My Job Is Done

John Temple

The time has come for me to leave First Look. The company has reached a place where I feel comfortable putting the call of my own projects and my need for more personal time first.

Chelsea Manning Matching Fund Campaign Update

First Look Media

We didn’t expect to be announcing this update so soon, however, we’re thrilled and proud to announce that after just two days since making the Chelsea Manning matching fund announcement, we’ve already hit our goal! To date, we’ve raised over $124,000 (and counting) for Chelsea’s legal appeals — this includes over $64,000 from individual donors, and the $60,000 match from First Look Media’s Press Freedom Litigation Fund and Glenn Greenwald.

Welcoming Michael Bloom

Pierre Omidyar and John Temple

Today we welcome media and tech entrepreneur Michael Bloom to First Look Media as our new President and General Manager. In this new role, Michael will be responsible for both the journalistic future of the organization and developing commercial opportunities to support First Look Media. His charge is to support and build our existing publications while creating entirely new products and services to expand and grow the business. As President and GM, Michael will develop strategies, build teams and oversee all aspects of First Look Media’s operations.

Betsy Reed Joins The Intercept as Editor-In-Chief

John Temple

We are delighted that Betsy Reed, an award-winning magazine and book editor, will join The Intercept as editor-in-chief. She will oversee and be responsible for all the investigative publication’s journalism, working closely with founding editors, Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and Jeremy Scahill.


First Look Media

Since Matt Taibbi’s departure, we’ve been working with the team he hired to consider various options for launching a project without him. After multiple explorations, we’ve decided not to pursue the project. Unfortunately, this means that the team Matt hired will be let go. Though their tenure was brief, we appreciate the passion and energy each member of the team brought to the workplace, not to mention their hard work on behalf of Matt’s original project. We wish them all the best.

Important Announcement

Pierre Omidyar

I regret to announce that after several weeks of discussions, Matt Taibbi has left First Look. We wish him well.

Our differences were never about editorial independence. We have never wavered from our pledge that journalistic content is for the journalists to decide, period.

We’re disappointed by how things have turned out. I was excited by Matt’s editorial vision and hoped to help him bring it to fruition. Now we turn our focus to exploring next steps for the talented team that has worked to create Matt’s publication.

Matt Taibbi Expands Team for Upcoming Digital Magazine

Matt Taibbi

For the past several months, Alex Pareene and I have been busy creating our new digital magazine, set to release this fall. We’re very excited about what we’re building, how we’ll deliver our stories, and the people we’re bringing along on this journey. We’ll have more to share soon, but for now, I want to introduce two new members of our team: Laura Dawn and Edith Zimmerman.

Nine Months in, First Look is Still Very Much a Startup

Pierre Omidyar

It’s been some time since I’ve shared what we’re working on at First Look Media and I wanted to provide an update. Many of you may have seen the video we produced earlier this year in which I described the broad goals of our organization. Since then, we have been laying the foundation for our company with a long-term view…

Promoting and Protecting Free Speech and Free Expression

Lynn Oberlander

Promoting and protecting free speech and free expression are paramount to First Look’s mission. Today we are announcing the establishment of our Press Freedom Litigation Fund, a program that will provide legal support to journalists and others engaged in contests where freedom of the press is at stake in the U.S. and abroad.

Tapping Technology to Support Press Freedom

Lynn Oberlander

I’m delighted to share the news that First Look Media is awarding grants totaling $550,000 to three outstanding non-profit organizations to support aggressive, independent journalism aided by advanced technology.

The grants are being awarded to three leading non-profits: Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Freedom of the Press Foundation.

Gregg Bernard Joins First Look as Senior Vice President of Business Development

News Release

First Look Media, the new journalism organization created by Pierre Omidyar, today announced that Gregg Bernard has joined the organization as senior vice president of business development. Bernard will help guide strategic direction and innovations that support business growth, with a focus on partnerships that promote consumer engagement, retention and drive traffic to First Look products.

John Cook To Serve As Editor-In-Chief For The Intercept

News Release

The Intercept, the digital magazine launched in February by First Look Media, today announced that John Cook will become the publication’s editor-in-chief. Cook will be responsible for daily editorial management of The Intercept and will work closely with founders Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and Jeremy Scahill to ensure that their vision for high-caliber investigative reporting is carried out Read more

Matt Taibbi To Lead First Look’s Next Digital Magazine

News Release

First Look Media, the news organization created by Pierre Omidyar, today announced that acclaimed journalist and New York Times best-selling author Matt Taibbi will launch First Look’s second digital magazine. Taibbi will help assemble a top-notch team of journalists and bring his trademark combination of reporting, analysis, humor and outrage to the ongoing financial crisis Read more

First Look Launches Its First Digital Magazine

By Pierre Omidyar and Eric Bates

Last week, First Look Media announced that it will publish a family of new digital magazines – each with its own editorial voice, its own look and feel, and each led by veteran journalists with deep expertise in their fields. Early next week, we will launch the first of these digital publications. The new site Read more

First Look Adds to Business and Digital Operations

By Pierre Omidyar

Our team continues to expand in key areas. Today I’m happy to announce that Michael Rosen joins First Look Media as Chief Revenue Officer and Andy Carvin will play an influential role in helping us imagine and build new and better ways to engage readers through the innovative use of social media and other digital-age Read more

First Look Media Takes Shape

By Pierre Omidyar

Today we’re sharing some new details about First Look Media. Our approach and our model are beginning to take shape. Since there’s been a lot of interest in our work, we put together the video above to help articulate our thinking. What’s not included in the video is specific timing about some of our plans. Read more

Bill Gannon Added to First Look Media’s Editorial Leadership Team

By Pierre Omidyar

Today I’m pleased to announce that Bill Gannon joins us as a member of our editorial leadership team from Time Inc.’s Drawing on his extensive experience in digital media as well as his diverse background in developing new editorial strategies and creating great user experiences, Bill will leverage all of his talents to help us Read more

Pierre Omidyar Provides Initial Funding of $50M to Establish First Look Media

First Look Media

Honolulu – Dec. 19, 2013 – The news organization created by Pierre Omidyar (formerly dubbed “NewCo”) has taken another step forward with an infusion of $50M in capital to fuel operations being established on both coasts. Omidyar, who provided the funding, will also serve as the organization’s publisher. Omidyar’s first capital outlay represents 20 percent Read more

Out of the Press Box and onto the Field

By Jay Rosen

I have a personal announcement. I am joining up with the new venture in news that Pierre Omidyar, Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and Jeremy Scahill are creating, along with Liliana Segura, Dan Froomkin, Eric Bates and others who are coming on board to give shape to this thing, which we are calling NewCo until we are Read more

Eric Bates Joins the Team

By Pierre Omidyar

I’m pleased to announce that Eric Bates is joining the NewCo team. Eric will be instrumental in helping us define our editorial strategy for a general-interest audience as well as the editing infrastructure we will need to support our independent journalists. Eric is a seasoned editor with deep investigative and feature experience. Most recently, he Read more

Two New Journalists Join the Team

By Glenn Greenwald

We’re very excited to announce two new members joining our team: Dan Froomkin and Liliana Segura. Dan and Liliana will work alongside Laura Poitras, Jeremy Scahill, and me as we develop our new venture with Pierre Omidyar. Dan Froomkin is a veteran journalist who has received national acclaim for his writing about U.S. politics and Read more

My Next Adventure in Journalism

By Pierre Omidyar

As many of you know, I’ve had an interest in journalism for some time now. I’ve been working onCivil Beat for three years and through my philanthropic work at Omidyar Network andDemocracy Fund, we’ve supported many efforts around the world related to media, citizen engagement, and government transparency and accountability. Separate from my work with Omidyar Network and Read more