greatest encouraging wishes to this new voice you have launched.
    michael waddell

  40. CLIMATE CHANGE, TOO, PLEASE … I would like to remain alive in order that I may enjoy my right to privacy. THANK YOU!

    • YES – Thank you, Kathy. Climate Change is the greatest danger to us all now. It’s relatively “easy” to fight an enemy that has a face and a gun (or a drone), harder when it’s all of us!

  41. Congratulations! You all get the backbone award for 2013/2014. Please provide a little more context to the documents that you are presenting. I’m sure Jeremy can help with this aspect. How do these documents and the activity that has been exposed fit into the big picture? And who is the man behind the curtain? Do not completely discount Feds, Spooks, Police… a lot of them know their history. They are very well aware that once a system, as is being documented, is fully in place…no one is safe. Least of all the people who can put them in jail. And certainly anyone who is honest will be first on the hit list. Look for friends and supporters where you can find them, no one wants to live in the worst totalitarian regime in the history of the world, except the scum bragging they will be the new masters in the Fourth Reich.

  42. I can’t help joining in with the chorus here – it is inspiring and exciting to see this being done by such great journalists at such a crucial time. I will be supporting and promoting the site as much as I can among friends and enemies alike, and following the articles and progress myself with verve. I wish you all the very best of luck.

  43. I cannot take the courage of the journalists behind this website for granted. For there appears to be a severe deficit of courage to confront gross illegalities that camouflages itself as anti-terror warriorism. Huge and diabolic challenges to the very foundations of western democracies are facing us. At times, it seems as if democracy itself, and its associated freedoms, are orphans with no one to defend them. Until now. Until Glen Greenwald. Until Jeremy Scahill. Until Laura Poitras. Until Edward Snowden and until all the other wonderful members of the staff here. They have shown courage at a time that it is most comfortable to just look the other way and do nothing. When street walking signals turn on automatically when I approach them from the numerous illegal implants in my body; when internal organ torture is exerted on my person via clearly perceptible nanodevices most of which are actually visible under ideal light conditions and when the pain of remote torture is beyond description, the least I can do is uphold the light of courage and speak out. Even if it means death…Thank you “TheIntercept.org”.

  44. Be easy, my heart. With guts like you folks, this will indeed be a brave, new world! Thanks so much.

  45. It can take great courage to be willing to know the truth, and even more to ferret it out. Continue to be as brave as you have already shown yourselves to be. I’d be naive to say that we have your backs, but please know that you have our thanks.

  46. The Intercept will be a new paradigm in the media world. And not a minute too soon. I wish you, Jeremy and the other brave men and women who have joined forces to bring transparency and truth to the people who realize we have a major problem(s) in the works. United we Stand, Divided we Fall!
    Wishing the best for Edward Snowden. He will be well remembered in history, as will you. Hope you can discover who is really running the show… The Great Oz!

  47. You represent the values that I believed the U.S. represented when I moved to this country. You have my full support.

  48. Bravo to the courage and your spirited determination to get the truth out to the masses. It takes great people with a conscience and heart to want to help people understand the gross and illegal activities of the US Government who is behaving like the Third Reich. Many applauses to Edward Snowden for telling the world the truth!!!

  49. Good luck and wishes to your success with the Intercept. I think that the march for truth startd here. Many other sites are doing their best to change how the truth is brought to citizens and yours will be a powerful new voice for a new way. I only regret that there will be some who will try to tear down your efforts here but I remain optimistic that you will succeed. Remember too to look over your shoulder because you have angered many powerful forces who have options to do harm to you if they can. I can be of any help let me know.

  50. Thank you for this site. I only heard about it a couple of days ago on NPR. I, kind of, gave up on finding news worth reading or watching. On TV, I usually watch The Weather Channel for news. Its reports are more honest and relevant than other TV news. Too bad it’s so limited on subject matter.

  51. My goodness, just the three of you and all that truth to tell. I better put the kettle on.

  52. Hi,
    hoping you will keep this site alive even though it’s somehow not mentioned at all in the mainstream media…
    Try to translate the abstract into how it translates to the “end user”
    e.g. look at this link where you can see how the data of your mobile location
    can be used to create a trace of your movements over time.
    The example shows the data of some german politician, but it could be anybody…
    Quite simple but people can connect to this much better
    than the abstract discussion on why or how long data should be stored…
    Keep up the good work, else nothing will change.
    How much will actually change still remains to be seen.

  53. incredibly courageous endeavour! gives one hope for our collective future…

  54. FLM will be ignored by America’s media – the sacrilege of speaking out – but I think, this time, their silence will become, what it has been growing to be, irrelevant. This www has given us all voice – we just needed some leadership. Thx.


    Hope to read all documents leaked by Edward Snowden without any intereference or modification.

    I will assist to spread the news.


  56. Sound great I am waiting to read some sober assessments of our world and the crocks we are forced to live with

  57. FOX News has been covering the Obama slide toward tyranny for years as it gathers momentum and power. Some at FOX think Snowden is a hero whilst most, correctly, see him as a traitor. All nations spy on one another and their citizens. It is Qbama’s secretive regime and its love of power by any means that is the danger here. However, any government, even under good leadership, can be more efficiently evil with the technology we possess today for following our every move and hearing our every word. Liberty hangs by a thread and we may all soon hang with it, Nukmahm

  58. Congrats on the amazing and disruptive project, Glenn and team. Sending over all my support from Rio de Janeiro / Brazil. Gabriela

  59. Hola desde Venezuela. Ha sido una decisión ¡excelente! este portal. Es muy necesario para investigadores como mi persona.

    Soy docente universitaria en la Universidad Central de Venezuela y en este país, como en muchos otros, la censura de las empresas mediáticas privadas nos obligan a recurrir a muchas fuentes para conocer la información que ustedes pueden aportar, particularmente sobre suramérica.

    Abrazo y muy fructífera labor. Cuídense mucho. Cristina González

  60. I look forward to seeing just how open a journalistic platform you can create.
    I have been a long time reader of the NYT and Washington Post, but became totally disillusioned with both venues, as well as the Guardian, with the coverage given to the attempted Syrian War, and the Snowden revelations by these rags.
    I am sick of main stream toadying to the power structure by our media.
    And I would hope you would shed some light on the undue influence Israel has on our foreign policy through its lobbying by AIPAC and its supporters in the US.

  61. I can only say thanks for engaging in this project,I look forward to all the future columns and articles. I wish you nothing but success in this endeavor. Cheers!

  62. Thank you for you committment and bravery in shining a light in the darkest of corners. History will remember this time and your contribution to liberty and freedom.

  63. All Power to the People. I am so happy that you all have taken this stand. I am in total support and willing to join your organization if I can. It will be very significant to get information that we can use to make informed decisions on the misinformation that is continually broadcasted to us. We progressive people out here support all of you and look forward to your work. We are will be encouraged to become creative as well and work towards taking our own action for liberation against mental slavery. Thanks for your courage and bravery. You all are truly admired and are truly inspiring. Peace and Love to all of you.

  64. I’ve gone from apathetic Canadian citizen to alert and concerned citizen of the world because of Democracy Now by which I discovered Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill. I don’t wield great power and I am not a journalist. But I really want the team of this website and First Look Productions to know what a difference you’ve made in my life and how much I’m pulling for each of you. Your fight is extremely important, and I am listening and hearing you loud and clear..!

  65. Thank you

    Patrick Henry said “Give me liberty or give me death.” Our country was founded on that statement – every one of us was taught that at school. We can’t allow the government to inhibit our freedom to express ourselves. When they are wrong we should shout out against them . I congratulate your new presence to honest journalism.

  66. Saludos de Lima y felicitationes a todo que trabajan por first look media. Por fin una pagina de web que esta luchando por informaciónes reales y importantes. Información que nosotros deberíamos usar para cambiar nuestras vidas, además, para mejorar nuestro mundo. Contra la vigilancia, y por la libertad, equidad y solidaridad.

  67. Thank you for your work. I sure I represent everyone here by saying what you are doing is important and we all appreciate it. stay strong my friend

  68. Forgot to say that today Feb 12 is my 84 Birthday, Please check UNECO.org where my good friend Noam Chomsky participate in our forthcoming film about the ongoing changes in Latin America and our ongoing production on Hugo Chavez , with Eva Golinger. Much more can be found on my Blog: Aldovidali.com or LuminousCompass.com

    Thank you…heart greetings to you all.

  69. This is great, finally we are told the truth about all events past and current, I’m not sure if I am able to handle it, LOL that was a joke. After all the powers to be have been in the business of manipulating all mainstream news to push their agenda and public opinion. I’m saddened to have to admit that my fellow Americans have been for mass programmed by these corporate sell outs, wake up people here’s your chance.

  70. Thank you. Thank you for your work, and good luck on your new venture.
    Your work is restoring in me long-lost respect for what US journalism can and should be doing, and for what “mainstream” US culture claims to represent to itself and the rest of the world. You are sparking essential debates on the subject of privacy, surveillance, international sovereignty and the profound consequences all this has on our lives and the survival of this otherwise beautiful but aching world of ours. Be well and be safe.

  71. As ½ blind, with only 0,5 sight on my right eye, I appreciate text only format, no whistle an bells. TEXT is ?the? format of information. Fast!

  72. Good luck to you all and many thanks for trying to bring us all the real news.

  73. Respect! Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, Jeremy Scahill, their financial backers, and the many other brave journalists and whistleblowers who are putting their reputations, careers, and very lives at risk are the true torch bearers for the principles of democracy that our Founders inspired the world to adopt. In these dark times, with tears in my eyes, I salute you.

  74. Welcome and count on the support of an 84 year old collaborator of Federico Fellini. May you succeed beyond all expectations, Brave People!

  75. I’m thrilled by your endeavor — wishing you success and commending you for your integrity and courage. As a woman who lost her husband on September 11, 2001 — I’d love for you to someday explore the truth behind that day. Thank you.

    • Boy, am I with you on that, Kerry! I’m sorry for your loss, and while I know that nothing can make up for it, the truth about 9/11 would, I believe, rip the blinders off the eyes of the American people and at long last expose the US Government for the monster that it is.

      • i echo David’s reply. There has been so much trampling of constitutional rights since 9/11 that it is impossible to turn the clock back to before that time. This new venture by you courageous 3 people is a start though. I could not believe my ears the day that David Gregory accused Glen of a treatorous crime to being an accomplice to Mr. Snowden, it ranks with the lowest point I have seen the fascist press go to attack journalists reporting the news. Best wishes to this effort you are on. If I can help let me know.

  76. Thank you! Pierre, Glenn, Laura, Jeremy… and especially Edward (I hope you can get this where you are). You are all heroes. It’s been noted that Superman was a superhero who’s cover identity was a journalist— but it’s the journalists who are the real heros.

  77. At last, a news source we can depend on, be guided by and be excited about! This team you have assembled is truly delicious and enticing; inspirational and awe inspiring. Drop the bomb on them Ladies and Gentlemen.

  78. Everything evolves, so does the madness of the few that dream about taking away our Birth Right, the right to be free, to protest, and fight for our rights! We humans came to this world protesting, screaming very loud and demanding! We scream with the very first breath we take, the very first second after the very first eviction, from our warm home-our mother’s body, when we feel the very first cold, pain and hunger, and we continue to protest, each time a psychopath forget, that we are all born free and equal, regardless ones illusion of being the chosen one!
    Everything evolves in the Universe; therefore nobody will ever be able to stop the forever evolution/passing of time and events, by calling them self conservatives! Nobody can conserve/stop time or go back in time! Time is the ultimate power, power of continuous evolution, the Natural Progress of Time, that not everybody understand or respect. Time isn’t food that can be conserved; do you understand that, you, the Conservatives?
    “All man-made big disasters started with a mad man’s obsession with money and power and his ability to corrupt others”.
    Marin Pitu

  79. I am looking forward to reading The Intercept. With the downward trajectory of constitutional, social and economic justice in this country I am confident your reporters will have ample subject matter. I hope others will read it and inform as many people as possible to do the same.

  80. Best wishes for a highly successful journalistic undertaking! May your efforts be rewarded, not with establishment honors and accolades, but with an awakening electorate and substantial change to the direction of real liberty for one and all.

  81. Thank you for your amazing contribution to the world of Possibility! Most of us are so caught up in our own reality we have few clues to a Greater World where All People may exercise Freedom from economic tyranny and greed for power. I hope that you might include Civil Action in addition to reporting. There is great power in The Masses for positive change. We have yet to be harnessed by those who offer truth and common sense as a way of life. You never know, we might actually enlist the millions of people who profess in a religion to increase their participation in creating a better place for all people.
    Thanks again and good luck,
    Don R

  82. As the main stream media have deteriorated into a Fifth Column, there is a gaping void in the Fourth Estate. Finally, that vacuum will be filled.

  83. Looking forward to great investigative reporting on your new site. Deep respect for this endeavor.

  84. I made a comment which never appeared.

    There are apparently secret laws regarding what may be posted. Comments which violate those secret laws are deleted in secret, with no reference marker left to acknowledge the fact. There is no right of review or appeal, and those who execute these secret laws cannot be held accountable because they never even acknowledge the comment existed. Now comments may not be very important. But there is something wrong with this process.

    • Many are noticing that comments take a while to show up, then they do, and then briefly seem to disappear again. I don’t think it’s a moderation thing. This is new commenting software, and not the awesomest. :)

      • I was nominally discussing commenting policy, but actually describing the process in the drone article I had just read. The system implemented by the US government doesn’t have enough checks and balances to qualify as a policy for moderating comments.

        It is really of no concern to me whether my comments are deleted, as the only reason I post here is to give the NSA analysts something to do – since I assume they’ve been told to monitor this site. In fact, I was sort of hoping my comment had been deleted by an NSA agent. But I recognize this hope was merely a manifestation of my extreme narcissism, as NSA agents have much more important tasks such as monitoring developments in World of Warcraft.

  85. We still await response from Greenwald regarding going into business with Philip Odeen,
    A board of directors member of Booz Allen Hamilton where Snowden’s revealed documents came from.
    Is Greenwald being paid off to “Not” release any further NSA documents?
    With an alternative media news agency of his very own?

    Is this all circumstantial evidence? Are these connections acceptable or not given the gravity and sensitivity of the global surveillance situation?

    Has a revolving door of corporations with government ties regained a degree of control over the documents that were leaked by Snowden? What are the full intentions of First Post (NewCo, the $250 million dollar new media venture between Greenwald, billionaire Pierre Omidyar and others)?

    Is there a conflict of interest between Omidyar Network, Booz Allen Hamilton, Sal Giambanco (Partner of Omidyar Network and Globant), Philip Odeen (Partner of Booz Allen Hamilton and Globant), Glenn Greenwald, Edward Snowden, the NewCo & the National Security community?

    What does Edward Snowden think of these connections and the massive profit being generated from his disclosures? Is he upset about it or is he getting a slice of the pie? Ed! Let us know what’s going on!

    When will the rest of the documents will be released? Will any be withheld and why?

    Where do you draw the line between ‘non-publishable’ leaked intel and information the public has a right to know?

    Why aren’t these questions being deeply engaged by mainstream press? Why is most of the alternative press ignoring it?

    • Are you asking that all Snowden’s captured information be published – in a rather aggressive way?
      If so, I do agree, because the USA itself has developed or perhaps always has had, an agenda of killing whatever and whomever did not serve that agenda – the agenda of exploitation of whatever is regarded as resources.
      However, in order for journalists not to be targeted as enemies of the state, considerable discretion is required – especially in totalitarian states, previously reviled by citizens of this nation, who now rally behind the exact totalitarian and violent methods they abhor elsewhere.

      I suggest that commentors who seek to question in comment, instead educate themselves through finding material of journalists of the past who have undergone NKVD, STASI, GESTAPO, and other police-state agencies. Failing to care about the violent agenda of the USA is to legitimize it.
      The people you question are dealing with US law, and must do whatever it takes in the face of that structure, to continue, if possible at all, to report the excesses of whatever nation with which they are reporting. This issue alone is far more important than to “give themselves up” to the twisted laws and interpretations of law of their governments.
      Mainstream press streams propaganda and phoney rhetoric in the fashion it does, for these reasons:
      1. Most citizens of the USA or Third Reich, for that matter, follow slavishly those they have told themselves that they have elected, and who they for some reason regard as morally superior, although, as you plainly see, are not. Those very citizens will, in order to retain in their own eyes coalition with social power, turn on and attack any who threaten their “team.”
      2. A result of this is that the marketing departments of those media would never allow a challenge to their corporate/politically-manipulating sponsors’ agendas.

      It is astoundingly naive for anyone to actually pose such questions, rather than using self education and common sense.
      The comment thus seems to me , not to be intended as a search for information, but rather one which uses vague rhetoric to support that unquestioning mainstream.

      • @Jack
        Yes, Glenn chose to publish a single letter that allowed him to unilaterally control the ensuing narrative. Concurrently, he chose to publicly attack and viciously belittle Sibel Edmond’s, a whistle blower and staunch critic of the shadow government, for asking her own set of legitimate questions – a few of which are included in this thread. Over the years, Glenn Greenwald has demonstrated and unremitting propensity for pugnacious acrimony in the face of legitimate inquiry – which imparts the lasting impression that, He believes that he is exceptional and above reproach. I have read the commentary on his blog for years and, in all that time, have never seen him apologize for this behavior – even in the face of irrefutable evidence that he was wrong.

        Secondly, Glenn has employed a longstanding practice, in various venues, of allowing an inner circle of close personal friends and/or business acquaintances to attack his critics without due disclosure; some of these individuals assume multiple identities (sock puppetry) for the purpose of feigning broad support for their views and actions in the face of legitimate opposition. This practice has been openly challenged on Glenn’s various blogs on numerous occasions. Yet, the practice persists even here. What type of person employs such tactics?

        If Glenn et al truly believe that truth and transparency are essential to affecting lasting political change, then it is incumbent upon them to respond to criticism with an elevated level of patience and forthrightness (I have been repeatedly impressed with the level of immediacy, equanimity and civility that Chomsky routinely employs when responding to his critics).

  86. Welcome to spotlighting disinformation, corruption and other evils. But do stay safe. We need more like you.

  87. Thank you for being brave enough to challenge the propaganda that passes for news these days.

  88. Hey, I didn’t pay too much attention to the messenger in the first place, as my China brain was focusing on pro China and humanity. While I’m supporting the reveal of NSA, I’m also warning on my own country (wish others get the hints)

    I don’t approve absolutely freedom ( as we can’t choose our birth ), but a reasonable and human being like freedom should be endowed naturally. You may see some conflicts in me when I’m pro Snowden but prefer China to be what it should be, there are long story about this conflict, I just wish people from west could understand about it, I like difference, it makes world colorful and interesting.

    My sincerely support to this site and this person!

  89. The thing that has become the most elusive commodity is, THE TRUTH. The more truth that is uncovered, the better off the World will be. I am so sick of the lies and cover-ups coming from Washington, DC……I just don’t know how people can be believe anything coming from ANY Politician or their mouthpieces. Good Luck, you will need it to wade through all of the lies and BS that you’ll encounter.

    • You nailed it ! I was thinking the same as you wrote the whole time I was reading their release. Great comment and yes they are going to have a hard time of it. Wish them all the luck and safety in the world.

  90. ”It’s been a long way to The Light” : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cccwBEsx2f4

    ”Living one step at a time, putting one foot in front of the other sure feels right” & so -

    ”With healing on my mind” – I append the the above & Good Luck JS re. ”Dirty Wars” !!!

    Many thanx to you all for what is really a labour of love & clearly actions of conscience.

    *e tenebris, lux* . . .

  91. I will be bookmarking this..thankyou, and let true freedom reign. I am so grateful to you and am desperately hoping that you go from strength to strength. An chance you will have an Australian chapter ? we really need some accountability here (our politicians and msm are just as bad as the yanks).

  92. And so it begins (well, okay continues)! Thank you for the glimmer of hope your efforts mean to many of us.

  93. Congratulations to three great journalists, who have earned their credibility, by standing up to the lies and deception. Hope this website is successful, and we shall look forward to great articles.

  94. Bravo on this most important launching.

    I suspect we’ll see a fundamental changing in the mainstream news as I anticipate many of the usual suspects attacking rather than supporting their fellow journalists doing the kind of work most of us hoped journalists would do.

    At last no pre packaged pap, no dilusion, no spin, no skewing of the facts and truth, no ‘personalities’ that obscure ‘the news’ and makes it about them.

    Keep forging on, I await each and every report you publish. I wont miss it as it is now my new permanent homepage on every computer I own.


  95. Mimi @NYC 11 Feb at10:10 pm
    So glad to see your new website look forward to your reporting. Congratulations ! ! !

  96. You should make TheIntercept available as a Tor hidden service, inside the Tor network, so the web traffic never leaves the Tor networks for Tor users. It’s a tiny audience and won’t generate much revenue but the bandwidth will be tiny too, the setup is free and easy. Plus you might be the first news organization to host content inside the Tor network, which will get you some publicity.

  97. Snowden should be thanked and allowed to safely return. He should head the NSA. He’s already proven to the American people that he believes in our rights and not in their wrongs. He was a soldier too and he believes in honorably keeping his country safe. Chelsea Manning should be excused and work alongside Snowden to protect our liberties and to protect our country. She has defended our rights and brought to our attention the illegal conduct of those in power. Heroes.
    Those in power who play games with lives all wrapped up in eloquent and misleading words need to be put on trial for treason.

  98. TheIntercept should be mirrored inside the Tor network as a Tor Hidden Service. Sure, it’s a small audience that will generate about zero revenue, but it’s people concerned about privacy, the bandwidth will be miniscule, the setup is easy and free. You might even be the first serious news site to make their content available inside Tor, and that itself would get you some publicity. In terms of privacy, it would mean the web traffic between TheIntercept and your Tor readers and commenters would never leave the Tor network (no exit node concerns), so it makes sense. Why not?

    • Why not?? Because hiding out in the TOR net is exactly what they are fighting against…what we should NOT have to do. A FREE and open internet with max. transparency is what we strive for…not skulking about in the No Zone.

  99. Whatever directions this enterprise takes will be determined by the journalists and society’s ever evolving response to it. Judging from the commentary thus far, it would seem that a certain segment of you folks are emerging from the very same mindset that has caused this news organization to come about in the first place.
    Your motto should be “You have nothing to fear but fear itself…and Us of course”. Go Glenn. Ruffle some feathers!

  100. Always a fan of the true heroes and you folks truly are…I’m a loyal DemocracyNow viewer which is where I first watched the fine reporting of Jeremy Scahill and where I met the fine reporting of Glen Greenwald. I look forward to a future of important information that ordinary people need to make decisions and take necessary actions when actions are necessary. The sanitized news has dumbed a lot of people down but it only frustrated me. Thanks for sticking your necks out on the line. It’s an effort that can only make the world a better place. Our troops don’t even make headlines anymore unless our leaders are rallying us to war. Thanks seems like such a tiny word…but it’s all I have. Stay safe.

  101. I have eagerly anticipated this launch, and my expectations were very, very high. You did not disappoint. Thank you for your earth-shaking courage.

  102. I will be glad to see the full extent of what is capable, and intend to follow this site closely. Here’s hoping This site and some decent journalism survives whatever they try to throw at it…

  103. Congratulations on your new site from New Zealand ! You are giving us hope and knowledge,
    Thank you for having the heart, when it’s easy to turn away…..wouldn’t have Micheal Hastings loved to be a part of this :) Cheers and best wishes

  104. Best of luck and success for achieving your goals of ethical and aggressive factual reporting; and thanks for caring about the importance of an informed public.
    As Usual,

  105. As a long-time follower of Marcy Wheeler, I’m looking forward to this new venture. Thanks to all of you for what you do!

  106. The best of luck, this is exactly what the world as a whole needs. Independent, unbiased journalism. No propaganda, no government control.
    This site is my new homepage, top of my bookmarks and link on my desktop.

  107. I can’t express how excited I am that this website is launching (no pun intended). A blow to the empire, I reckon.

  108. I have eagerly awaited the launch of this new media enterprise having followed the careers of many of it’s contributors. Can’t wait to see where you go and learn.

  109. I look forward to stories that are NOT about the NSA. Wall Street poses at least as great a threat to Americans as the NSA, and Wall Street (via corporations) vigorously harvests information on every aspect of our lives in order to enrich themselves. Let’s see you take them on.

  110. Loved your segment on CNN’s Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter last Sunday. It was enlightning to say the least and I look forward to follow your posts.

  111. Too bad Michael Hastings isn’t around to contribute (R.I.P.). Keep an eye on your cars guys, make sure they aren’t tampered with. Maybe install a “kill” switch so you don’t get a runaway throttle and a last-second, explosive, left-front brake failure followed by a violent fiery explosion propelling the engine 40 yards from the car, which Mercedes hasn’t commented on except to say, “Our cars don’t explode.”
    Also, best of luck in not becoming another Huffington “big money mouth-piece” Puff. I will reserve judgment to see whether you can report beyond the ubiquitous paradigm of lies, not just the lies we’re told on a daily basis. As damning as the NSA revelations are, it’s still just the daily fluff. The “real” story, the one hidden behind the current wall of lies, spans decades and even centuries.
    Out of curiosity, why did Jeremy boycott the Syrian Nun at the Peace Conference? That made no sense to me, but it made me go listen to four of her interviews. Was that his intent?
    Finally, can we expect balanced coverage of Israel and the influential, political zionist community in general? If they are treated with kid gloves here, I’ll be landing at Mondoweiss.net more than here.
    An interesting recent quote I heard: in the words of Israeli Prof. Shlomo Sand of Tel Aviv University and author of “The Invention of the Jewish People”; “The Anti-Semite of yesterday hated Jews, the Anti-Semite of today is someone who the Jews hate.” – likely for exposing the vulgar truth about their racist politics and underhanded activities. Again best of luck. Cheers.

    Please visit: InformationClearingHouse.info
    and in addition to Jeremy and Glenn read:
    Chris Hedges
    Paul Craig Roberts
    Michael Whitney
    and many more.

  112. Thank you for creating an educational opportunity for an otherwise ignorant population. I am frequently frustrated in my effort to review news without obviously biased (pro-government) articles or writers reluctant to stray from safe, mainstream perspectives. I sincerely hope your efforts will continue to provide the types of analysis I’ve come to respect from Chomsky, Chalmers Johnson, Bacevich, et al. Good luck.

  113. We are very blessed to have you brave people who work so hard to inform the general population of the truth. It is so important to a free society. Thank you and I wish you much success,

  114. Thanks for your hard work on behalf of everyone’s freedom. Ben Franklin would be standing at your side…

  115. We live in a world where truthful and unbiased reporting is becoming increasingly elusive. I will be watching this publication with those ideals in mind and hoping they are more than window dressing on a mission statement. With that in mind, Welcome and Best of Luck with the enterprise !

  116. please! Release all of Snoden files…we are The People ie: the ultimate sovereign authority in the land.
    To make us wait is treating us like children. Those who will read your news are not the sheeple!


  117. Congratulations – rip ‘em a new one Glenn and Jeremy!

    Glad to hear Fromkin is on the team as well

  118. I am just giddy with excitement over your new venture! With past performance predicting the future, the sky’s the limit for what y’all are going to accomplish. Most importantly, you’ll be a source of truth in the fields of B.S. we encounter as ‘news’ elsewhere. Again, Most Welcome!!

  119. Fantastic to see your website up and running. Kudos to you. Now, take the fight to their doors !!!

  120. Congratulations on the launch! I’ve already made your website my homepage and look forward to some real journalism!

  121. Mine is not a loud or demonstrative voice, nor have I any relationship with the journalism profession. All the more important that I make clear my moral support and unambiguous affirmation of the direction being taken by the editors of The Intercept. The publication of the Snowden Revelations has laid bare the endemic hypocrisy and corruption of a once noble house, and all feeble attempts to escape exposure or to boldly face the truth only serve to further reveal how deeply that corruption goes. Such individuals know no shame.

    I commend the editors and their colleagues on behalf of all those who quietly carry on the pursuit of ethical conduct and human dignity in all departments of human activity, and who are outraged by the betrayal of this country’s founding principles – principles based upon the timeless Ideals set out by the ancients. For as long as the path remains straight and the purpose stainless, that constituency remains as a bedrock of solidarity.

  122. Bravo! Keep it coming. Maybe just maybe someone high in the government will grow some balls and say “enough is enough” and the correct people will be punished.

  123. Excellent…..Thanks so MUCH……you are the best and more power to you- there are many, many of us behind you!

  124. Your courage and persistence is what is needed to combat the ever increasing security state. If our principles and our democracy are to survive, we must have citizens that continue to fight, continue to speak, and encourage others never to be silenced.

  125. You go guys! We need you so badly. You’ll be my homepage from now on.
    Glenn has been a fearless warrior for years. May he have many more.

  126. Glad to see you back at a permanent home, Glenn! I’ll be checking in regularly.

    Just watched Scahill’s “Dirty Wars” documentary, based on his book, via Netflix streaming. Powerful stuff.

  127. This is exceptionally good news. Wishing you much courage as you go forward…

  128. Wilhelmina, I love how chest-thumping pseudo-patriots like you completely ignore our nation’s founding history. This nation started as a revolt against TYRANNY, and that revolt stayed very much in our founders’ minds when they framed the Constitution, which is why they included balance of powers, a Bill of Rights, and, in that Bill of Rights, a First Amendment explicitly protecting both journalism and dissent. So we can safely say that ADVERSARIAL journalism was very much part of their PATRIOTIC intentions for this nation; they saw it as an essential defense against the government turning tyrannical. In short, our founders distrusted and feared concentrations of unaccountable power–the kind that gave us a criminal and catastrophically costly Iraq war–and if we wish to be patriots in their sense, we must warmly support adversarial journalism. Anyone who truly loves our founders’ ideals is jumping for joy over the promise of First Look Media.

    • “Wilhelmina, I love how chest-thumping pseudo-patriots like you completely ignore our nation’s founding history.”

      Jump to conclusions much Patrick? You could have shortened your comment to read, “Either you are with us, or you are with the enemy” (this attitude is eerily reminiscent of President Bush in a post 9/11 world). A war of words leaves little room for finer distinctions.

      • If I’m jumping to conclusions (it’s possible), it’s because your equating adversarial, anti-establishment journalism with anti-Americanism deeply offended me, and perhaps drew my attention from the rest of your comment. In a nation whose representative government has been sold out to corporate interests, any journalism that serves our republic’s common good almost necessarily has to be anti-establishment and adversarial. As to your reservations about Omidyar himself, I find them quite reasonable, and I’ve already expressed my reservations in several comments here. But with plutocrats so in control of our government and media, we may be forced to fight fire with fire, and in this regard, I see Greenwald, Scahill, Poitras, et al. taking a reasonable chance in trusting that Omidyar intends to be a class traitor. I believe they all have means to jump ship if he doesn’t–and they will certainly lose many of their admirers if they accept much evident censorship from him. That’s CERTAINLY true in my case.

        • “If I’m jumping to conclusions (it’s possible), it’s because your equating adversarial, anti-establishment journalism with anti-Americanism deeply offended me, and perhaps drew my attention from the rest of your comment.”

          I did not equate anti-establishment journalism with anti-Americanism. I was making specific criticisms of the websites mission statement which, in part, read, “Our long-term mission is to produce fearless, adversarial journalism across a wide range of issues. “ The nations that I chose to cite also make the same claim in context to an express anti-American agenda. It is the jingoistic nature of the language employed in the mission statement to which I have taken clear exception – thus the reference to Obama.

          At best, Glenn Greenwald’s association with Omidyar is a Faustian bargain. At its worst, it is the penultimate culmination of Greenwald’s ambition. There is nothing more corrupting than the desire for material wealth and fame. Selfish greed is the grease that keeps the wheels of the machine well lubricated.

          • >>At best, Glenn Greenwald’s association with Omidyar is a Faustian bargain. At its worst, it is the penultimate culmination of Greenwald’s ambition. There is nothing more corrupting than the desire for material wealth and fame. Selfish greed is the grease that keeps the wheels of the machine well lubricated.<<

            Except, Greenwald is not possessed of significant desire for personal wealth, and built his fame by himself — before Pierre Omidyar.

            Greenwald graduated law school with such distinction he had 12 top drawer law firms competing for him. He chose on Wachtel Lipton which represents clients such as Goldman Sachs.

            He hated it. Left after 18 mos to start his own firm where we did much pro bono work and stood up for the little guy. He could have stayed at WL and now be a senior partner worth many millions, but he has said being there was shriveling his soul. (Knowing him as I did at the time, I can vouch that this is true.)

            As for your notion that the mission statement here is "jingoistic," that merits no analysis as it is prima facie stupid.

          • OK, I read your comment too fast (I steal time from my work-at-home day job for activism, and that’s a hazard) and took some words out of context, and for that I apologize.

            I agree with you that Greenwald’s hookup with Omidyar is a potentially Faustian bargain, but I’m rather reassured that several other journalists I respect chose to make it; surely they’re not all motivated by careerist greed. They WERE discussing their own cooperative enterprise before Omidyar came into the picture, which it makes it plausible that they saw his large-scaling bankrolling as offering potentially far greater impact–in a propagandistic and heavily censored media world where adversarial journalism NEEDS to have impact.

            I remain a bit confused, however. You suggest that journalists heavily critical of the U.S. political and media establishment might have an anti-American agenda related to those of China, Russia, and North Korea, but at the same time call their mission statement “jingoistic”–not a combo that it’s easy to make sense of, since “jingoistic” implies rabid, unthinking patritism. Further, your use of “adversarial” for the anti-American reporting is a category mistake, as this is a term reserved for a nation’s OWN journalist, not for hostile foreign press, particularly the foreign press of oppressive regimes.

            I DO agree with your picking Obama as a quintessential model of performance falling ludicrously short of rhetoric–but despite your obvious dislike for Greenwald, what reason is there to think the whole enterprise, involving MANY different journalists KNOWN for being adversarial, will fall as short as Obama, about whom most Americans knew almost NOTHING?

          • @Patrick Walker

            “You suggest that journalists heavily critical of the U.S. political and media establishment might have an anti-American agenda related to those of China, Russia, and North Korea…”

            I never explicated or implicitly said this. I said:

            “Yes, it is abundantly clear that an anti-establishment bias is a prerequisite for employment with this new venture (what’s not to like eh?). Yet, nothing is said about the values that govern that bias. Russia, China, North Korea etc. have all engaged in adversarial (anti-American) journalism for decades… A mere testament to oppositional defiance says nothing about your true “mission.” In fact, it is more reminiscent of Obama’s insipid invocation of ‘hope’ and ‘change.’”

            In absence of a clearly defined benchmark (e.g. constitution, rule of law, etc), Greenwald’s brand of adversarial journalism will continue to be purposefully misconstrued by those in power. For instance, this article contains a number of links wherein James Clapper implies a connection between Snowden and the intelligence services of China and Russia (e.g. “Clapper said he would find it ‘incredulous’ if Russian intelligence had not already had conversations with Snowden.”) as a pretext to finding fault with Greenwald profiting from his role in bringing the Snowden documents to market.

            “…but at the same time call their mission statement “jingoistic”–not a combo that it’s easy to make sense of, since “jingoistic” implies rabid, unthinking patriotism.”

            I used to term “Jingoistic” to depict language that is intentionally emploted to play on peoples bias for the purpose of invoking in them an unquestioning, reflexive and sympathetic response.

            “Further, your use of “adversarial” for the anti-American reporting is a category mistake, as this is a term reserved for a nation’s OWN journalist, not for hostile foreign press, particularly the foreign press of oppressive regimes.”

            Adversarial (def): a person, group, or force that opposes…

            Example: Dave Marash leaves “Al-Jazeera English”

            Former ABC Nightline correspondent Dave Marash, who raised eyebrows two years ago when he agreed to become the U.S. anchor for Al-Jazeera English, has told the New York Times that he has quit the news channel because it “is not the channel that I signed up to do.” He said that the channel had reduced the editorial independence of its satellite operations in Washington, London and Kuala Lumpur so that it had begun to resemble more and more the Arabic-language channel.

            His own operations in Washington remained a two-correspondent affair, he said, and his editorial input “small at the start, has gotten smaller and smaller.” In a separate interview with the Associated Press, Marash said that he discovered that there was a “reflexive adversarial editorial stance against Americans at Al-Jazeera English.”


          • @Mona
            How long are you going to masquerade as a disinterested third party while assuming the role as Glenn Greenwald’s chief apologist? Every one of your posts should disclose the fact that you are a long time close personal friend and former business partner of Glenn. Until then, I will have to conclude that Glenn Greenwald is still in the habit of using shills to advance his narrative.

  129. You have a fan here. I’ve followed GG from Salon, to The Guardian. Big fan of LP and JS. More power to you. I will be your reader.

  130. Excellent, Glenn and good luck with this launch .. !!! … and never give up ..

  131. …otherwise, good luck with the web page and the reporting. The need is great, as is the expectation and anticipation.

  132. First , it looks like your editors need editors. Lengthy and every other sentience is how important this work is. Could you just report and keep the congratulatory statements to the comments? And your use of red ink at the beginning is disconcerting: you high light the wrong words, and bury the lead.

  133. Thank you for starting this site. I am looking forward to reading news that isn’t filtered through the mainstream pro corporate, pro government lens. The way news should be reported.

  134. “The editorial independence of our journalists will be guaranteed.”

    How does one guarantee such a thing when on person controls the purse strings? Suppose that Pierre Omidyar chooses to exert ownership control over the editorial process for his own nefarious purposes, what could be done to stop him? After all, he controls the purse strings. How long do you think that he will honor his commitment to journalistic independence when his own economic well-being is threatened by the Masters of Mankind? I believe that Paypal’s anti-Wikileaks response to government pressure has already provided us with a precursor of things to come.

    “Our long-term mission is to produce fearless, adversarial journalism across a wide range of issues. “

    Yes, it is abundantly clear that an anti-establishment bias is a prerequisite for employment with this new venture (what’s not to like eh?). Yet, nothing is said about the values that govern that bias. Russia, China, North Korea etc. have all engaged in adversarial (anti-American) journalism for decades… A mere testament to oppositional defiance says nothing about your true “mission.” In fact, it is more reminiscent of Obama’s insipid invocation of “hope” and “change.”

    “We believe the prime value of journalism is its power to impose transparency, and thus accountability…”

    Yes, Glenn Greenwald is all about transparency and accountability. What percent of the Snowden documents have been published thus far Glenn? How much fame and fortune have you personally garnered from bringing them to market? Beyond your personal bias, how do your actions differ from any other journalist who sells his/her talent to the highest bidder?

    • “Beyond your personal bias, how do your actions differ from any other journalist who sells his/her talent to the highest bidder?”

      Greenwald’s actions seem to differ from mainstream hacks in that the UK government detained his spouse per a terrorism statute in order to snag some of Greenwald’s work material.

      Greenwald’s actions seem to differ in that he (and Laura Poitras) is the only American journalist who is advised not to travel at the moment for fear of arrest, and whose arrest is the demand of American congresspersons and other politicos.

      Greenwald’s actions seem to differ in that his home was invaded by what was likely the CIA as he was en route back to Rio from his time with his source, and his spouse’s laptop was stolen. For no reason, the electric company had shut of the couple’s electricity and couldn’t explain why.

      Those are just some of the ways in which Greenwald’s actions appear quite different from other journalists in the eyes of the U.S. and UK governments.

      • “Greenwald’s actions seem to differ from mainstream hacks in that the UK government detained his spouse per a terrorism statute in order to snag some of Greenwald’s work material.”

        Yes, he walked right into that didn’t he? He then lied about being aware that the British government was capable of responding in such a way – a claim that was thoroughly put to rest by the Guardian’s editor, Alan Rusbridger.

        “Greenwald’s actions seem to differ in that his home was invaded by what was likely the CIA as he was en route back to Rio from his time with his source, and his spouse’s laptop was stolen. For no reason, the electric company had shut of the couple’s electricity and couldn’t explain why.”

        Yes. In fact, this happened prior to his partner being detained at Heathrow. Yet, Glenn would have us believe that he didn’t send his partner on a fool’s errand. Go figure.

        “Those are just some of the ways in which Greenwald’s actions appear quite different from other journalists in the eyes of the U.S. and UK governments.”

        Yes. Appearances can be deceiving, can’t they? For instance: How long are you going to masquerade as a disinterested third party while assuming the role as Glenn Greenwald’s chief apologist? Every one of your posts should disclose the fact that you are a long time close personal friend and former business partner of Glenn.

        • “Yes, he walked right into that didn’t he? He then lied about being aware that the British government was capable of responding in such a way – a claim that was thoroughly put to rest by the Guardian’s editor, Alan Rusbridger.”

          Nope, and you link to nothing showing Greenwald lied about this, which he did not. By contrast, here is a Laura Poitras article about Glenn’s deep shock and anxiety the day his partner was detained:

          >>As Glenn and I exchanged messages between Rio and Berlin, David was being interrogated in London about our NSA reporting. Glenn said several times: “I actually cannot believe they are doing this.” I kept thinking I wish it were me. Having documented and reported on abuses of government power post 9/11, we both thought we’d reached a point where nothing would shock us. We were wrong — using pernicious terrorism laws to target the people we love and work with, this shocked us.<<

          Rest here: http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/laura-poitras-on-british-attacks-on-press-freedom-and-the-nsa-affair-a-918592.html

          As for notions that I'm masquerading, that's in your head. I've given interviews as Glenn's former law partner and friend, said so on Twitter to countless people, and well, it isn't a secret. But I do know the man extremely well, which allows me to know that demonizers like you are full of shit.

          In any event, now that I have established the inanity of your original assertion that Greenwald is no different from other journalists, it isn't surprising that you've gotten snotty.

          • “For instance: How long are you going to masquerade as a disinterested third party while assuming the role as Glenn Greenwald’s chief apologist?”

            She had you there, didn’t she? Well said wilhelmina, well said.

  135. Many Kudos to Glen Greenald! For many years Journalist, investigators, and reporters of all kinds have been controlled by the gvnmt as to what they can report which violates the *Freedom of the Press*. He is a hero for laying out exactly what is happening in our country and showing the people what they deserve to know! That our Gvnmt is corrupt and does NOT have our backs to say the least. Snowdens leaks show this and if you really want to know the entire truth, google *Targeted Individuals* and *Organized Gang Stalking* which is a covert gvnmt supported program to harass and try to control innocent citizens who speak out against them to tell the truth! They take a targeted individual and slander them to the entire neighborhood by lying about them telling others that they are bad people who desreve to be harassed thus getting the neighbors to join in the harassment!! Meanwhile getting all the neighborhoods information so they can control them. Talk about Illeagal surveilance! Your mouth will drop open when you google this info. In fact, there is a documentary coming out on the discovery chanel called *Targeted Individuals*. They just got done filming the pilot. For your own sake, pls research this cause I promise you it is either happening right now in your neighborhood or soon will be. If you ever get approached by someone who comes off as an official of some sort and asks you to participate in some thing like this, DO NOT participate, it is straight up evil.

  136. Congratulations on your launch! Looking forward to your reporting and journalism!

  137. Thanks for this, we desperately need news we can rely on.
    Is there a way to get it sent to my email address whenever something new appears on the site? Will you have a facebook page?

  138. Up to now it does not seem too much different from just another blog. Hopefully it gets better soon.

  139. Heard about you guys on NPR. So far I like the intro. I’m policitly independent after being stationed inside the Beltway many years ago. I’ve discovered that politicians argue and attack one another in public and are buddies in private! They all steal and lie to the Voters regardless of what Party they’re afliated with. I only request this of You FIRST LOOK MEDIA, tell BOTH SIDES OF THE ISSUE! REAL TRUTH HAS TWO SIDES. Don’t tell ONLY THE SIDE your Owner wants cause He is buddies with a certain Politjcal Party.

    I tell my kids, ” WE HAVE FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, BUT THE PRESS ISNT FREE!” Meaning, you really can’t report truth cause someone is signing your check.

    Prove me wrong.
    Good Luck.
    Cameron Mable

    • I beg to strongly differ on the notion that “real truth has two sides”; sometimes there’s only one, or in others, partial truths held by MANY sides. What I particularly dislike about the notion of truth having two sides is that it tends to legitimize our two-party duopoly, while in fact, Republicans are provably more wrong than Democrats, but Democrats themselves (especially in action, rather than talk) are often horribly wrong.

      The best illustration of my point is the issue I’m trying to champion here–climate change, which has been wrongly orphaned by BOTH parties and mainstream media. There ARE two sides to the climate issue: the correct, warning voice of science and the opposed voice of science-denying ignoramuses. And on action, NEITHER U.S. major party gets climate right; only third parties like the Greens or Socialists do, as they support exactly the URGENT need for action scientists are starting to scream we need. Republicans are climate deniers; Democrats are cowards and panderers. And indeed, if First Look is to fulfill its role as truth-seeking adversarial journalism, the climate wrongheadedness of BOTH major parties is the story they need to be publishing.

  140. Psalm 91

    He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
    Will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.
    2 I will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress,
    My God, in whom I trust!”
    3 For it is He who delivers you from the snare of the trapper
    And from the deadly pestilence.
    4 He will cover you with His pinions,
    And under His wings you may seek refuge;
    His faithfulness is a shield and bulwark.

    5 You will not be afraid of the terror by night,
    Or of the arrow that flies by day;
    6 Of the pestilence that stalks in darkness,
    Or of the destruction that lays waste at noon.
    7 A thousand may fall at your side
    And ten thousand at your right hand,
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    And see the recompense of the wicked.
    9 For you have made the Lord, my refuge,
    Even the Most High, your dwelling place.
    10 No evil will befall you,
    Nor will any plague come near your tent.

    11 For He will give His angels charge concerning you,
    To guard you in all your ways.
    12 They will bear you up in their hands,
    That you do not strike your foot against a stone.
    13 You will tread upon the lion and cobra,
    The young lion and the serpent you will trample down.

    14 “Because he has loved Me, therefore I will deliver him;
    I will set him securely on high, because he has known My name.
    15 “He will call upon Me, and I will answer him;
    I will be with him in trouble;
    I will rescue him and honor him.
    16 “With a long life I will satisfy him
    And let him see My salvation.”

  141. Nice site. Clean , crisp, and without the clutter of advertisement. I am Canadian, and we have lost almost all free news venues. What does still exist is funded by extreme advertisement. A friend and myself started a similar grass roots publication ( sadly, without a wealthy investor ) years ago. Did not take long to have local government drag us into court for publishing factual stories about corruption at city hall. They lost their case, and Ontarians are now free to publicly criticize the actions of their elected officials.
    Best of luck to First Look

  142. I’m very excited about his site. I frequent Anti War.com and Juan Cole’s site in order to get unvarnished journalism, this will be an additional daily stop for me. Good Luck. You’ll need it in that you are taking on Goliath.

  143. Best of luck to journalists’ and bloggers’ rabble rousers. When we rely more truth sharing than tough lies then in the future the history of intelligence agencies will be morally trusted and constitutionally less monoplized .by powerful oligarchies . I know it’s an optimistic approach but what the heck!

  144. I am especially happy to see this effort go forth. For many decades now the evils of government prosecutions have been helped and aided in many ways by the ignorance and complicity of the main stream media. Always having their poster boys or girls for publicity. Perhaps now a true voice will tell what underhanded, obstructive, lying, criminal, and dirty tactics that the government, in particular the Injustice Department, has and will perpetrate to silence all those who would be free and oppose tyranny.
    Bravo. Long live freedom of speech

  145. Thanks so much for your courage. Stay safe-at last we will have a watchful eye on the demonic
    world of cyber invasions.

  146. Congratulations and good luck. I look forward to hearing from all of you and the other publications to come. Cheers ;-))

  147. Thanks to Dem. Now and Amy & Juan for keeping us informed and now we also have the Intercept. Good luck and thank you.

  148. In the interest of full disclosure, should we not have an acknowledgement of Omidya’s presence in this statement rather than have his name simply listed in the masthead as publisher? Also, should we not have a statement giving the policy regarding the publisher-editorial relationship?

    Al-Jazeera, for example, supplies both in regard to Qatar sponsorship. Absolute editorial freedom can never be guaranteed in these lopsided relationships but at least it gives us a concrete basis for holding Intercept’s feet to the flames when the inevitable “blinkers” occur.

    The integrity of Greenwald and Scahill – top of the pops in my book – is likely to benefit from defining the relationship – making the decision of when to bail out that much easier.

    • Excellent post!

      Adversarial journalism is, in essence, an outside-government fulfillment of our founders’ highly respectable balance-of-powers theory. A fulfillment that’s DESPERATELY needed now, since the corporations astute pols like Jefferson and Lincoln prophetically feared–with their gargantuan accumulations of wealth and iron grip on media–have become unchecked centers of power that make democracy almost impossible. And needless to say, my strictures against corporate power likewise apply to the obscenely rich major shareholders often hidden by the corporate veil. So it’s no insult to Greenwald, Scahill, Poitras, etc., to harbor suspicions of billionaire Omidyar, their new boss; it’s a RINGING AFFIRMATION of the crucial balance-of-powers role they play in a society that’s essentially being destroyed by allowing obscene accumulations of wealth and power. For any thinking person, Omidyar is immediately suspect, and only to the extent he proves himself a class traitor can we trust him.

      That said, in the lopsided imbalance of power We the People have unwisely allowed, there’s a desperate need to fight fire with fire, and, if First Look fulfills its promise, we may someday be praising the heroic risk Greenwald, Poitras, Scahill, etc. took with their reputations for integrity by teaming up with Omidyar. For me, First Look doing desperately overdue major climate change coverage will settle the case.

  149. Good Luck and look forward to reading in the future. Our elites and bureaucrats have taken We The People for granted and, I hope, that we will eventually get them to understand that they are also a part of democracy with expectations of answers to legitimate questions. Everything gets done in the name of confidentiality and secrecy – what a baloney!

  150. How about adding ratings for comments? Also not sure about the red/black color scheme. How about trying some more friendly blues and grays?

  151. Congratulations – looks promising, thanks to all the people making it possible to gain knowlegde of the truth. Greetings from Europe.

  152. Existem mais coisas entre o céu e a terra do que sonha a nossa vã filosofia…

  153. Thanks for putting this together. Best wishes and this is just what our country needs. Journalists who really want to put out the truth should come onboard and help bring in the light.

  154. I guess its easy to start a good news website if you have untold millions to launch it with.

  155. Bravissimi! Spero che aprirete presto una redazione in Italia, c’é un lavoro enorme da fare, qui!
    Good luck and thank you

  156. Hmmm.. I wonder if you might consider added a forum for discussions. They are pretty easy to set up (monitoring is another story, of course). I mean, look over this page here. A forum will allow many readers to exchange opinions on a larger number of topics. Just a thought

    • Edward, love your discussion forum idea. Seems totally in the spirit of the First Look enterprise.

  157. Wow… So many excited comments. For this company has done nothing yet.

    Except putting Google Analytics on their website. Which is an _exceptionally_ dumb thing to do if you, among other things, are protesting against mass surveillance.

    Also, am I the only one feeling a bit iffy about some tech mogul buying in Greenwald including Ed’s hard drives?

    I hope I am wrong, but right now I think it’s just as likely that this project is suppose to be more of a power tool to Mr. Omidyar.

  158. FINALLY. Now everybody send this link to everybody you know. Let’s get this Nixonian president exposed for the hypocrite he is. The radical right is horrible but at least they don’t pretend to be anything other than just that.

  159. I agree with Scott. Jeremy and Glenn represent a formidable due in the struggle and fight against a government intent on governing by secrecy. Collaboration with the likes of Amy Goodman, Chris Hedges, Bill Moyers and Matt Taibi will shine a floodlight on the darkness of our secret establishment of government and the Corporations. I wish the Intercept the best of luck and long tenure.

    • Great remark on potential allies for collaboration. The voices you named (some of democracy’s best friends) could sure use a megaphone–let’s hope First Look Media gives them one.

  160. Thank all involved for providing this much-needed platform for fighting back the out-of-control U.S. security state. The more investigative journalism there is, the better off we are. Best wishes for your success.

  161. It’s not sufficient to just have the courage to an independent reporting but also need the financial backing. You have both. Congratulation to all; Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and Jeremy Scahill

  162. As we seek support in changing our lifestyles, occupations, associations, and worldviews to finally free ourselves from consumption slavery and assume our true roles as stewards of our societies, we need the journalists on board our bandwagon. This is the people’s movement. The people need the journalists’ frames, the assumptions on which stories are based, to explicitly reflect not elite interests, but the people’s interests.

  163. When the national security police or whatever make their list of all the people who write, comment, or even read here, I want to be on it.

  164. Bring on the adversarial journalism! I’m excited, you have my full 100% support!

  165. I think what you guyz are doing is Fantastic!! Itz about time journalists such as yourselves took back the news!! Finally,People who aren’t afraid to gives the facts!!

  166. God speed with your endeavor. We are halfway down the black hole and there is no one but you to pull us out. I wish you safety and enlightenment to bring the world out of the looming surveillance state.

  167. I’ve been waiting for the launch of this website, and it sure looks like it hit the ground running. The funny thing is, they, the police-corporate-military state we all reside in, just can’t seem to handle the truth. Not all the sheeple in the United States of Amnesia are unaware of the tricks, lies, and deceptive practices perpetrated on them by the powers that be. Give em hell guys.

  168. The best and the brightest speaking truth to power. At 73, the inauguration of this website has given me a dose of hope. This is a revolutionary sight because it it dedicated to speaking the truth in a time of routine dishonesty. I’m stoked! Where do I sign up?

  169. Congratulations on the new enterprise, looking forward to hearing about more of the corruption that dominates politics and the media in the US and elsewhere.

  170. As an Italian the idea of the intercept reminds me of “Il Fatto Quotidiano”, which was set up as an independent newspaper to report on the same issues in Italy. It was very successful but after only a few years it seems to have lost its bite a bit as the original group of jurnalists has been enlarged. So one suggestion: keep it small. Good luck.

  171. Historically, progress of any society is shaped by exposing abuse by those in power, but this society has found it difficult to accept any exposures of cultural weakness while reinforcing those in power. Thank you for being such diligent, caring, persevering journalists who shine a light on covert abuse. How can we support you?

  172. this may be the antidote to the stranglehold suffocating the airwaves by supplying oxygen of real important news that affects our lives and environment. much needed role models for all of us. thank you.

  173. Congratulations to you guys. Real journalism lives!!!
    Regarding your story: A friend of mine has a cellphone that, when a call is received, says “This is my telephone. MY telephone! So keep your bloody hands off!” It would seem that NSA has taken that literally. So, if you lend your cell phone to anyone, or, borrow someone else’s cell phone, the NSA wont know that or care about it…..

  174. I’m sooooo thrilled to read this and to see the actual physical manifestation of this awesome collaboration of relentless truth seekers! I’d already been excited for months or whenever it was I first heard on Democracy Now that Greenwald, Scahill and Poitras would be working together with Omidyar, though I could only imagine what that might actually imply for the media, journalism, and the current sordid state of affairs at large..THANK YOU! The world would be an infinitely more miserable place without your voices. :)!!!

  175. I followed Scahill hill from his times on Bill Maher. I agree with @Scott, get Taibbi over here. Although, frankly, I think that Taibbi is not the best for wall st coverage, put him back on the political trail where he belongs. GOOD JOB!

  176. I stopped hoping to find some unbiased report in newspaper, and efinetly stopped watching CNN , BBC etc…
    Will be looking forward to this endeavour and will try to support wheneve I can…
    Thank you for doing this…

  177. I’m just wondering if the American people really want to know the truth or is it more fun remaining ignorant?

  178. Congratulations! I have been looking forward to this site. All wishes for success.

  179. I’m soooooo thrilled to read this first post and see this all physically manifested here! I’ve been itching to see what in the world was going to come of this great collaboration of these relentless truth seekers Greenwald, Scahill, and Poitras with Omidyar since whenever the hell it was I first heard about it on Democracy Now. THANK YOU! The world would be a far more miserable place without your voices.

  180. Your link for G+ is not working properly – it does not set up a post but just takes the user to their G+ home page

  181. I hope for your success. We need more than the usual MSM echo chamber of sound bites and disinformation.

  182. I am so glad to see you have done this! Great Job! I will be sure to send people to this site. As an independent Journalist myself it is extremely refreshing to see this come about working together we can all make a difference. Thank you for your effort, time, bravery, honesty and loyalty to expose corruption.

  183. Jeremy Scahill is partnered with Glenn Greenwald’s on New Website called “The Intercept” = 2 most serious investigative journalists on government wrongdoing.

    Scahill = Foreign affairs version of Matt Taibbi = unapologetic pursuit of truth.

  184. What a great day, two of my favorite journalists (Jeremy and Glenn) together in one place!!! Now if you could talk Matt Taibbi into joining to cover Wall St for you, I would never need to go anywhere else for my news. Good luck to you and your entire staff and most of all stay safe, speaking truth to power has become a dangerous endevour over the past decade.

  185. I look forward to the reporting here. The investigative reporting will be brilliant. Great venture guys. Go kick some ASS! Let the journey begin.

  186. Best of luck to a team of rabble rousers . By the way I don’t think Obama is guilty of war crimes as he is given too much credence to the dishonesties of the intelligence agencies . This is a time for the new Church like investigations

  187. I am a Greenwald follower and have finished reading Scahill’s Dirty Wars. Seen them both a million times on Democracy Now! This is going to be
    amazing work, I look forward to being informed by the stories Ms. Poitras, Greenwald, Scahill and others offer us.
    Thank you…

  188. Congratulations Glenn and to your team. I whole hardheartedly wish this publication great success. As an avid reader of your work, there is nothing more important than preserving journalism and the integrity of it writers to the highest levels of journalistic standards of honesty. You and your entire staff have a proven track record. Edward Snowden, yourself and your entire team have inspired us to not cower to the vagaries and abuses of our U.S. Government. I refuse to remain silent. The NSA’s perverse use of warrantless mass surveillance is a greater threat to our Democracy than the threat of Terrorism itself. Thank you Glenn shedding the layers upon layers of lies that our so called Democracy. There is nothing Democratic when its done in secret. Please give my regards to Gabriel and Ewen my regards. Again I wish your team success – I will spread your site to others.

  189. A hearty thank you to all at the intercept. If your work doesn’t change the world it will at least have a strong impact on my life. You risk so much, and my respect for you will be forever strong.

  190. We love you! There are millions cheering for your work. Fight on, with the same integrity, strength and intelligence all of you have displayed. We rely on you for real news, true journalism and to hold power responsible. Thank you for the good work.

  191. Good Luck! I look forward to the fair and honest reporting from this site that I expect from you all.

  192. Note to readers:

    27 April 1961
    “The President and the Press” (19:43)
    President John F. Kennedy -
    Address before The American Newspaper Publishers Association

    27-30 December 2013
    Glenn Greenwald Keynote Address from Brazil (54:07)
    30th Chaos Communication Congress (30c3)
    Congress Centre Hamburg (Audience approx. 10,000)


  193. Congratulations,
    and all best wishes and success for your important project

    Note to readers:

    27 April 1961
    “The President and the Press” (19:43)
    President John F. Kennedy -
    Address before The American Newspaper Publishers Association

    27-30 December 2013
    Glenn Greenwald Keynote Address from Brazil (54:07)
    30th Chaos Communication Congress (30c3)
    Congress Centre Hamburg (Audience approx. 10,000)


  194. Folks, it’s with much pleasure I welcome you here…. As John Perry Barlow said back in 1996, ‘Governments of the Industrial World, you weary giants of flesh and steel, I come from Cyberspace, the new home of Mind. On behalf of the future, I ask you of the past to leave us alone. You are not welcome among us. You have no sovereignty where we gather.’ And that singular truth drives us, and you, today.

    All we can ever ask you to do is tell the truth. No matter how ugly, just tell us the truth and ultimately we will find our way to the rest of the story. Thank you for trying.

    The rest of Barlow’s words can be found here… https://projects.eff.org/~barlow/Declaration-Final.html as the. Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace…

  195. The see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil American MSM needs this competition! Go get ‘em! count me as one of your devoted readers from the start.

  196. What Snowden and you folks, his camp followers, did and do is extremely valuable to show the past and looming breaches to our liberty and our very existence. What you all did is also horribly dangerous to the US and all free peoples battling terrorism. Not only does no good deed go unpunished here, the good deed is the actual bad deed and the primer to explode the punishment. I wish I was wrong but, analysing intel for Uncle sugar since 1968 (I correctly predicted 1969 would follow 1968) and being generally correct about items small(Congressman Weiners mustard jar) and items large (Reagan good, Carter doofus), now results in legitimate concern. What, if any thoughts do you folks have about the Second Amendment. Personally feel government should stay out of bedrooms and gun rooms but, be welcomed to the Fun House at Playland. If the government today is as bad as both the left and right believe, with the libertarians also on board, anything from national hypnosis through TV, cell phones, texts, etc. on to actual civil war is possible. Dig out your butternut BDUs just to be on the safe side. Also, seriously examine issues but, never never take yourself too seriously.

  197. This is fantastic news. I dearly hope that our “unfair & unbalanced” media environment desperately needs serious, experienced & fearless reporters that will hold the unaccountable responsible for their actions.

    I look forward to reading theIntercept & firstLook on a daily basis.

    Good luck, guys!

  198. I have been waiting for you to get up and running. Thanks so much for your efforts.
    Best of luck. We need you guys now. Let me know how I can help you out if you ever need it.

  199. Thank you for what you are doing. You may not know this yet but I firmly believe you’ve begun to turn the tide. I’ve noticed an awakening happening and your efforts are on the front line. Come what may, you will have my support. My home is open to you or anyone in your organization. I will help how I can.

  200. Just wanted to chime in with my support. You’ve done some great work Mr. Greenwald. Journalists like yourself give this modern day era a glimmer of hope. Best of luck in your new venture and may your words continue to cut through the lies and illuminate the truth.

  201. Thanks to Harmon K. Rogers. I was previously unaware that we should be more worried about Glenn Greenwald’s background than what the NSA is doing, Obama’s global assassination program, and the destruction of the U.S. Constitution. Wow! – Was I ever out of it! Thanks again, Harmon.

  202. We are all very happy to see The Intercept and First Look, up and running.
    This will possibly be my favorite site now.

  203. Sincere thanks and best wishes.

    Time for players within the 10% who carry water for the .01% to join the cause, or prepare to respond at the coming NeoNuremberg trials. Which of course will suck for them, but vindicate the work of so many others.

    To them I say:

    “How about getting with the program? Why don’t you jump on the team and come in for the big win?”


  204. Hi from New Zealand,
    This is great news for the free world. Best of luck.
    Best wishes.

  205. Glenn, Jeremy, Laura,
    Thank you for your investigative work and analysis. Best of luck with your new endeavors!

  206. Let’s not forget 9-11.

    Before December 7, 1941 the Japanese sent an encrypted HF radio message to their embassy in Washington, DC. It was about how they were going to attack Hawaii. The title was “TIARA GNOME.” It would have been nice to break that message. And it is nice if the NSA is allowed to do its job and break similar messages today. The other side of the story, that you are not telling, is that the NSA has an important job, and that job is to help keep everyone safe. If that is not crucial and honorable, then what is?

  207. It’s time to close down the NSA and CIA. There is no greater threat to our democracy. Maybe it’s poetic justice to see America being destroyed by its first black president. Fascism always takes over a government under the guise of anti-fascism. Posting this comment should assure me a place in one of the first concentration camps which I’m sure will be opening soon. I greatly admire the courage of Greenwald and Scahill in speaking truth to power.

  208. Dear Intercept,
    Did Mr. Snowdon give all the estimated 1.7 million files to Glenn Greenwald and do they have an agreement as to the timing and nature of the materials destined for public disclosure? Does the WaPO possess the same files and can you tell me, given the rather tepid, infrequent and unenthusiastic reporting on the NSA files by the NYTimes, The Guardian chose them as their American partner?
    Good luck and thank you.

  209. Congratulations for your excellent reporting in the first article and I wish you all the best in the future. I have been a long time reader of Mr. Greenwald and Mr. Scahill and look forward to Ms. Poitras work.

  210. V. excited about this launch. You all do such amazing work, and for you to have a news site dedicated to your investigative journalism is just what we need to start challenging the status quo of power & the MSM. FYI, following you on Twitter is difficult. Either someone is messing with your account or you’ve taken steps to prevent ppl from messing with your account. Please share instructions for following. Thank you & best wishes!

  211. Been looking forward to this for a long time, added to my favorites for frequent check-ins!

  212. Congratulations on this powerful start to your important efforts. I see this as not only a vital information channel to subscribers, but also as a profound base of information to more traditional media to report on. I’m so grateful that an enlightened benefactor sees so clearly the benefit of this sort of journalism, and my hat is off to all of you and best wishes for the future of this so necessary counterbalance to “official” “information”.

  213. From the northern kingdom of Harper the azzclown, what a joyous event in the return of independent global journalism. Kudos, stay strong, and don’t hesitate to ask if we can help in any way.

  214. Glenn, Laura, others thanks. You’re doing some terrific and essential work. Great job so far!

  215. Edward Snowden could not have chosen a more appropriate team to share his documents with. This is beyond revolutionary in the sum of it’s parts.

  216. Thank you! Thank you all! I am so grateful for your courage, intelligence, abilities – and ethics! I will now visit this site regularly as I do Common Dreams and Democracy Now! and then, armed with your truthful information, I will continue to share it with others and continue to contact my legislators.
    You are American heroes.

  217. Read all of the above. Look forward to reading articles from all the writers contributing to this venture. For a healthy democracy, we need a wide range of views and especially a free and independent press who will hold those in power accountable for their actions, good and bad.

  218. Really happy to see your site happen. I am looking forward to reading your posts. Congrats.

  219. Best of luck to some of the best of us. Looking forward expectantly to this new defense of our first amendment rights. Ed Scotten

  220. Best wishes for the success of this venture. There is a life-and-death struggle going on for the Constitution, and I fear for your safety. I hope readers will use these Comment pages, as well as every other means at their disposal, to help supporters of this venture to find ways to help it withstand the many kinds of assaults, from falsehoods to false flags to false accusations to indefinite detention without trial, or worse, that are becoming the new normal in our once free country.

  221. Congratulations on your new endeavor! I wish you the best of luck and look forward to this becoming a regular stop in my evening news rota.

  222. Bonsoir a tous, depuis un certain temps, j’avais comme un besoin d’aller plus loin sur toutes ces questions et aussi avais prédît cette éventualité. Je me sens heureux et mois désemparé pour poursuivre mes réflexions sur notre sous-monde actuel. Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras et Jeremy Scahill; je vous remercie ” colorosamente” e lhes desejo longe vie.

  223. Testing to see if the comments are working. I don’t see the only comment I so far posted.

  224. A handful–well, maybe a roomful–of brave souls are risking a lot to stop the “un-Americans” (as William Vollmann calls them, rightly) from destroying the Bill of Rights and making us Big Brother to the world. Thanks and good luck. The rest of us have to step up as “granitas de arena” in our own ways, in our own locales.

  225. I love that you use the word adversarial. I love that word and what it means concerning you all. I shall be reading.

  226. Most of my life I have had my head in the sand.
    Thank you for the good works.
    May your website have a long-long life….

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  228. Now that’s a mission statement you can get behind! Consider me a regular reader.

  229. It is so refreshing to see real journalists who refuse to be intimidated by tyrannical government. The Truth is our weapon against them and it can be passed on to everyone to arm themselves with. Hit them hard where it hurts the most, everyday.

    The best of luck to all of you!

  230. For your longer-term mission of providing aggressive and independent adversarial journalism across a wide range of issues, I recommend you investigate and expose the lack of accountability and ethics in clinical research, as described at http://retinopathyofprematurity.org/KnowinglyHarmfulMedicalResearch.htm. When you are ready to branch out to such now orphaned topics I can give you much additional information about medical research abuses and the willful disregard of human rights that return current research back to pre-Nuremberg-Code use of humans as disposable guinea pigs.

    • Bravo! I think you’re doing what a lot more folks should be doing here rather than offering simple (if deserved) congratulations. “Independent, adversarial journalism” on “orphaned topics” is what the world needs NOW, probably even more than love, sweet love. And we readers should be pushing suggestions. To me it’s obvious that no news story is more orphaned–or more important–than CLIMATE CHANGE. If First Look doesn’t take the lead in AGGRESSIVELY reporting climate, I know of no other enterprise with as vast a potential for doing so–and possibly saving human survival in the process. An awesome amount of responsibility for First Look, and one I fervently hope this new enterprise is up to.

  231. Of course like everyone else I wish you good luck b/c to do so is to effectively wish the same for myself. Right?

    That said, bravo and thank you for allowing unregistered commenters, but in deference to harsh reality I must add that I HOPE you will have a policy for dealing with trolls and spam that is effective and doesn’t break the bank *or* the internet! Lastly, I’m curious to see if bolding and italicizing will work, since nothing is mentioned… (if those words just look normal, then: No.)

  232. Thank you to you and your team for doing what you’re doing. I will be reading this magazine daily and spreading the word to anyone who will listen. Stay safe and stay strong and tell Edward the same for me!

  233. I wish Glenn, Laura and Jeremy the best with this project. The privacy of citizens around the world are being invaded and for what purposes beyond protecting their citizens? I bet there is much more than what meets the eye.

    I hope some future stories will focus on Google’s role in the loss of our privacy. I’ve long believed that Google has been given free reign to expand and consume many different markets because they have partnered with the government. Although the Constitution prohibits government from illegal search and seizure, resulting from acquiring private data on its citizens, Google has acquired a lot of data and hands it over to the Feds. Therefore the Federal Government can avoid constitutional challenges for its data collection practices because they are using Google as a buffer. And with Google’s recent acquisitions in the artificial intelligence, robotics and internet connected devices industries, I suspect their data collection capabilities will be further strengthened.

    What is going on right now is very scary. I’m thankful that some are willing to cover these important topics. I’ll definitely be following your stories!

  234. A new hope for the truth. Congratulations. What kind of RESEARCH You, people, think about publishing?

  235. I have been waiting with baited breath for this announcement and now here it is !! much to my delight.
    I wish all involved at ‘The Intercept’ a safe journey.

  236. Jeremy Scahill said the ugliest things about Alex Jones. If he had not gone out of his way to give such an over the top mis-characterization of Alex — to put it mildly — I would have never questioned Scahill’s motives. You puppet. Alex Jones has more integrity in his right pinky than you will ever have in your entire body.

    • Jones deals in sensationalist fabrication and speculation, when his “something really big is gonna happen in the next month, I can feel it” doesn’t pan out, or he jumps on some conspiracy with a tenuous grasp of the facts, he makes it really difficult for any serious journalist or academic investigating the same story to gain legitimacy.
      He’s an entertainer, not to be confused with reporting news in any real (factual) sense.

  237. Congratulations on launching the site – much needed. The mission is great and the editors are great journalists. Look forward to knowing the real truth.

  238. Greenwald and Schahill working together on their own website.


  239. I’ve been eagerly anticipating the launch since I first heard Jeremy, Glenn, and Laura were teaming up on a new venture months ago on DN. Thank You to everyone involved.
    Journalistic Integrity is sorely lacking thanks to corporate&gov-censorship. Our only hope are the financially strapped independent outlets, which the majority of Americans are never exposed to. Their attention is diverted by ‘reality tv’ ‘celebs’, and gadgets-n-toys; the only time they get the ‘news’ is after it has been processed through a corporate filter and extruded from the mouths of multimillionaire talking heads.

    You should allow moderated anonymous comments similar to Techdirt’s system, or have each piece here linking to a thread on a separate, unofficial forum (onion?).

    Anyway, thanks again to everyone for all their hard work. It is greatly appreciated, and I wish you all the best.

  240. Looking forward to some good journalism. So happy, congratulations on the new venture. Good luck!

  241. Does it take a while for a comment to take here? I’m asking because I have yet to see the one that I posted.

    • The first time you write a comment a moderator has to approve it, then subsequent comments get posted automatically. So yes, it takes awhile for your first comment.

      • So does that mean I should always use the same login info if I want to be posted right away? Got a feeling this may not work very well. Multiple comments all with unique usernames = effective Denial of Commenting attack. With all the anti-Snowden rhetoric spluttering out from congress, the justice dept. and the whitehouse on down, it is relatively clear that DDoS attacks are on the way.

        I come to this site via Tor and will never give my real login info. I trust you folks running the site are totally cool with that? If not then that’s not so bad, b/c commenting isn’t a world-changer and I can live without posting comments. But still, an explicit statement confirming that anonymity is truly welcome here would be nice. It would also be sufficiently unconventional as to possibly make a bit of a splash. I know of one other website that allows anonymity to the same level that this one is offering right now, and that one is “just” a blog, not a news site.

        • We’re still working out all the details of how commenting will work and might tweak it in the future. But in short, our goal is to make it possible for people to post comments pseudonymously, and we definitely want to support people accessing the website and commenting on stories using Tor.

  242. Thank you to Glenn, Jeremy, and Laura and the rest of the staff. Also thank you Pierre Omidyar for making this possible.

  243. Heartiest congratulations to all involved in this brave, desperately needed enterprise.
    You have already lessened a bit the planetary gloom.

  244. What a revolution journalism in the public interest and for the Common Good would be!

    An overriding issue of existential important is climate change. While the scientific community has done it’s part a corrupt to the core government, mass media, and willfully ignorant populace is putting civilization at risk.

    Best wishes.

    • Two hyperextended thumbs way up for your comment! No issue is more crucial to humanity–nor more a victim of a criminal plutocrat conspiracy to hush it up–than climate change; hence no other issue as desperately needs the services of large-scale adversarial journalism. And for journalists who love investigative muckraking, there’s bipartisan political and media corruption galore at all levels to report here; the story is HARDLY just a geeky, endlessly reiterated science lesson.

  245. Congratulations Mr. Greenwald, Ms. Poitras & Mr. Scahill! I look forward to tweeting your contributions & reading your news items & commentaries. Hopefully this will grow into a nightly real news show for TV. Thanks for going out on a limb . A grateful nation thanks you!

  246. just found your site.will be realy kept informed now .will pass it on down here in australia.good luck

  247. Glen, Laura vous êtes courageux et intègres. Je *nous* souhaite que vous soyez à la hauteur de vous même, pour longtemps, et que vous fassiez des émules. Putain, ce démarrage est émouvant. Longue vie ! et merci !

  248. Your Terms of Service should be named for accuracy to ‘Terms of DISservice’. For a rag that promotes openness, you fail miserably!

  249. ” The Truth Shall Make You Free” I believe that this is your goal and look forward to your success. You guys and Snowden are American Heros. The right wing spin machine must be going nuts and the spin machine will probably go ballistic. Hooray for The Intercept.

  250. You are three of the most courageous individuals in journalism and a beacon for all others. Success is not an issue. I am glad you are now on a platform which will be highly visible and keep you safe.

  251. This is how Occupy,Idle no more.350.org and the fight for fifteen will destroy the fascist machine that appeases the Rich people at the expense of the rest of us-please I beg you Glenn, Laura,Jeremy take the first step-shut down the web 2/11/2014, tonight, take the day to craft stories on the importance of net neautrality and why we can’t trust mainstream media to be the filter for the entire web-Side with us the people the regular jane who need Net-Neautrality to trust one word spoken across our collective web. your operative till death-Robert Scott Perry.

  252. A great team you have assembled. Congratulations on the launch. We need something similar here in Australia.

  253. How about starting where Michael Hastings left off with his investigation of the CIA?

  254. I am so excited about the launch of this website! It’s quite inspiring. There is such a dearth of honest journalism in the media, this site is a welcome change. I just hope that the people involved won’t be murdered for their reporting.

  255. A good day for the living democracy and the courageously exercised freedom of speech! If still many such days may come and animate the being. I am and will always be on your side! Best regards from !!Germany!! to you and your courageous “Staff”. =) (Please, search a German partner side! If you should find none, you have my e-mail!

    People like you rock my world! =)

  256. Seeing your new effort gives me a hint of hope that the few like you can be perhaps instrumental in creating a society that is humane and just.

    Thank you with all my heart!

  257. Glad to see the new site is up and running and I look forward to the exposure that independent journalism will bring.

  258. I have been reading you with gusto since your Unclaimed Territory days.
    This new home smells of fresh air and good company: thank you and good luck.

  259. Congrats, best of luck, and keep on truckin’.

    P.S. Awesome that this opened on Brecht’s birthday.

  260. Congratulations to all, for now you have a champion that will make your voice louder and your concern heard. Glenn and Pierre, many thanks and best wishes for great success.

  261. Congratulations to you, Glenn, Laura and Jeremy, and to your great support team. I’ve been waiting for this! Best of luck to you and deep thanks for all you’ve done already. I’m a very concerned 70 yr old grandma; you (and the whistleblowers!) have for some time given me hope that the bitter truth will be heard more widely and acted on. Stay safe, keep fighting!

  262. Congratulations on this new project. While I agree that the NSA spying is an important story I hope that you will put this story into the broader political context. The leaders of our country operate on a set of assumptions of what our national interests are that fly in the face of the experience of the average citizen. I hope its not too late to challenge and change those assumptions, but of course this begins with a well informed citizenry.

    One example is that while one sector of the ruling elite continues to deny climate change, another is already planning for the dislocation and potential civil unrest that they predict will occur as we head toward a 2 degree C increase in temperature, probably by 2040. There are other policies that when viewed against this prediction make sense-at least to those that promulgate them.

    So the big test ahead is whether government will continue to serve the elites, or whether we can steer in a new and better direction.

    • Thanks, Victor, for bringing up climate change–the issue where not just Americans, but all of humanity urgently need large-scale adversarial journalism, since mainstream media and pols maintain a bought-off (or simply cowardly) conspiracy of silence. If we don’t start a massive, well-informed conversation on this issue, humanity may very well not survive long past the year 2100, and the road there will be paved with devastating human suffering. Only a muckraking news enterprise as vast as First Look promises to be has any hope of breaking this conspiracy of silence–perhaps making pols dread NOT to talk about climate.

  263. The site is awesome! I wish you all the best of luck on exposing the US Gov’t for what it is!

  264. Fred Fleitz you really ought to do your homework on this one. Edward Snowden’s visa was revoked by the U.S. so he could not travel to another country to apply for asylum. Also Snowden would probably come back to the U.S. if he could get a fair trial which he could not. He would not be allowed to mount a defense of his actions do to what is deemed as national security reasons. It has already been established that what our government has been doing is unconstitutional. As a CIA analyst you of all people should know what they were doing was wrong as well. Shame on you for being UN-AMERICAN!

  265. Good luck with this new, possibly earthshaking journalistic enterprise.

    But the question is, Will you really go where no (major scale) U.S. media have dared go before? In other words, will First Look, in its long-term reporting , cover the CLIMATE issue? The planet’s most important issue, discussed about as much by MSM as homosexuality would have been before the children of a prudish Victorian family. If ever an issue needed ADVERSARIAL journalism, it’s climate, as the all-pervasive corruption by the fossil fuel industry includes BOTH major U.S. parties (above all, Obama’s State Department and EPA), all levels of government, and even ex-Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge. Genuine adversarial journalists should have a field day with this issue–and greater prospects of benefiting the human race than with any other. In fact, if First Look doesn’t HEAVILY report climate–to compensate for MSM’s bought-off conspiracy of silence, I’ll definitely think it was corrupted and failed of its potential, whatever other fine reporting it does.

  266. I am French and have been following Snowden’s revelations from the very start. This NSA story is pure awesomeness and Orwell (if alive) would be happy to rely on THE INTERCEPT and all of you who have the courage to raise against the Oligarchy.

    Congratulations and watch out for your safety. Glenn dont be a fool and wait before going back home.

    No! all Americans are not just a bunch of lethargic crumb gathering serfs.

    Keep on truckin ;)

  267. Wonderful news, great. Congratulations and good luck with the project. I’ve got the link bookmarked and intend to be a regular reader.
    From MIlton Keynes, UK

  268. Congratulations, I hope Grimm Gloomworld sticks around here for a while. His peripatetic habits have made managing bookmarks a pain in the butt.

  269. Thank you for doing this. The project will only work if you stick to the highest standards of journalism, anything less will distract from the importance of the revelations. Good luck.

  270. Congratulations, Glenn! I am glad to have a place to follow your work, and a new space for comments!

  271. Oh, my God! “Real” journalism isn’t dead after all! Good hunting, and best of luck.

  272. To ALL of you, the very best of luck. And in your endevors…may you be happy, safe and well. THANK YOU!!!

  273. Thank you so much truth tellers for keeping us informed. We will pass the information on.

  274. Congratulations!

    When your reporting broadens, you should report on the story of anti-corruption whistleblower Sunny Sheu, who was murdered after exposing financial fraud by a NY Supreme Court Judge. His death, which was determined to be from “Blunt force trauma to the head” by the Medical examiner, has never been investigated by the NYPD or the FBI.


  275. The only way to expose corruption, lies and totally inappropriate breaches of the freedom of humanity is to expose the people who perpetrate it…

  276. Good luck..your fight for real truth is really needed!! Hope we can find some courageous types here in Canvass

  277. Congratulations to all of the people who have been working behind the scenes to make ‘The Intercept’ a reality. I look forward to the immediate journalistic treasure trove of content that will be posted on the site, and I eagerly anticipate watching the seeds of this venture grow into an eden of integrity and truth.

    We need this to succeed. All the best!

    Craig (Bristol, England).

  278. I want to be a part of this.
    Whatever I can do, I just want to contribute to the success of this endeavor.
    Please, contact me for anything.
    Thank you!!!
    Joe Cooley
    Lake Havasu, AZ., USA

  279. Kudos to the 3 of you and good luck! North American media will never be the same (hopefully;)

  280. Thank-you and all power to you! People everywhere just want to be free! You and yours have and will continue to do the work of supplying the truth to the masses so that the matrix of lies and control will fall like the iron curtain!

  281. One “old school ” term comes to mind HEART, and unfortunatly most current media has lost “it”

    You, however with this exciting, new program…..continue to display “it”…..thanx, MEH.

  282. Here We Go,keeping a close eye on this one,& will be spreading the word..A big World out there,lots of reporting to be done..All the best…& Good Luck..

  283. Congratulations on your collaborative venture and thank you for your sterling journalism. Your courage and professionalism is awe inspiring.

  284. Glenn, great to have you back. Watched Dem. Now this morning. What a trio of journalists; you, Scahill and Amy! Good luck.

  285. Congrats!
    I am happy yet fearful for you as REAL journalism is needed.
    Stay out of tall buildings, mercedes benz, away from nail guns, ropes, grassy knolls, hot tubs, & single engine planes.

  286. Congratulations to all you fearless, dedicated journalists. May you remain safe to freely use your constitutional rights as authentic journalists.

  287. Congratulations and best wishes. Your font is terrible! — at least on a notebook running IE9. Really not easy to read.

  288. Amen, real news that is not owned, written , and read by CorpoRat, Personhoods lackeys who cannot tell us what is being done to Citizens with souls and the planet everyday by the 1%ers.

  289. Just wanted to say, from an American who now recognizes the information bubble I was being forced to live in, simply Thank you and stay safe.

  290. Encouraging.

    I hope and look forward to, some good, revealing and factual, investigative journalism.
    The world needs it.

  291. The pressure exerted by organized institutionalized retribution against whistleblowers such as Citizen Hero Snowden has been stopped dead in its tracks by courageous journalists such as Greenwald, Poitras and many others.

    The power of exposure and the dawning realization by many that their worst fears were actually insufficient to cover the full betrayal of public trust involved in the routine constitutional violations of NSA, is indicative that, finally, the public has begun to react against the “anything goes” Bush Jr. strategy of post 9/11. This imbecilic strategy, if it may be dignified with such a term, struck out in all directions and somehow transformed our legitimate desire for more security and protection from such attacks into a mad profiteering scramble for wars against the wrong countries for the wrong reasons at the wrong times, combined with a Kafkaesque Orwellian domestic spying regimen.

    The occurrence of the Boston Marathon attacks and the inability of the NSA managers to point to a single significant threat blocked by their domestic spying diversion all underscore the growing need, and demand, for significant changes and reforms.

    The existence of this blog, and those like it, provide an essential fount of information to keep the real news flowing, even while the forces of retribution, concealment and obfuscation attempt to drown out the facts with their demands for our trust and obedience to their dicta.

  292. We’re with you, folks. This is not an issue of left, right, or center — if any ideologues don’t understand that their freedoms depend on defending those of their adversaries, they remain part of the problem. Press freedom — freedom of expression — is one of the indispensable pillars of a free society. I am sad to admit that America is now, at best, “partly free,” and enough is enough. No, wait: Enough is too much! I will promote The Intercept to everyone I know and everyone I don’t…!

  293. This is what the World needs!

    Been waiting for this to be launched for months, very exciting it is here now! Very promising.
    Let’s wait for interference though, your site will not be liked by everyone.
    Congrats to all involved, and Best of Luck! Site’s good lookin’, let’s roll!

  294. we can see where the Left wing demagogue money is going.

    not well spent, if this is any indication.

  295. Congratulations!! Glenn, I’ve been a fan since you started on Salon….and have been introducing others along the way. You couldn’t have picked a better parter than Pierre, he is a true visionary, this will turn out to be a more awesome startup than eBay, with great and timely social impact.

  296. I’m so glad to see your website up and running. Looking forward to an additional daily read

  297. Expose them all … BRAVO to all of you … Can’t wait to watch “them” walk on egg shells & be always afraid of us, the people, their employers!

  298. Good Luck we desperately need you guys to expose what is actually going on, not only in US but UK as well. Looking forward to reading your news

  299. Great idea and good luck. Hopefully you will be the go to source for a fresh perspective on current events.

  300. So excited for this. Absolutely what the American media needs. I wish you all the best of luck. When enough people raise their voices we can change the world.

  301. Great day for journalism and for democratic accountability. Adversarial journalism that holds the powerful accountable — what a concept!

  302. I was beginning to think that I would not see true journalism appear in my lifetime. At last, a group of good folks who are undeterred in exposing truth where they find it. America needs you, so thanks to all who contribute to this new adventure. Help us become the beacon of hope that we once were to all of the world.

  303. Looking forward to stories on the PayPal 14 and eBay’s involvement in the TPP negotiations. You are uniquely positioned to report these stories

    • Excellent challenge!

      Another one is whether Omidyar will be a class traitor to billionaire fossil fuel interests and push heavy reporting on CLIMATE–simply humanity’s gravest issue. If First Look joins in the conspiracy of silence about climate change and the criminal irresponsibility and corruption of BOTH major U.S. parties on the issue, it’s simply another plutocrat-owned exercise in sham journalism.

  304. Your first posts provide fascinating, fact-driven material that somehow the Corporate media is not providing us with. First Look is a welcome addition to the reality-based world that We, the People, deserve. Not the slanted, “faith-based” world of deception that the national security state and its corporate beneficiaries serve daily as “news.”

    Courageously providing news that the corporate media works with the national security state to suppress is is patriotic. Thank you all for doing the work that our Fourth Estate, supported by our ever dwindling Bill of Rights, is supposed to do. Because of your work individually, our government is being forced to be more transparent, accountable, and responsive. Collectively, with this new venture….I hope you are able to help make history!

  305. I wish to take the risk to sign on for this newsletter if one is going to be available.

  306. Congratulations! This promises to be a much needed breath of fresh air. Hope your coverage includes a Congressional Watch over continual attempts to legislate restrictions to our civil liberties.

  307. Firstly, thank you for these great endeavour. I hope sincerely that you will achieve what you wish to achieve and that you will like be allowed to convey the truth. As an Irish Citizen I take exception to the use by the NSA of Irish terms or terms associated with Ireland. I also take exception to my Government’s continued collaboration with the US Government’s use of Shannon Airport as base for your country troops to pass through to carry out either, rendition or killings in other countries. Since 2002, 2.5 million US troops have passed through Shannon Airport this is official. Shame shame shame. Free Margaretta Darcy, writer feminist and political activist who languishes in Limerick Jail for refusing to sign a bond of the peace. She is suffering from cancer and Parkinson’s disease. She is an inspiration. The truth will always out!

  308. Congratulations on the launch, the site looks great, and your first story is making a splash. I look forward to reading more pieces. Democracy can has a new ally. Totally stoked!

  309. Congratulations and good luck! Your readers from the Guardian are with you. Um abraço do Brasil!

  310. From the UK: Well done guys. I’ve dedicated my new novel, An Enemy Within, to all brave journalists and truth-tellers – that, of course, includes you. More power to your elbow.

  311. Congratulations and well done. Looking forward to the growth of this site with its important global information and good fearless journalism.

  312. I think you guys rock. I love Glenn and Jeremy. I listen and see Democracy Now and I am heartened to know there are courageous journalists out there who really care about the quality and accuracy of news for the general pubic, which the lamestream corporate media desperately lacks. “Anyone for Kardashian, how about Bieber,” etc. etc.

    Being a journalist myself, I know how challenging it is to really get at a story and make sense of all the pieces yet be able to put all of them together in a coherent yet insightful way.

    Good luck with your fledgling organization and keep up the good work. I am going to recommend you to as many folk as I can.-)

  313. Added to my bookmarks straight away. Best of luck guys! And keep up the great work.

  314. Been looking forward to your launch. Congratulations, and Welcome!
    So many issues that are neglected or twisted by corporate media that need to be focused on.
    An ill-informed public is required for corporate and military interests to continue trumping the public good through unchecked influence on government policy. Propaganda has reigned supreme for too long.
    There are alternative news sites available that are digging deep and trying to get to the truth on critical issues, but their audience is limited.
    Your challenge is to attract eyes to your site; not to achieve the status of being a “popular site,” but in order to bring your investigative pieces to the wider public and to counteract the propaganda that has been strangling the US and most other countries.
    On this I wish you the best of success!

  315. The 21st century just got a bit of well needed justice and honesty.
    Here’s to that spreading and growing.

  316. Congratulations on having got this far.

    Thank you for having made the effort. I believe there’s altruism in it.

    I hope things work out more or less as planned.

  317. Speak truth to power. Thanks for all you plan to do, here. The world needs more hard-nosed investigative journalism, with that nasty corporate influence removed.

  318. Most excellent endeavor. I shared with about 30K people this morning and bookmarked the page. Looking forward to more.

  319. Congratulations on your new endeavor!! Many of us out here have been looking forward to it.
    May others follow in your shoes!

  320. Thank you for your courage. We are all benefitting, and grateful for the light.

  321. Wonderful!! I subscribe to two local newspapers, one respected regional newspaper, and several fairly progressive E-zines. None of them, to their shame, can approach what your are trying to do.

  322. Fantastic rollout. To all, I urge each of you to post to social media links and email friends and acquaintances, encouraging them to become followers too.

  323. I’ve bookmarked the site.
    Good luck with this exciting new venture. Stay safe.

  324. Looking forward to hearing/reading a lot more from you. Time to call a spade, a spade. Good luck! Buena suerte! Alles Gute!

  325. Its great to know about the begining of journey of the “Intercept”. Being a journalism student, i do share its ethos, mission and vission. I hope i will be able to be a part of its fight.

  326. Very glad someone is actually doing something about this. America really needs people like you. Good luck from the Maltese Islands in Europe!

  327. Congratulations to all of you at The Intercept and best of luck with this new project.
    Looking forward to it.

    If I could just make a suggestion, it would be for you to have video accompany your articles/reporting. A lot of people will watch a 5 minute clip but will not read a 15 or 30 minute article… just a thought.

    All the best,

  328. May the David Gregory’s of the world take note! The Intercept is here! Good Luck to Glen, Laura, and Jeremy on the excellent work you’ll be doing on the behalf of all truth seeker’s across the globe.

  329. So glad you have launched this site. Hopefully you’ll bring the kind of accountability and honest reporting that is sorely lacking in MSM. I look forward to reading and discovering more about what has really been going on.

    Thank you!

  330. “Our journalists will be not only permitted, but encouraged, to pursue stories without regard to whom they might alienate.”
    I love it already!
    Congratulations on your new endeavor!
    I will be following your reporting with utmost interest.

  331. What an experienced, talented and, courageous group ! The Intercept will be routine reading for me and I wish you all great success.

  332. I’m sure the corporate government spy machine will add the names of everyone who comments here on some kind of terrorist watch list, but I don’t care because what you guys have done is so far above and beyond that I have to praise you. You are what I call legitimate journalists.. Love it!!

  333. They will kill you and I will be sad! But others shall lift up the flag. No PASARANS!

  334. Thank you – looking forward to having this as a valuable source of information.

  335. Congratulations to all of you. I firmly believe Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and Ed Snowden deserve the Medal of Freedom (irony). They’ve done more to protect our 1st and 4th Amendment rights than anyone since Daniel Ellsberg IMHO. (Not to dis the likes of Binney and Drake.) Keep up the great work and THANK YOU. [http://welsh.typepad.com/jgsandom/on-my-desk/]

  336. After Snowden, I Hesitate now, I hesitate just thinking about hesitating just before I hesitate before I mouse click….

    Alas, I found myself to hesitate,
    I hesitate as a stare at my Mac,
    With the finger at the mouse click trigger,
    I find myself to hesitate before clicking………..

    I hesitate before clicking on the old S and M Bondage site I used to go to…..
    I hesitate to click on the Human Rights Privacy web page….
    I hesitate to click on the Al Jazeera web page to get the low down on Egypt and Libya…….
    I hesitate to click on the Russian site for Pussy Riots…..
    I hesitate to explore You Tube in the ways I used to…

    From my computer, I feel a presence,
    I look back, I see no one,
    But there is some one.

    It is the NSA vacuum cleaner reaper,
    That does not hesitate to breakdown my internet privacy door.

    I do not hesitate to click on You Tube kitten videos….
    I do not hesitate to play computer games about birds…
    I do not hesitate to read children’s novels…
    I do not hesitate about reading American patriotic songs and hymns..
    I do not hesitate to click on the church bulletin…

    I hesitate to read political web sites, whether right or left..
    I hesitate to shop for items that are related to sex…
    I hesitate to click on a blog about Atheism…
    I hesitate to click on any website that contain the word Islam…

    From my computer, I feel a presence,
    I look back, I see no one,
    But there is some one.

    It is the NSA vacuum cleaner reaper,
    That does not hesitate to breakdown my internet privacy door.

    The Internet has died, the NSA killed it, it gives me hesitancy. My behavior as a human being is defined by this “hesitancy” with my relationship to the world and the government and to Goggle, Yahoo and Apple NSA/Internet Inc. The old Google saying of “don’t be evil” is pretty much dead at this point. I have lost my freedom, my humanism, my inner soul, my essence, my Greek mojo is gone.

    The ? – once it is gone can you get it back?

  337. I wish Jeremy Scahill’s name was not tucked into the bottom of the staff page. If I felt that he was more a part of the leadership of this publication, I would be likely to follow it….

  338. This is incredibly excellent! We all need to speak truth to power, and in doing so we need excellence in information, which I know you folks will provide us. Create a ‘bullhorn’ so that we, the American people, are no longer held in the dark by a media that has been corrupted and co-opted by wealth and power. I look forward to every article! Thank you.

  339. I so appreciate that you are doing this…looking forward to journalism I know I can trust. Thank you so much and the best of luck to all of you. I’ll be reading.

  340. With an open arms many others, and I do welcome you as a fresh start, about time.

  341. Congratulations!!!! All three of you have been heroic icons in the investigative journalism field.
    Jeremy, I read Dirty Wars the week it came out and bought the video. Dangerous work…but, dangerous for all three of you.
    Thank you so much for taking this on. I only go to Face Book now for independent news. Will you have a FB page?

  342. Thank you for all your work! We need transparency. I for one rely on you courageous journalists to make government and corporations – as well as anyone that holds and abuses power – accountable. It’s a critically important job and I am grateful for the work you do.

  343. I would like to congratulate the whole team on launching The Intercept and on the first two exceptional stories. I’m looking forward to your outstanding new work which is trully essential to us all!
    Best of luck!

  344. This is big, really big – and I am hopeful that it is more than the place to find information that has not been approved by America’s politbureau. I hope this gells into a movement that demands nothing short of free press and free information. Mr. Greenwald, Ms. Poitras, Mr. Scahill, – there are millions of us standing behind you!

  345. Just found out about this new venture on OpEd. I really look forward to reading this.
    Thank you!

  346. Long live the Intercept . By the way, the name fits deliciously well…
    I hope you publish all the news that the New York Times is afraid to print.
    Good luck!
    Bruno, Switzerland

  347. This is a great day for real journalism. I had been waiting for this news outlet to come out.
    Best of luck to you and all the team!

  348. Congratulations to all 3 of you and a BIG thank you. In one piece, The Intercept has put to shame Fox, CNN, and MSNBC’s lackluster reporting since 9-11. Good luck in all of your endeavors and keep up the outstanding work. You 3 give me hope hope that other Americans haven’t become inert.

  349. Congratuations Glenn, et al..finally, just when I have given up on the last of those journalists I thought to be credible, here comes truth in journalism hopefully! Corporate media is aligned to not pissing off their advertisers and of course on bended knee to Wall Streeters, or the last bizarre sensationalism just to get viewers and our democracy is wheezing from all of it..we Americans have become etherized by the lies and misconceptions…not to mention, boredom…propaganda ala Fox News especially is killing our society, albeit is dangerous. Do what you can to tell it like it is. Most of any intellect at all are sickened by what passes as journalism today on the cables. Make waves…make us proud! Finally, Thank you, All the best, I am in…Lynda

  350. Congratulations to all for the launch. I was waiting impatiently for it but feel you have done rather quickly.

    I realize that all your plates are full and there are lots of stories out there yet there is something I think that has been missing in all this coverage. That is the links between the build up of the 1000s of SWAT teams throughout the US as reported in Salon by Radley Balko (a book also I believe), as well as the programs of cooperation between the military and police where the police get helicopters and a lot of other equipment (surplus so they say) from the military and presumably training on how to use it.

    Also, as I am sure you know, there is the program which has not received much attention about how the police forward to NSA all the information they gather on people to add to their data base.

    I really think that articles which link all these activities would go a long way in presenting to the public the effective police state that now exists in the US.

    Thanks again for all your great work!

  351. Congratulations on wasting little time in creating such an essential outlet for pure journalism.

  352. Wow, this came sooner than I expected. I’m looking forward to seeing what these three can accomplish when they’re very well funded.

  353. Good luck and best regards from Russia. I hope you will publish some intel on our corrupted politicians, like where Putin hid his money or had our Attorney General indeed sold our country.

  354. This is a profoundly great day for journalism.

    Many thanks to all of you for your dedication and hard work. Wish you all the best and every success in this new venture.

    After 7:30 pm GMT before I could get in to your site –that is how busy it has been all day. People from all over the world are reading this site.

  355. Finally, the site is up.
    I was getting 503 errors all AM and beginning to uncontrollably concoct a conspiracy theory.
    I am eagerly looking forward to the articles and comments.

  356. Have been looking forward to this. Congrats and good fortune to all- there is no such thing as luck.

    The hour is late but the tide can still be turned.

  357. Thanks and good luck……what you do is so important. I’ll be reading your site regularly.

  358. Look forward to getting information that matters. Congratulations to your new site and best wishes.

  359. Thank you, Glenn, Laura & Jeremy, what you’ve already written and for what you will publish in the future. We the people have a right and need to know.

    Please, if I may suggest, spend as much time and energy as you are spending on the War of Privacy exposing Wall Street corruption, Congress’ complicity in the corruption and the fleecing of America and the roll that lobbyists play in this industrial-sized, “allegedly” legal theft of America’s wealth by Wall Street banksters.

    Thanks for you consideration. And, please be safe, you brave journalists.

  360. I´m higly appreciate what you have done and will do for this world to be a place
    for liberation and truth.

  361. Thank you Glenn for defending the Bill of Rights and exposing the government and corporate controlled infotainment that the media centers have become. I look forward to reading the news once again on a daily basis. Your courage and patriotism is inspiring.

  362. “All tyranny needs to gain foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” – TJ

    Thank you for all you’ve done and will do to help to make this world a better place.

    God’s speed.

  363. We “over 80s” now have hope that all is not lost. I worry about your safety.
    Thank you all for your brave efforts.

  364. As a conservative (Rush listener), US veteran and patriot, I appreciate what Pierre and Glenn et. al. are doing for our country.
    I love the site so far and will be an avid reader in the future I’m sure.

    BUT *As a news outlet* I and other conservative friends implore all of you NOT to politicize the site, i.e. “Conservatives v. Democrats”! This crap is typical amongst Huffpo and other sites – and frankly limits their readership and turns half the country off. This important reporting your doing is about FACTS and should be reported in a non-partisan manner – straight-down the middle. (A trait exceedingly rare today).

    Thanks in advance and I hope you do very well.

    • The “Huffpo” is not about journalism; it’s about reprinting whatever they’ve (HP writers and editors) read or saw on TV the night before and then attaching hideously inflammatory headlines to them in hopes “sheeple” will take the bait and click a link open. IMO, The “Huffpo” exists only to milk the perpetual campaign industry for as much profit as is available, thus the “Conservative v. Democrats” line of editorial tact The “HuffPo” foists on it’s readership.

      “It’s too close to call!” Please send in more campaign donations.

  365. I want to say first of all good luck.
    I think what your’e doing is a job most are not willing to take and people who are willing to take risks such as this are the base for a healthy democratic society.
    Open journalism is the most impotent thing for democracy and whether or not it comes with a personal price your work should and will be acknowledged by people all over the world.
    I hope to hear more from this magazine and congrats on your launch!

  366. Thank you for your boldness, rigor and bravery!!! The US and the increasingly authoritarian world need you and need us to stand up with you and support this work.

  367. Thank you for all your work, your courage and for holding on to what journalism is really supposed to mean. Let’s keep truth on the menu!

  368. Great idea… good luck for your work. Hope to see some kind of an european spin-off in the future. Go ahead for the truth everywhere at every time. Thank you!

  369. This is a gutsy move! You can bet the NSA will be doing everything they can to make this new journalism a difficult introduction. I’m sure they will find ways to harrass the prinicpals, if not the staff.

    In the end, the success of this venture will depend on the active response of readers.

    Best to you, All

  370. This is a great initiative. You are beacons to many around the world. Thankyou to you for your intelligence, courage and sensitivity. And your humanity.

  371. This is sooooo awesome!!! The worlds needs you guys, you all do an amazing job I’m so excited about what you are going to provide us with. Congratulations, and go get em tiger gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr x

  372. I truly hope you have the impact we are all waiting for. Best of luck to all of you and thank you for all you have already done!

  373. Before this launch, Democracy Now was the sole outfit challenging American media with journalism. Now truth will come at them from two fronts. Thank you for doing this.

  374. Glad to see this up and running. And, glad to have a “Greenwald”-related link on my web browser again.

  375. Hello people, hello Mr. greenwald, i am really happy to see this new project, but i feel like i have to remember all of you, of what has happened to Michael Hastings when he tried to expose some not so nice truths…
    Anyway i hope the best for all of us.

  376. Congratulations on the Launch

    I have been looking forward to this since it was first announced and will follow you with great interest. Your work is highly needed and appreciated.

    All the best to all of the staff.

    Lars Drudgaard
    ICAACT – International Center Against Abuse of LCovert Technologies

  377. Thank you for kick starting a worldwide discussion on the present day state of one nation under the NSA

  378. Good Luck starting at the beginning of this Year of the Horse…auspicious beginnings. John

  379. From the words of Almighty God Himself, “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”. John 8:32 NKJV

  380. Great (and necessary) ideal
    But please keep cool, neutral, fair and henceforth honest!

  381. Thanks to the Great Quark! Finally, a voice for those who believe patriotism resides in speaking truth to power, thus moving the arc of the moral universe a bit closer to justice!

  382. Thank goodness for all your efforts and for great journalism to come from The Intercept. We need every bit of the “truth” that can be presented. These are dark times. Hopefully more people will come to realize just how slippery is our slope.

  383. Good luck with this new venture! As a teenager, I just want to say, you three are truly awesome role models and inspirations for people like myself! I can’t wait to read more from you guys!


  385. Congratulations on launching! I have always felt limited by the quality of media content I can normally access, and hope this will substantiate the already great work you’ve done. Best of luck going forward!

  386. “Amazing, Mr Greenwald, how you are using our free society to destroy intelligence programs that have been used to protect it.” Fred Fleitz Former CIA analyst

    I wonder if Mr. Fleitz has even thought about the absurdity of that whole statement?

  387. @Fred Fleitz
    Edward Snowden didn`t settle in Sweden or Switzerland, because both countries were afraid of “U.S. terrorism”.

  388. This is the only page my computer will allow me to see. All the links at the top and those embedded in the article return an error 305 or error 503 message to me. At any rate, I have been a Democracy Now, Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill , etc. FOREVER! Loved Jeremy’s books but they scare the Hell out of me. Unless your new approach to truth-telling journalism works, our country and our world is in HELL in a handbasket.

  389. I have seen numerous people call the journalists starting this sight “activists” as a means of diminishing their work. If being an activist means holding the powerful accountable and revealing the deceptions and lies of the government, then count me as a fan and future reader of these journalists. I am still blown away by the number of people who give the powerful a pass, but want to throw the victims and whistle-blowers in jail.

  390. Excellent. Das, was die Demokratie auf Dauer zerstört, muss offenbar werden. Wenn das geschieht – zum Beispiel durch euren investigativen Journalismus – stärkt es demokratische Strukturen. Congratulations!

  391. Congratulations! I’ll be spreading the word and looking forward to coming back often to see what you are reporting.

  392. Amazing, Mr Greenwald, how you are using our free society to destroy intelligence programs that have been used to protect it. While you proceed to further weaken U.S. security and increase the threat from Islamist terrorism, are you ever going to write on cyberwarfare by Russia where your friend Edward Snowden has sought refuge? How about an investigative report on whether Snowden has been working for Russian and Chinese intelligence? If he’s not a spy for a hostile power, why didn’t he settle in a country like Sweden or Switzerland? You will have a lot to answer for if the US intelligence you are publicizing results in the loss of Americans lives. Your website is a disgrace.

    Fred Fleitz
    Former CIA analyst

    • “Amazing, Mr Greenwald, how you are using our free society to destroy intelligence programs that have been used to protect it.”

      You honestly don’t see the inherent contradiction in that sentence?

    • Oh Fred, please look at that: US World Domination Tour: (…) Cuba, Vietnam, Guatemala, Chile, Grenada, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraq, GUANTANAMO….
      Who is protecting democracy in the world??!

  393. congratulations and good luck with this new and exciting adventure. i love you guys!!! you’re the BEST!!!!

  394. its good too have a another news outlet ?.my dayly one is demockracy now with amy goodman…I do like news without the spin or bull crap….

  395. Good luck with the new venture. Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and Ed Snowden deserve the medal of freedom (irony). Few have done so much to protect our 1st and 4th Amendment rights. THANK YOU!

  396. Excellent. These are indeed interesting times and I have the feeling this will be a place of truth amidst all the disinformation. All the best of luck in your venture.

  397. The site looks awesome, the feel is warm and easy to read, and I love the journalism. I look forward to all aspects of FLM. I wish you all the best of luck!

    Max P0W3R

  398. Eventually I hope in the comments section we can click on a name of a person and then see their most recent comments. This was such a great feature at Salon and The Guardian in that we could click on Greenwald and track his conversations very easily. Maybe it’s already functional here. Thanks!

  399. Congratulations!!! Thank you all for this project to inform the citizens of the world!! I will be adding you to my old favourites: Amy Goodman and Bill Moyers!! I look forward to eradicating my ignorance through your reporting!

  400. congratulations all three of you! much appreciated your work so far, looking forward to more

  401. I am so gratified that you have started this site, as there are not that many sites to seek truth and have reasonable expectations to get that truth. As a Huffington Super User, I finally closed my account since they have decided to censor anything they disagree with. So much for freedom of speech. This site is important, because there are millions of us who no longer trust the mainstream media. Thank you and I wish you great success in your endeavors. You have filled a very important void for those of us who want truth and trust the truth giver..

  402. Gruss aus Ennigerloh ;-)

    macht weiter so ,hofentlich bleibt diese webseite lange erhalten , viel glück ;-)

  403. People like Edward Snowden are true patriots of the U.S.A. I was taught growing up that the soviets were the true evil empire and that communism was bad. Well now it seems our government is headed in the same direction. Mass warentless surveillance, gun control initiatives intended to take the guns out of law abiding citizens hands (not the criminals), getting as many people as possible on federal handouts. All of it as a means to an end. Government Control. Who is the Evil Empire now?

  404. On behalf of the emerging generation of students around the world, I express my gratitude for the hopeful avenue of truthful and pertinent journalism that will unfold in result of The Intercept and FLM. I know from experience that there are too many young people being fooled by mainstream news sources that advertise for BP, Chevron, and Pepsi, and attract viewers by publishing silly new stories instead of focusing on on the issues we must address in order to regain a free democratic America.
    Projects like FLM have proven to rapidly increase the level of public knowledge about real investigative journalism that allows the public to understand the actions and motivations behind the government which rules over us all.

  405. Congratulations on this important launch for FREEDOM of the PRESS ,WORLD WIDE. I wish you guys nothing but the best.

  406. All the best guys. Make us proud again. Ibelieve the key word here is “passion.” I know that I am going to be glued to your site and travail.

  407. Long over due, for the American People to raise their voice and say ENOUGH!! The question is, how to do you wake them up? How do you get it through to them that what is on TV is bullshit? How do you get them to read, and get outside of what they are being told?

  408. Congratulations, and many thanks. Let’s hope your efforts will help in stemming the tide of creeping authoritarianism.

  409. The information you are disclosing is so needed at this time when there are so many
    misleading and false information out there. I will pass this site and info on to my friends.
    Thank you so much.

  410. So grateful to see this starting up. In a world gone horribly awry, with a mainstream media that prefers to deceive us from the truth, your (collective) work is among the most important being done. Cheers, and thank you.

  411. Kudos on the new site. Finally a news source that will speak the truth with facts. Any thoughts on the sudden death of Michael Hastings? That story has kind of just went away.

  412. Kudos on the new website. Finally a news source that will tell the truth and expose givernment corruption. Any thoughts on Michael Hastings sudden death as he was possibly working on a story about James Clapper?

  413. Fantastic initiative. It is refreshing to see a group that is both committed to producing REAL news and who are willing to take the risks necessary to do so. Thank you for your bold efforts. I am proud to see journalistic integrity of this nature which has sadly been lost of late.

  414. Thank you all for your work and commitment to seeking the truth and reporting it; this is true journalism at it’s finest.

  415. To see what is right and not to do it, is want of courage. Good luck for you all
    Das Rechte erkennen und nichts tun, ist Mangel an Mut. Wünsche viel Erfolg und gutes gelingen.
    Adaleti görüp de uygulamamak cesaret yoksunlu?udur. Proje çal??malar?n?zda ba?ar?lar dilerim.
    Es ist besser, ein einziges kleines Licht anzuzünden, als die Dunkelheit zu verfluchen. “Confucios”

  416. First Look is now on my “Favorites” list. Best of luck. What do you need from your “readers”?

  417. whis it give a german translation of this best luck and may you be ever true in publication

  418. Very excited to see this will not be limited to NSA, but extend well beyond into corporate, military, government and I hope police abuse and criminal activity. The potential, here, is enormous and I look forward to it.

  419. Welcome, and thank you. This type of reporting is vital and should be the norm. I will spread the word about this site.

  420. you have made me very happy today!!! thank you for not giving up; i can’t imagine how hard it is.

  421. Thank God there are still people like you guys who are ethical, moral and willing to tell the truth and not controlled by Plutocrats

  422. Feeling a little nervous today maybe? Welcome home all! Sending very best wishes to all for a grand, smashing (state) success in your new endeavors.

    Shared (as always) on Facebook: Stop Wikileaks Censorship >>http://on.fb.me/ZLbyoT & on Twitter list for NSA/Snowden archives reporting >>http://bit.ly/17gUUBv

    Have fun stormin’ the castle! xoxo

  423. Excellent…been looking forward to seeing and following this site since it was first announced. Best of luck and Thank you all.

  424. A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!! Its brave, courageous journalists like yourselves that are our last hope. BRAVO!

  425. This is BULLSHIT!!!!! Three articles up and not a single thing about Justin Beiber??? What kind of organization you running here Glenn?

    Joking, obviously. Welcome back Glenn, the internet has missed you since you resigned from the Guardian. The fact that they are pushing back harder just means you are doing the right thing.

  426. Congratulations…you are at the head of the fight for Freedom of Information and maintaining our personal freedoms, as stated int eh Constitution ! Looking forward to supporting you.

  427. Well, since is definitely one of the better developments since… well… Gutenberg. Congratulations to all of you, I can’t imagine a better combination of investigative journalists. This will instantly become one of my regular watering holes.

    Only for coincidence in seeing a story, I will toss in one non sequitur here and only because there be dog lovers here! Russian billionaire saves stray dogs: (In case this does not take html: http://goo.gl/8AI3xA)

  428. Finally! I can, once again, get my Greenwald fix! Also my best regards to Laura and to Jeremy, whose tome (although spellbinding!) I have just finished. What can I say? I had not thought that my opinion of our government could get any worse. Then I read “Dirty Wars, The World Is A Battlefield”. We do live in interesting times and we rely upon all of you to provide the counter-narrative.

  429. All the best with the new venture. I hope you all grow from strength to strength in the service of the people(s) of the world.

  430. This is terrific but why isn’t Julian Assange a part of the team, or are you going to partner with Wikileaks? Where are future revelations going to come from and will any leaks be censored (which is the reason Wikileaks was created)?

  431. I can just see the Dembots and Obamabots at MSNBC setting up to sneer. Lawrence O’Donnell, Joy Reid, Boring Joke with Mika Lipgloss…

    One thing that I’d really like to see discussed is censorship and comment moderation. I enjoy Salon for the wide-open comment section, and trolls get their comeuppance. Huffinpuff is a joke, as are all moderated sections. One cannot remove the capricious element. Invariably, on Huffpo, a “Community Moderator” posts, and they are, by far, the biggest doorknobs on the thread.

    Censorship should be made illegal, in my opinion, instead of having a GOVERNMENT OFFICE!

  432. Congratulations, and good luck. Looking forward to future articles with insightful journalism.

  433. I’ve been looking forward to this day ever since reading about the project. Parabens, muito obrigado, e bom sucesso.

  434. I am looking forward to “the news”. Finally old fashioned journalism to reflect a healthy democracy (we can only hope). Thank you for your courage.

  435. I am super happy about this site. I am thrilled to be able to read Glenn on a regular basis again, and I think Jeremy and Laura are brilliant and brave.

    Good luck, and I deeply thank all of you!

  436. Courageous journalism returns. Thank you for bringing truth back to the pages of journalism. Whew – thought all was lost there for a moment or two.

  437. The very best of luck on this venture. Its creation couldn’t have come at a more crucial time.

  438. Blessings on your new creation. The world needs enlightenment such as you will provide.

  439. Thank you, we now have a fighting chance against the rampant corruption that threatens every aspect of our lives. I cannot find the words to even begin to express my admiration and appreciation to everyone involved – YOU have brought integrity back to journalism!

  440. Congratulations! Long live the free press! Long live courageous journalists, stalwart protectors of true freedom and democracy! Let us take back the government!

  441. Congratulations and best of luck. The wide access to vital information you hope to provide is vital for political democracy and economic competition.

  442. i will take every issue with a grain-of-salt, your first two offerings are important, especially the reliance on AI to forecast where ‘targets’ will most likely be…. (was this a development after the Snowden caper or was growing decision making left to robot AI before Snowden whistleblowing

  443. What a wonderful happening – it gives hope. The best of luck and “sources” *g*

  444. Thrilled to see your exciting project up and running. You will be setting new standards and raising the bar for all journalism. I’ve already bookmarked firstlook.
    @robkall @opednews

  445. Dear Glenn,
    Back in December, I listened with interest & concern (on-line) to your keynote address at the CHAOS COMMUNICATION CONGRESS in Hamburg, Germany. Unfortunately, at that time, as I’m sure you now know, there were some problems with the audio-visual transmission. That being said, I would like to have the opportunity to listen to this important address “error free” as it was originally intended. Even though this moment is gone, would you please consider re-recording this address & posting it on your new we-site.
    Thank you very much for your good work.

  446. Bravissimi! Have been waiting for all of you to start publishing and couldn’t be happier or more proud for you!

  447. I am so pleased that, we who follow you Glenn Greenwald, have a home to go to which we can trust is your legitimate home base. And even now, Edward Snowden will have a go to place and see how many supporters he has. I also hope that Snowden wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

  448. Congrats to all of you for launching the site so quickly. I’m a huge fan of the work you’re doing and look forward to learning more. You’re making this a better country.

  449. The world is fortunate to have you and your work. I hope it will include calling out those journalists who carry water for plutocracy instead of justice. These people need to be publicly exposed for what they are: paid shills.

  450. Great to have you back on the internet, Glenn!
    Good luck and keep up the good work!

  451. Congratulations! This is what journalism is supposed to be in my United States. Thank you & good luck! I will support your endeavor in any way I can!

  452. Sounds like how Huffington post started…keep it real…you already found your niche. Best wishes !!!

  453. Good luck. This is long overdue as an antidote to the bubblegum journalism that passes for authoritative press.

  454. For the past several years, I’ve felt that ‘resistance is futile’ to the rise of the National Security State, NATO imperialism, and feudalism. I watched in horror as Naomi Wolf’s ‘End of America’ came closer to reality. I’ve asked of leading journalists and scholars “What tangible and effective action can we take?” The answer I often received was to never accept this, and keep engaging in activism on every possible level to confront those in power.
    But I remained deeply pessimistic of the outcome.
    But with the efforts of many small candles continuing to be lit, here and around the world, the great work of Jeremy, Glenn, Laura, Marcy, Snowden, Nom and so many others, and now this latest venture, you have answered my questions resoundingly and affirmatively.
    You are an inspiration and a beacon to us all! And I am committed anew to my part. Thank you!

  455. I very much look forward to your journalism, for unlike most of mainstream media, you have demonstrated that journalism need not be sanitized by corporate might. Rather, you offer the truth, put simply and cogently, and for this you all are great Americans… Thank you.

  456. Congratulations, and Thank you for everything you have done for the American People. I stand with you and wish you nothing but the best life has to offer. This world needs more brave people like you!!

  457. Very exciting! I am happy to be alive to benefit from this work. Thank you.

  458. Thank you for your awesome commitment to government accountability! It’s time to drain the cesspool on the Potomac.

  459. I congratulate the people of The Intercept. I just came across the website through a Flemish newspaper (Belgium). Thank you for the initiative. Good luck and may humanity become truly free.

  460. Been so looking forward to this launch. Awesome line-up of reporters and love seeing Marcy Wheeler in the group. Wish you all the best.

    • Hola, King of Doobiestan!

      Looking forward to reading your takes on future The Intercept articles.

  461. All good wishes to First Look and The Intercept — and all the really fine journalists and support staff you’ve engaged. This site will be my first look every morning.

  462. From this atheist: God bless you all. Your efforts are literally saving civilization. All humans are in your debt. Thank you.

  463. I hope and pray that truth will set us ALL free! Free from the ongoing neocolonialism and imperialism, the root cause of why the world needs more voices like yours. Live and let live!
    I wish you success and strength to continue.

  464. Congratulations!!!! Really hope this site helps give the U.S. MSM media a nice big kick in the rear. Can’t wait. This is a journalism Dream Team!!

  465. Wonderful! An honest website NOT afraid of TPTB.

    I’m ‘late’ middle aged and I remember when I was young and brave citizens stood up to those amongst us who manipulated everything for their own benefit. Sadly, at the first sign that things were getting better (Nixon waving good-bye) we got careless and lazy. That’s why we’re back in the same, if not worse, predicament.

    Thank you for picking up where my generation (intentionally) dropped the ball. We really believed that ‘Never again’ nonsense. Never again only happens if you never quit fighting.

    Again, thank you.

  466. BETTER (never complete) READER ANONYMITY, not just anonymity for article sources!

    READER TRACKING – Do your own visitor tracking on your own infrastructure (servers) — sell the products you develop. You have Micah Lee, you have a 501(3)c for the technology infrastructure business.

    DONATIONS/PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS — the first $25M slice won’t last forever. Evolve new business models from the start. Not even a DONATE button anywhere?

    DATABASING, SCHOLARSHIP, ARCHIVES — It’s expensive to redo huge accumulations of anything. Hire archivists/librarians/media library staff NOW, on Day 1. Journalism this good is not soundbyte moment journalism. It will drive scholarship, book writing, the struggle of the public to create new models of the world around them and how it works. You will drive people to rethink and then re-build their personal models of reality. Sorry, guys, but your work will be monumental — it’s not your fault it’s the historic moment you are in — so accept the significance of what you are doing and database it, and give the public a powerful front end to query, retrieve, tally the data — more than month-by-month archives.

    Remember your physiology, stay hydrated, don’t forget hot soup.

  467. Very thankful I found your adventure and can participate. I’ve always appreciated Greewald and am thankful Snowden continued to reach out to him. Hope I live to see Snowden exhonerated.

  468. I have been reading Glenn’s work for years and also Jeremy Scahill’s. I think I’ve read Laura Poitras occasionally when I’ve tripped over her writings online. This new project has to be good and I congratulate them for putting it together.

  469. All the best on your new effort. It goes to the top of my bookmark list. Let’s Roll.

  470. When will publications like these make staff look more like America. The optics are not good and the substance especially coming from the left side will be at best suspect.

  471. Anything or anyone that identifies and thwarts enemies of our Constitution (especially those elected to defend it and then violate it; I.e. Obama/Clapper/Alexander/Rodgers/and ilk) has my support.

    Rock on folks!

  472. Watching Democracy Now and am excited to have your launch of this new website. I look forward to courageous journalism that I’ve come to expect w/you Mr. Greenwald and Mr. Scahill.

    Thank you and the web site looks great

  473. Haven’t read the above yet, just wanted to drop by to wish you well with the never endeavor and convey my best wishes for a successful launch and beyond. XOXO

  474. I’m very pleased to see this happen. Thank for everything you are doing and will do with The Intercept. More light and truth are badly needed to get around the brainwash. And so the awakening continues and strengthens.

  475. Good Luck to you! Your courage, spirit, and intelligence have been an inspiration in the past, and now I can look forward to it, in the future!

  476. So glad we know we have the truth. Although I have been carefully listening to all the lies from our government accountability must be brought to the for front during the lady election I turned to my husband and adked one question. Where is the tea party voice. Thought it was really strange. We’ll know we know. We have got to be fearless and let the thruth be always on the for front. Hope and pray for the sake of journalism the Interceptor does that!! Best wishes to the magazine and staff. By the way love the name!

  477. MAZAL TOV ! This is truly a most significant endeavor. Many thanks for your brave and brilliant work – Glenn, Jeremy and Laura…and of course, Amy…uch and many, many thanks to you and also, of course, Amy Goodman.

  478. Congratulations on the launch. I wish you and your entire staff the best, long-lived success possible. It is so refreshing to bear witness to the birth of this vital instrument of fearless, honest journalism. In the words of Chuck D and Public Enemy, “Fight the power!”

  479. Dear Glenn,
    Back in December, I listened with interest & concern (on-line) to your keynote address at the CHAOS COMMUNICATION CONGRESS in Hamburg, Germany. At that time, as I’m sure you now know, there were some problems with the audio-visual transmission of your address. That being said, I would really like to have the opportunity to listen to this important address “error free” as it was originally intended.
    Even though the moment is gone, would you please consider re-recording this address & posting it on your new web-site.
    Thank you very much for your good work.

  480. Nice to have you all at one place.

    The overlords of this world, and their masters, are quite mobilized in their, thus far frighteningly successful efforts to torn apart the very fabric of society… and that shows me they are somehow afraid in their ivory towers from which they gaze down on the humanity with the utter contempt.

    They must dread you, the sociopaths of the ruling class, and I hope, we, your audience will do our part to make your work worthwhile.

    Thank you and good luck!

  481. Well done, and about time, too! It’s great to have Greenwald writing again. Looking forward to seeing how this project develops.

    One thing I would think is a good idea – considering the amount of interest there’s been in the fact that this is a for-profit publication, it might be worth talking a little bit about the revenue structure behind The Intercept. Will it be mostly ads? Subscription?

  482. Great site Glenn, I put it in my favorites. However, I read your’s and Jeremy’s article on drones which was excellent but then when I went to go to the next article to read, I couldn’t get it to open. I wonder if this is a problem on your end or a problem with time warner and internet freedom.

  483. Can’t wait to get in to it. Now! Thank you. And thank you Pierre. Philanthropist with a determined vision.

  484. As one who began following Glenn when he was first blogging at “Unclaimed Territory”, I can’t help but feel a sense of pride today.
    And optimism too: may we be witnessing the birth of a new Golden Age of Journalism.
    Congratulations to Laura, Jeremy, and Glenn.

    • I’ve only been following him since 2009, but I feel the same way. We are a part of history!

  485. What you’re doing is so important. I am so upset with the coverage of the mainstream media. Many years ago Herbert Schiller, a noted critic of the media, would read on “Paper Tiger Television” (a cable show) that day’s edition of the NY Times. He would analyze the news stories, their placement in the paper, providing an insightful understanding of that paper’s control of information and editorial position. Rather than being passive consumers of the “newspaper of record” he asked the viewer to think critically of the management and control of news. Thank you and I look forward to following you regularly.

  486. My thanks to each of you for the determined effort to bring back the science & art of journalism. Our entire world society will benefit long after the Snowden/NSA stories have run their course. There is so much to be told and it is good to know you will be there to report on those.

  487. Congratulations. Drupal may have served you better than WordPress, but we’ll see. Hello, NSA employees and contractors!

  488. A more intrepid group of actual journalists working in concert to provide a platform for investigative reporting at its finest we could not hope to see. And it’s about time! Thank you, and welcome.

  489. Congratulations on this new venture and all the best. However, I strongly suggest creating The Intercept Facebook Page where the daily news articles, updates, links, etc can be uploaded to be shared by public DIRECTLY in their newsfeeds. Now, one must PHYSICALLY visit the website and surf the pages & share individual articles on our own personal facebook page. I really wish you would take this suggestion and go for the facebook page soon.

  490. My the force be with you, keep your head down, better to fight another day, and you are in for a fight. There are many you don’t see on your side, we are all very proud of you and we admire your courage as you engage in this very, very important work. Good luck.